January in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs Wyrick

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope this is a year full of blessings for us all!  We will continue to work hard in the art room while enjoying the joys of art and learning about artists, art works, cultures and ourselves.

The first, second and third grades will be taking a field trip to the Columbia Museum of Art on the 10th to see the Henri Matisse exhibit!  We are excited about this upcoming adventure!


K – 4

We will be making a snowman painting to go with this cold winter weather we are having.  We will learn about how white snowflakes drawn in oil pastel resist water color paint and  “magically” appear when they are painted over!  We will then use balloons to stamp some circles to make snowmen on top of our snowy scenes!  We will also be experimenting with markers and water and if time allows we will start our robot stick puppets!

K – 5

The K – 5 students will be working with Model Magic clay to make little penguins, this is great for the muscles in the hand.  We will then make an iceberg for the penguins to live on and an ocean for them to float in!  Next we will work on a tissue paper collage.  We will learn about cutting paper hearts to make a positive and a negative heart shape to put on our collages, just in time for Valentines Day!


The first grade is also making penguins, it seems right in this chilly willy weather!  They are making theirs with cut paper.  Any time you have a chance, please let your student practice cutting at home!  They will glue their penguins onto a beautiful Northern Lights scene that they will make with soft chalk pastels.   We will also spend on art class at the Columbia Museum of Art .


We are finishing up our color wheel birds.  Students have learned about primary , secondary and complimentary colors and used these colors to create a painting featuring some fun little bird.  They have really enjoyed giving each little bird it’s own personality. After that, we will be learning about the Indian tradition of painting elephants and we will do a beautiful drawing of an Indian elephant.


The 3rd grade has been working on paintings of large cartoon animal heads.  We are working on keeping things BIG and fighting the impulse to draw tiny!  We will be giving these animals great big bottle cap eyes!  When these are finished it will be time to get out the clay!


The 4th grade is working on making our own robot sculptures out of reclaimed and found  items.  This project requires them to use a lot of imagination and 3D thinking. What kind of robot would you make if you could build one?  Once robot construction is complete, we will begin a weaving project!


The 5th grade finished up all of their VanGogh inspired chair self portraits.  We then spent one week recycling some water bottles to make a Dale Chihully inspired hanging piece of art.  This is almost finished it is gorgeous.  Pictures next month!  We are starting a study of Georgia O’Keefe and her beautiful flower paintings. We will be making one with chalk.  We will also miss one class due to Star Lab.


The 6th grade has been learning about the notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci. Particularly about his amazing and numerous inventions.  They are drawing some pages like Leonardo’s to demonstrate their own inventions.  This class has a lot of imagination and I can’t wait to see what they come up with!  Next will be clay!