Lessons and Activities for Fifth and Sixth Grades Week of January 13th-January 17th

Dear Parents,

Our first week back after the long Christmas vacation has been going so nicely.  I enjoyed seeing the children, and I do believe that they grew taller during the two weeks away from school.

Because my planned lessons can be easily summarized, I will be able to put into practice one of my resolutions for the new year—brevity.  With that said, please note below the lessons that your child will be involved in.

Fifth Grade

Religion.  Before Advent began, we were studying the meaning and  importance of the Eucharist, the sacrament that is the heart of Christian worship.  Well, with our Advent and Epiphany activities completed,  we are returning to that now…the students will be working together on a study guide in class that will be used to prepare for an assessment that will be given on Thursday.

English.  Our week of lessons will be on the diagramming of sentences.  Diagramming, you may be saying?  Yes, this lost skill is actually one that helps the students to see that the subject and the predicate are the anchors of sentences; also, they enhance their ability to identify adjectives, adverbs, direct/indirect objects, and subject complements in relationship to the nouns and verbs.

Reading.  Having just begun Shiloh this week, (Yay!), we will be reading this award winning novel for the next number of weeks.  Vocabulary  development, comprehension activities, predicting, and class or small group discussion will enhance our learning.

Spelling.  The new word list that I intended to distribute this week will be given to the class on Monday.  The spelling skill presented is that of singular and plural possessives.

Social Studies.  Lesson three of the unit on the Civil War presents the conflicts and compromises that developed between the North and the South. 

Sixth Grade

Reading.  Like the fifth grade students, we began a novel study this week.  I chose another award-winning book, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  I am looking forward to sharing the pride, strength, and deep respect for humanity that this author presents among the pages.  I believe that this group of talented students will share interesting insights and responses to what they read, pensive thinkers that they are.

English.  Upon completion of our unit on Adverbs, we will begin the very important unit on capitalization and punctuation.  This unit encompasses those extremely important, yet sometimes tedious, rules of mechanics that are necessary to the functional and technical aspects of writing.

In conclusion, I think I need to say “whoops”…I did not achieve the brevity that I alluded to at the beginning of this newsletter.  However, I do hope you find the content of these paragraphs helpful to you.

Over Christmas vacation, in between the wonderfulness and splendor of the season, I had a couple of challenges presented to me.  While going through one of my favorite book of quotes, I found this African proverb’s words a helpful reminder.

     “However long the night…the dawn will break.”

Therefore, may I conclude by wishing you much sunshine,

Miss L. Boron