February 19-23

A Note From Mrs. Marsha

Dear Families,

We will continue the phonics skill tch and introduce the long a vowel sound. The students will choose a spelling activity from the spelling choice board to do for home work every night that should be recorded in their spelling journal. This weeks list will be for 2 weeks.

In Class This Week

Religion- Prayer is one way we can grow closer to Jesus during the Lenten season 

Language Arts- The students will…

The students will practice high frequency words- been, never, own, out, brown, of, very, know

Spelling words- came, make, lake, bake, shape, stitch, patch, latch, match

Comprehension- ask and answer questions

Phonics skill- digraph ending tch, long vowel a 

Writing- I can write to inform (explanatory)

Math- Students will apply calendar math skills and skip count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s using a hundreds chart.  Students will identify even an odd numbers using uni-fix cubes to model the strategy of making pairs

Social Studies- Students will demonstrate an understanding of how government functions and how government affects families.


Tuesday- Spelling choice board, fluency passage

Wednesday- Fill in the missing number, fluency passage

Thursday – Spelling choice board, fluency passage

Important Dates & Reminders

February 20- Progress reports issued

March 2- In-service, no school

March 19- 2pm Dismissal

March 29-April 6- Easter Break