K-5 Newsletter: Week 6

Kindergarten 5 Newsletter

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Dear Parents,

It is the last full week of September for our K-5 class and we have a lot to look forward to coming into October! Next month, the school will be throwing a movie night for all families to come and enjoy. There will also be a Halloween party and many more awesome activities and events! I am excited for all the wonderful autumn activities we have planned.

This week in our classroom, we will be starting many new lessons throughout our different subjects. In Science, we will be learning about the five senses. Each day during Science class, we are taking the opportunity to review senses we have already covered. In Social Studies, we will be starting our unit on learning how we can be good citizens. Students will be learning more about what makes a good citizen, student, and friend such as honesty, determination, kindness, and so many more wonderful traits. In Math, we will be continuing to learn about shapes as we begin to dive into more three dimensional shapes such as a cone. In ELA, we will be continuing to practice new and old sight words, learn about the long vowel sounds, and analyzing the stories we read aloud in class.

Homework packets will be due by the next Tuesday, but please let me know if you need any extension time. Students will also be taking home six flashcards today with their sight words for the week. We will be having a sight word quiz this Friday to see if they can read out and spell these words. Students should practice with these words at home throughout the week.

This Friday we will be having Snack Shack, where students can bring a dollar to lunch to buy a snack from our sixth grade students. Also, coming at the start of October, we will be having another early dismissal at 2:00pm on Monday, October 7th. The After School Program will be available at this time.

Have a wonderful and blessed week,

Ms. Rovelli

Week 7 — September 23-27, 2019

Sight Words:

Block, Blue, Bring, Brown, But, Buy                          

Social Studies: Being a Good Citizen


Five Senses


Shapes (3-Dimensial)

Language and Literacy:

Sight words, long sounds of vowels, and reading together

Ms. Rovelli and Mrs. Moore