March 23rd – 27th


Distance Learning is FUN!

Religion: In religion this week, we are continuing to learn about Lent. Students are also working at home to solidify knowledge of special Bible Verses, while connecting those verses to their everyday lives. We have been using a new online resource called “Formed” to extend our prior knowledge of the Bible. We continue to reinforce the process of praying the Rosary.

Reading:  In Reading we will be working on reading comprehension skills and using text evidence to answer questions. We are working on “dipthong” aw, au, ore, oar, and or sounds in phonics. We are working with listening comprehension through the use of the website Epic.

Language Arts: (Grammar and Writing):   This week in ELA we will be working to edit sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization in our “at home” writing prompts. In writing we are still working to “restate the question” as well as begin to compare and contrast two topics. This week we are able to compare and contrast different planets.

Math:  This week in math we will be continuing to practice and solidify our skills in two-digit subtraction. We also are working on graphing and data analysis.

Science: This week in science we will be working on The Planets and the Phases of the Moon.

 Social Studies:  This week in social studies we will be studying the Three Branches of Government and how they work together in the local, state, and national levels.


-Please continue to utilize ANY, SOME, or ALL of the digital resources I have sent to all of you via email. I STRONGLY encourage using Epic, Discovery Education, BrainpopJr, and Formed to help support topics being presented “in class”.

-*I hope that you all have a structured system in place for each day, and that you remember that some of the time should be devoted to school work… not all of the time. This is the perfect opportunity to engage in family chores or projects, family games, and family faith formation.

-Student Zoom meeting today, March 24th, at 4pm

-Parent Zoom meeting tomorrow, March 25th, at 4pm

-May God BLESS you during this difficult time. I know that we are all adjusting to our new normal, let us extend grace to both one another and to ourselves as we figure all of this out. We are in this together!