Kindergarten 4 School Year 2018 – 2019 June 6, 2018

Dear Parents,

It is a pleasure for us to be a part of your child’s beginning steps into their new, exciting and somewhat intimidating adventurous steps into the halls of St. Peters Catholic School. We intend to do our best to foster an inquisitive attitude; one of confidence within themselves and a healthy bond with their classmates and St. Peter’s Teachers and Staff. All within a safe and friendly environment. As you prepare your child, talk about old and new friends, things your child likes to do with friends and how to take care of themselves and their friends.

Give your child an opportunity to play with you and others, as well as to play alone. Enjoy games and activities together. Help your child to be a good sport and engage in fair play. This year will be a very critical period in your child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. As we strive to nurture and guide your child, we ask and look forward to your direct involvement in our efforts.

Books you read together at home count to prepare your child – so please pick up a book every day! Read to your child and have your child tell stories to you. Have your child sit next to you and use your finger to guide your child’s eyes to the words as you read them. Doing so, will help them to recognize word characters. Together, enjoy the excitement, feelings, and ideas found in books. Also, let your child look at books, magazines, and pictures alone. Children can read pictures. This is a step towards reading print.

Share a few minutes alone with your child each day. The gift of your time is precious. Before you know it, your child will have traveled years into the future!

Have a great summer!

Suggested Summer Reading Books:

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson


Kindergarten 4 Supply List
School Year 2018-2019

Please label the above items with your child’s name. Thanks!

• 1 Tri-fold mat – 45”L x 19”W x 1” thickness (The mats are red & blue. Due to storage limitations in our classroom, we cannot allow mats that are larger than these dimensions. The required mat size is available at Wal-Mart.

• 1 Backpack (Please make sure the Backpack can hold a small blanket for quiet time and a letter size folder; please no wheels, animal shaped, or messenger bags)

• 1 Water Bottle (The student will need to bring the Water Bottle daily to school filled with water only. Please make sure your child knows how to open and close the water bottle.)

• 1 pair round tipped scissors (Fishers) for school and 1 pair for home. (If your child is left handed, please make sure to buy him/her left handed scissors)

1 (2 inch) Binder
3 composition notebooks 100 sheets (wide ruled)
1 box 24 colored pencils

1 four package of Play Dough
1 ream of white paper
1 ream of white card stock
1 package of Seasonal stickers (Halloween, fall, winter and spring)

1 bottle hand Sanitizer
1 package of baby wipes
3 large boxes of Kleenex tissue
2 large containers Clorox disinfectant wipes
1 box of gallon sized Ziploc bags
1 box of quart sized Ziploc bags

1 photo of family