K4 – April Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Happy Spring Time! It is very hard to believe that the school year is flying by. Our K4 children have grown in so many ways! They are ready for the last quarter of the school year. As always, we welcome your visits.

We are all looking forward to warm weather and a big goodbye to thick jackets. Take time to enjoy the sights and smell the fragrances of Spring and share them with your child. We will be talking about various signs of Spring; how to dress during springtime and the different sports and activities that we can enjoy during this season. Children will continue learning about Little Things (Insects and Bugs). We will even watch how these little creatures grow, what they do, their body parts, how they are alike and different and why farmers like some of these bugs on their farms.

Children are going to continue learning short vowel sounds, consonant blend sounds, word families, clapping on syllables in words, as well as, more sight words.

In Mathematics, children will continue to learn numbers 1 to 50 and identify quantities of numbers using terms like greater, less and equal. Children will identify Ordinal Numbers first through tenth using concrete objects. We will also talk about Fractions. Ask your child to compare two slices of bread that have been cut, one into equal parts and one into unequal parts. Have your child explain the difference.


I Can Love – Experiencing feelings of love, interaction and acceptance within the home, helps to prepare your child for developing friendship with others in their neighborhood and school.

I Can Pray – Our young children’s prayers can be a more meaningful communication with God when it pertains to what children are presently learning or experiencing. Like, when we discover some new life in spring, we pray, “Thank you, God, for all the new flowers, leaves, birds, chicks, bunnies, and butterflies that we see”. The Lenten Season prepares us to celebrate Easter Sunday. Children readily enter into a quiet atmosphere for prayer, just as you experience when you pray as a family or at any time of the day until bedtime.

I Can Listen – We will discuss the importance of “listening” as God’s gift to us. Good listening habits are a way of showing respect, love and consideration towards others. It is important that children develop this skill as part of their readiness to learn more. Children will listen to sounds around them to experience the benefits of listening through several listening activities.

I Can Share – “I Can Share” is to help children discover that sharing brings happiness to self and others. These actions of sharing create warm feelings of love and acceptance which, in turn, help to reinforce and motivate one to continue acts of sharing because they do feel good.

I Can Help – In this particular lesson, “I can help” we will try to increase the children’s awareness of their own ability to be helpful to others. Children will learn and discover ways to be helpful to others by looking at several role models in their lives.

Language and Literacy:

Beginning, Middle and Ending Sounds of Word Pictures

Vowel – a, e, i, o, u & y

Consonant blend

Sight words or Frequency words: (in, is, if, it) (of, on, or, oh, for, no, do)


Spring Season

Seeds and Plants

Insects and Bugs


Number – 1 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50

Greater, Less and Equal

Ordinal Numbers

2 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Shapes


Just a reminder for each family to please bring 16 plastic eggs containing chocolates or candies

on Monday, April 8th for Easter Egg Hunt (Thursday, April 11th).

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday —- April 8 – Early Dismissal at 2:00 p.m.

Thursday — April 11 – Easter Egg Hunt at 10:00 a.m.

Friday —– April 12 – School Retreat

                                  – Early Dismissal at 11:30 a.m.

Monday — April 15 to Monday April 22 – Easter Break / No School

Tuesday — April 23 – School Resume

Happy Easter!

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson