March 12-16

A Note From Mrs. Marsha


The students will continue the Lenten journey with resurrection eggs. The 12 eggs represent each station of the cross. This week we will continue counting coins and the sneaky e with long o. The students will also begin a plant unit. Have a great week.

In Class This Week

Religion- Jesus’s journey to the cross with resurrection eggs

Language Arts- The students will;

Practice high frequency words: had, this, said, what, will, be, with, his

Spelling words: so, go, home, hole, no, rope, joke, bone, stove, poke

Phonics skills- long vowel o

Comprehension- main idea

Writing- explanatory

Grammar- punctuation

Math- Students will count and identify mixed change. Students will compare amounts of change and identify equal amounts

Science- Students will identify a plant’s life cycle, function, survival, parts, and seeds

Homework- Spelling choice board

Tuesday- Spelling choice board

Wednesday- spelling choice board, math page 368 #’s 1-6

Thursday- spelling choice board

Read leveled reader every night

Important Dates & Reminders

March 19- 2pm Dismissal

March 29-April 6 Easter Break