January 29-February 2

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A Note From Mrs. Roy

We are so excited to celebrate Catholic Schools Week this week. To kick off this week, please join us at Mass on Sunday if you can and have your child wear his or her St. Peter’s uniform; if this doesn’t work, suggest that your child wear his or her uniform to your church. We want to show off our St. Peter’s Catholic School pride!

We will have many events taking place throughout the week – a dance party, an ice cream party, and much more. We will have our Quarters 1 and 2 award ceremony on Wednesday after Mass. It should be a fun-filled week, but there will also be time to focus and reflect on how fortunate we are to be a part of Catholic education.

In Class This Week

Grammar: We have finished our unit on Nouns, so it’s time for the test. The nouns test will be on Wednesday. We’ve started a review packet in class, and we will finish it together on Monday. Students will have a practice test on Tuesday.

Vocabulary: For Quarters 3 and 4, we will be studying some of the most common root words. Our vocabulary terms will be words that are made from these roots. Our roots for this week are “port,” meaning to carry and “form,” meaning to shape. We will spend a good amount of time discussing why these words come from these roots. The test will be on Friday; the list can be found here.

Reading: We are well into our novel, Charlotte’s Web, and we are loving it! This week, we will learn about similes and metaphors and will identify them within our readings. As always, we will complete comprehension as we read, and students will practice a variety of skills after each chapter.

Writing: We will continue to master the art of writing a paragraph – this week, each student will select what he or she is most proud of and explain why. There will be focus on opening and closing sentences, along with supporting our ideas. Each day, students will have to complete a different step of writing, and by Friday, there will be a strong, well-written paragraph.

Religion: This week, we will learn more about the Church, specifically the five precepts Image result for st peter's church columbia scof the Church. There will be a discussion to learn about why we have these rules and where they were pulled from. We will also learn about the physical church building – stained glass windows, candles, statues, etc.

Science: We are wrapping up our unit of sound as a form of energy. There will be a comprehensive quiz on Thursday. We will complete a study guide together at the beginning of the week. This is what students should use to study.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: We have finished reviewing our unit on adjectives. There will be a test on Tuesday; we will complete one last review in class on Monday. Later in the week, we will work on creating a comic book, in which students will write about a super hero (this is a part of our Creative Writing assignment).

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: Students are working on a persuasive writing assignment; we will go through each step of the writing process. There will be focus on supporting ideas to justify the stated opinion. Once we’ve finished this, we will begin our new unit on adjectives.

Important Dates & Reminders

Monday, January 29-Friday, February 2 – Catholic Schools Week

Tuesday, January 30 – Quarter 2 Report Cards need to be returned

Wednesday, January 31 – Mass followed by Awards Ceremony (dress uniform)

Friday, February 9 – Angels in the Vista Auction