February 17th-February 21st

Dear Parents and Grandparents of 5th and sixth grade students,


I hope this finds you doing well.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I know my class is looking forward to our little celebration that includes decorated “mailbags”, sharing of cards and of course, treats!  With Lent very close, we will happily take Father’s advice and enjoy indulging before we honor Jesus with some self-sacrificing.  I told the children that giving up homework is not an option, so with that said, please not below lessons that I have planned.

Fifth Grade Students

Religion.  Our lesson this week reminds us that sharing is a sacred duty.  How perfect that we are going to be studying about this at this time.  One of the practices during Lent is that of almsgiving–sharing with others that may need help.  Though traditional ways of sharing and giving will be a part of our discussion, I will remind the children that the act of sharing a smile or kind word may be just what a classmate is in need of.  In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus shares a story of a rich man and a poor man named Lazarus.  We will also learn about St. Lawrence who lived his life taking care of the needs of others and was martyred for it.

English.  The class will have a test on lessons 8.1 through 8.5 on Friday, February 21st.  A study guide was sent home today with an outline of what to study and each lesson’s objectives.  Tuesday through Thursday will be spent finishing the content of those lessons and reviewing for the test.

Reading.  Yes…we continue our work on Shiloh.  The plot thickens as Marty’s mother discovers the hidden Shiloh.  How will she react?  Also, Shiloh gets badly injured; now, Marty’s father is also included in the saga as he has to decide what they should do with the injured beagle.

Spelling.  Our test is on Wednesday.  The students need to know the word’s spelling, its definition, and a synonym for the word.  These were all highlighted on the list they were given on Monday.

Social Studies.  A bit behind in this subject…therefore, though this sounds very repetitive, we are studying about the first two years of the Civil War.

Sixth Grade Students

English.  These students are preparing for an upcoming test on Friday, February 21st.  That date is not cemented in stone, though.  I want to make certain that the contents of lessons 7.1 through 7.5 are adequately covered.  These lessons are on punctuation (periods and comma use).  Therefore, we will spend next week completing our lesson on correct comma use in various situations, abbreviations, and the correct use of periods, exclamation marks and question marks.

Reading.  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry strongly continues the theme of family.  Cassie, the narrator of this novel and one of its main characters, is learning about the harshness of social injustice and racism in the South during the 1940’s.  Big Ma and Mama are instrumental characters as they try to simultaneously shelter and teach their children about “…what we make of our lives once we’re here.”  

In conclusion, I hope that your Valentine’s Day reminds you of how much you are loved by those you love.

Warm regards,

Miss Boron