Fifth Grade News for the week of December 2nd-6th

A Word From Miss Boron

Since I am writing this before the Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to begin by sharing my feelings of very deep appreciation to each and every parent of my fifth and sixth grade students.  You have been supportive and very helpful.  I know that you are dedicated to your child’s education, and all  your efforts manifest themselves in the academic accomplishments of your student.  A perfect example of this was witnessed today as your child came into school this morning, toting their Civil War project.  Every student had one to present, and our classroom looks like a mini-museum honoring these special people that they chose to memorialize.  Anyway…thank-you from the bottom of my heart…

We are entering one of the busiest times of our academic school year.  Did you happen to glance at the December calendar sent home in last week’s blue folder?  Wow-ee!  Our first week back after Thanksgiving may be the most docile, so I hope much work will be accomplished.

Fifth Grade.

Religion.  As you know, my class is presenting Monday’s Morning Prayer.  The skit, readings, and music will herald the beginning of Advent.  We will continue talking about this time of waiting throughout the week.

Reading.  We will be reading our first tall tale of the school year, “McBroom the Rainmaker”.  It is an adorable story about life in the West, full of exaggeration, similes and metaphors.  I know the children will enjoy it.

English.    We are beginning our unit on Verbs. 

Spelling.  A new list will be distributed on Monday.  Deciding to take a break from homophones, the new words will be some of the most frequently misspelled words that fifth grade students struggle with.

Social Studies. 

We will be concluding the Lesson One activities; our learning packets presently include our work on defining vocabulary words, understanding our learning objectives, and summarizing the lesson’s main ideas:  what were the largest differences between the North and South’s ideologies and what was the largest contributor to the rise of slavery in the South?

Sixth Grade Next Week

Reading.  We will spend one more week on the selection “His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut”.  It is an extremely difficult read, even with the very talented students that are members of this class.  I was tempted to leave it for now, however, I think they are developing the important skill of reading with a concise focus (in this case, finding particular characteristics of the Queen embedded in their reading).  They are doing this as a small group activity, and in my eavesdropping, I hear them sharing in the reading and then, determining whether anything in that particular reading indicates any of the traits that they are being asked to find.  So…we will persevere…

English.  We continue our work on adverbs.

Well…amidst all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, let us continue to remind our children about the true meaning of all the excitement.  We best teach this with our own devotion to Jesus’ birth.

Warm regards, Miss L. Boron