Fifth Grade News for the week of December 16th-20th

Dear Parents,

…..and now the hustle-bustle begins…

Please note the extra activities that will occur this week.

l.  Monday, December 16th.  In the morning, the students will have a dress rehearsal for their performance in the afternoon.  Their presentation to parents and guests will be at 1:00.

2.  Thursday, December 17th.  The children will spend most of this day practicing for the Music Christmas Program.  The performance will be that same evening at 7:00 in the Basilica.

3.  Though not considered an extra activity, but an integral part of our school day on Wednesday, a reminder that our children’s school Mass will be at 8:30. 

Tuesday and Wednesday should be regular days in our classrooms.  So…below are a list of activities I hope to accomplish on those two days.

Fifth Grade Lessons

Religion.  We will be opening our week having a classroom prayer service that honors St. Joseph.  It is in the form of a script that was written by a retired teacher; it is so tender, and I chose it because Jesus’ foster father does not get enough attention, does he?  Also, we have been learning about The Jesse Tree in Religion class.  My students will do some research on the roles of four special people in Jesus’ life, and we will create our own version of a mini-Jesse Tree.

Reading.  Unfortunately, my class did not get a chance to do this week’s planned lessons on “Reading for Details”.  Therefore, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be doing that packet.  Also, I have a pre-reading activity set and ready to go for our January novel study of Shiloh.  Hopefully, we will get to that, too.

English.  By Tuesday, we should be finished with the first half of our unit on verbs.  If that ends up being so, the children will have an assessment on lessons 4.1-4.5 of that unit on Friday morning.  If we do not complete all the lessons sufficiently,  our evaluation will have to wait until we return from Christmas vacation.

Social Studies.  The children will have an assessment of Lessons One and Two from the unit on the Civil War.  They only need to study from their Civil War activity packet.  Everything that will be on the test is in their packet and has been reviewed many times.

Sixth Grade Lessons

Reading.  Both days will contain lessons on basic reading skills.  This week, some of the work done indicated a need to review using context clues to define unknown words.  Also, choosing details from an article that correctly answer questions is requiring additional work.  I have lessons planned for both.

English.  I had planned this lesson for today (Thursday), but we did not get to it.  So, next week we will differentiate between adverb clauses (which are actually dependent clauses in sentences) and adverb phrases (those simply describe verbs).

I love this quote from Mother Teresa about Christmas that I would like to share with you…

        At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart?  Mark

       the season of Advent by loving and serving others with God’s own love

       and concern.

May we all be spending these weeks making our hearts as warm as possible for the Divine Infant of Bethlehem…Miss L. Boron