K4 May Newsletter 2020

Dear Parents,

WOW!  Time flies. 

It is now the month of May and it is our last month of the school year 2019 – 2020.  Can you tell?  It seems as if one day rolls into the next and we are caught in this new life style of “Social Distancing”.  Rest assured that we shall find the light at the end of this tunnel. 

We will continue to remind children of what is good behavior. Please give frequent compliments when you see excellent behavior from your child. It does go a long way towards encouraging positive behavior choices. It is easy to see the good choices, once you start looking for them.

During May, the children will be busy practicing number counting in Math and answering the question “how many in all?” to introduce the concept of addition and “how many are left?” to introduce the concept of subtraction.  At home, ask your child leading questions about what they observe and count.

Our unit lesson for Social Studies is about Transportation. We will discuss the concept of transportation and its various forms and how people use vehicles of various types to move themselves or objects from one place to another. We will present several types of vehicles in this unit to familiarize our K-4 children with various modes of transportation. We will discuss how these vehicles function, their purpose and compare them with each other; how they are different and how they are the same. We will also discuss safety and the use of seat belts.  

The children will be learning more Nursery Rhymes. We will let children learn that words are fun and that nursery rhymes contains real and pretend words. Some are about animals and they can act them out.

In science, we will ask the children to name various ways that animals move: walk, crawl, fly, swim, etc. They will also learn some extended vocabulary words for describing animal movements, example: flutter, soar, creep, trot, and waddle.


I am Growing

All About Me


Rote Counting to 50 — 60 — 70 — 80 — 90 — 100

Addition and Subtraction

Social Studies:

Transportation by Land, Water, (Air/Sky) and Space

Language and Literacy:

Short Vowel – a – e – i – o – u

Review Alphabet letters name and sound

Nursery Rhymes

Review Rhyming Words


Animals on the Go






Important Dates to Remember:


May 5 – Tuesday – Midland Gives

     18 hours, on-line fundraising events (donation)

May 25 – Monday – Memorial Day / No School

June 1 – Monday Kindergarten 4 Last Day of School



Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson