March 5-9

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A Note From Mrs. Roy

Please continue to support our Rice Bowl service project as our Lenten journey continues. What seems like a small amount of money goes such a long way to others around the world. This link can show you just how big of an impact we can have:

In Class This Week

Grammar: We will finish up our unit on pronouns with specifics (I vs. me, we vs. us). We will also look at pronouns used in contractions. Towards the end of the week, we will begin to review for the test. The test will take place next Tuesday (March 13).

Spelling: Our vocabulary words this week are pulled from our vocabulary roots “scrib” (to write) and “spec” (to see). We will practice these words together throughout the week. The list can be found here.

Image result for figurative languageReading: We have finished learning about various techniques of figurative language, so we will have a test on Wednesday. Students will be responsible for knowing and applying simile, metaphors, alliteration, personification, and onomatopoeia. We will review for the test together in class. Notes on figurative language can be found in Reading notebooks. Towards the end of the week, we will practice new skills – identifying and using text features in informational texts.

Religion: We will spend the week studying the Bible story of Jesus visiting Simon the Pharisee (to emphasize God’s forgiveness). We will also read about the Lord’s Supper as we study the Eucharist in greater depth.

Science: We will look at the big ideas of light and how it interacts with different materials. We will also have a lab to look at light and its effects on various materials, along with the reflection, refraction, and absorption of light.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: We have started to review for our Verbs test, which will take place on Wednesday. We are working on a review packet in class, but this unit has a great deal of information, so it is a good idea to prepare some at home, as well.

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: We have covered a good bit of the Verbs unit. There will be a test on Wednesday on lessons 4.1-4.7. This is a very long unit, so there will be two tests on it, instead of one just at the end. We will review together in class.

Important Dates & Reminders

Friday, March 2 – No School (Teacher In-Service)

Monday, March 19 – 2pm Dismissal (Aftercare Available)

Wednesday, March 28 – School-Wide Lenten Retreat

Thursday, March 29-Friday, April 6 – Easter Break (No School)