K-5: Week Fourteen

Kindergarten 5 Newsletter

St. Peter’s Catholic School 

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Dear Parents, 

Our K-5 class did such a wonderful job during our Morning Prayer presentation! I am very proud of how well they did in singing their gratitude song in front of our entire school, as well as all the lovely things they shared about what they are most thankful for. Even after our performance at Morning Prayer, they were singing the gratitude song all day.

This week in ELA, we are introducing and reviewing CVC words. We are especially focusing on the  onset consonant sound. On Friday, the class will have two assessments in ELA. One will be a sight word quiz for the words listed below. The second will be a pre-test to see their understanding of onset sounds of CVC words. In Science, we are finishing up our review of the seasons with a lesson on spring and summer. Next week we will have an assessment to test their knowledge on the seasons and their associated weather, clothing, and activities. In Math, we are learning to use linking tubes and construct bar graphs. Also in math, we are continuing to practice our handwriting of the numbers 1-10. And in Social Studies, we are finishing up our lessons on community businesses, goods, and services. This Friday, the class will have an assessment to test their knowledge on goods versus services.

Also, tomorrow on November 20th, students will be able to take makeup pictures if they would like to do so. If they would, please send a note with your child requesting to have their makeup pictures taken. And next week from November 27th through December 1st, we will be on Thanksgiving break. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends! And just as a reminder, if there is anyone who would like to schedule an additional conference to discuss their child’s progress in class, please let me know. I would be happy to set up a time!

Have a wonderful and blessed week, 

Ms. Rovelli 

Week 14 — November 18 – 22 2019

Sight Words:

There, More, So, Can, See, You

Social Studies:

Community Businesses and Goods


Seasons and Weather Patterns


Linking tubes, bar graphs, and number writing

Language and Literacy:

Sight words, CVC words, and reading together

Important Dates to Remember: 

Wednesday, November 20th — Makeup Pictures

Ms. Rovelli and Mrs. Moore