February in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Happy February everyone!  I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the winter.  The art room has been extra messy lately since we have been doing a lot of clay projects!  The back table is covered with drying clay from many of our classes.  We are lucky to have a sources to fire our clay projects!  Yhe students have been busy with lots of different types of projects!

K – 4

The wintery weather inspired us to make some cute little snowman scenes for the K – 4’s.   First the students drew snowflakes and blowing wind with white oil pastels.  Then they painted a blue sky and the snowflakes magically appeared!  We used a blown up balloon and white paint  to stamp white circles for snowmen on the paper.  We finished by gluing on hats and noses and drawing eyes, buttons and arms on them!  Last week we stamped some ceramic clay with designs and cut out our hand shapes in it.  These need to be fired, so while we are waiting for that, we will be working on some fun metallic robots!

K – 5

In the K=5 class we used air dry clay to form some chilly penguins!  They are floating on a Styrofoam iceberg in the Arctic Sea that the students colored.  I just love these!  We are also working on some tissue paper collage hearts.  The students cut hearts out of folded paper and learned about positive and negative shapes, and how when you cut out one heart you really get two… a positive and a negative heart!  We will be adding to these heart collages and then we will be reading the beautiful book “Beautiful Blackbird” and doing a project inspired by that book.

1st Grade

We worked with ceramic clay learning how to make a pinch pot, they we turned the pinch pot into a bird by adding a neck and a head.  After these are fired we will be glazing them to  look like the beautiful South African guinea hen pottery!  While we are waiting for  the clay to get fired, we will read the classis book,
Tar Beach” and learn about the art of Story Quilts.  We will then make our own story quilts with pictures in the ce3nter that echo the “Tar Beach” story.

2nd Grade

The second grade learned about the color wheel, complementary colors, primary colors and secondary colors.  To put all the knowledge into practice we made these cute little bird pictures, mixing our own secondary color and choosing the complementary colors for their feathers!  The students have been working hard on their Indian Elephant drawings and those will be done soon!  They are really doing well on this project!  After than, we will be reading the book “A Splash of Red”  which tells the story of African American artist Horace Pippin.  We will then work on a project inspired by the artist!

3rd  Grade

The Third grade finished their big eyed animal pictures and they are really fun!  This was a great exercise in drawing BIG and  of how to used recycled materials in art. The third grade also worked with ceramic clay.  They are making some beautiful peacock holders!  We are waiting for these to dry and get fired before we paint them!  Third grade will also be reading the book ‘A Splash of Color” and learning about the art of Horace Pippin.  We are lucky to have Mrs. Bonnie Younginer coming to visit with the 3rd and 4th grade art class .  She is a master weaver and will bring in several of her looms for the students to learn how weaving works and then have a chance to try it themselves.

4th Grade

The fourth grade finished up their recycled/found item robot constructions and they are great!  I love this project because they learn about recycling items to make art and they really have to use their imaginations to think about every day object being something entirely different!  The fourth grade was very lucky to have our guest weaver come and show them how to weave on a loom.  We will be working on our own weaving projects in class too.  We will also be learning about the African American folk artist Clementine Hunter and read the book “Art From the Heart” which tells her story.

5th Grade

The fifth grade will be learning about the beautiful flower paintings of American artist Georgia O’Keefe.  We will be doing large O’Keefe inspired chalk drawing of flowers.  The Fifth grade will also t African American artist Tyree Guyton and his amazing art in the city of Detroit. After that it will be time for the Famous American sculptures!  They are very excited to get started on those!

6th Grade

The sixth grade worked for several weeks studying the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci.  They made notebook pages like his that detail and illustrate their own inventions.  This is a very creative bunch!  We made our clay crosses and while we wait for them to be fired we will begin working on our Fauvism self portraits.