March 13-17

A Note From Ms. Gurn

I am always impressed with the level of respect and humility shown by your children as we go through the Stations of the Cross in the church. Last week, the students wrote beautiful meditations for each station and illustrated them too! I will put them outside of my classroom door for you all to see.

Please consider joining us this Saturday for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! We will meet on Devine Street. I will be there around 9:00 am! Look for our St. Peter’s green shirts. 🙂

Please see below for lessons  being presented this week.



This Week In Class

Spelling/Vocabulary: The spelling/vocab test will be THIS Friday. The words this week are new common SAT words that will help them write their research papers. The words are: collaborate, antagonist, vindicate, tenacious, tactful, superficial, resilient, procrastinate, opulent, intuitive, frugal, exemplary, divergent, convergence, conformist, anonymous, abbreviate,digression, empathy, incompatible, and lobbyist.

Reading/Writing: Our research notecards on our states are finished! Now we will begin writing our outlines. We will learn how to choose strong topic sentences to begin each paragraph. We will also begin typing our rough drafts on google docs.

Science: Last week, the students loved learning about DNA…and also had a challenge trying to pronounce deoxyribonucleic acid! We will make our own double helixes this week. We will also begin our new mini unit on single-celled microorganisms. Which are helpful to us? Which ones are harmful? See video below!

Social Studies: Last week, we analyzed all of the articles of the Paris Peace Accords. We had a discussion on whether the students thought the negotiations to end the Vietnam War were fair and morally just. This week, we will begin to look at the fall of the Soviet Union. What causes led to their downfall? Quiz on Thursday.

Religion: Our Lenten journey continues this week. The children have really enjoyed studying the Gospels and digging deeper into the Bible. It gave me a classroom goal. I’d like us to to try to finish reading the entire New Testament. We will find 10-15 minutes a day reading the Bible. In addition, we will continue on with our new lesson on the two natures of Jesus: human and divine. See Lent video below.

4th Grade Social Studies:  Last week, we began reading our short biography on our first founding father, George Washington! This week, we will make a “character web” for Washington. What traits would we use to describe him as a leader? Next up….John Adams! How were Washington and Adams similar and different in their presidencies? Quiz on Washington and Adams on Thursday.

6th Grade Social Studies: We enjoyed studying ancient African culture last week. The whole class agreed that this culture radiates joy through their colorful clothes, vibrant art, and upbeat music. The students even got to listen to a Kenyan song still sung today. This week, we will focus on the relationship villages in Africa had with other world powers. Why did Islam spread to Africa? Quiz on Thursday.

Reminders & Important Events:

March 18- St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Devine St.

March 20- 2:00 pm early dismissal

March 21- Re-registration deadline

March 24- End of 3rd Quarter

March 27-29- Sixth Grade Washington DC Trip