March 9-13, 2020

A Note from Mrs. Grant

This week we will continue to discuss our Lenten journey. We will also have class picture day on Wednesday, March 11th.

Please remember to check the list for your child’s week to be our Snack Shack managers. This week our Snack Shack managers are Camilla and Connor. Snacks and the receipts must be brought in on Tuesday. Receipts for reimbursement can be brought to Mrs. Davis in the office with a note detailing it is for Snack Shack. Thank you for your support!

Below is a list of the students who are on Honor Guard this week. If your student is participating, they must stay until the end. Please do not pick them up during car line unless I have been given a note. Thank you for your support!

Honor Guard Schedule March-April 2020

This Week in Class

5th Grade

Math: We will discuss how to multiplying by three digit numbers, write quotients as mixed numbers, and how to describe the probability of an event. Please remember to use the study guide given to the students in class to review and their textbook. The quiz will be given Friday, March 13th. Students can also use the review games and math videos below to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

Math Practice Games

Science: We will begin discussing the characteristics of rocks and minerals. There will be a quiz on the characteristics of rocks and minerals on Tuesday, March 17th.

6th Grade

Math: We will discuss adding three or more fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators, the characteristics of geometric solids, writing mixed numbers as improper fractions, and subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping. Please remember to use the study guide given to the students in class to review and their textbook. There will be a quiz on Friday, March 13th.

Science: We will discuss the characteristics of weather and how to predict weather by studying the atmospheric pressure, cloud coverage, temperature, and more.

Social Studies: We will discuss Julius Caesar, the daily life of the Romans, and the birth and spread of Christianity. There will be a quiz on Tuesday, March 10th on the Roman Republic, the social classes of Rome, and the Punic Wars.

Religion: We will continue to review Lent. We will also discuss how when the Israelites turned from God and were attacked by enemies, God saved them through the judges.

Spelling and Vocabulary: There will be no Spelling and Vocabulary words until they finish their vocabulary study with Miss Boron.

Reminders & Important Dates

March 11, 2020      Class Picture Day

March 16, 2020       2pm dismissal

March 19, 2020       Rita’s Ice Field Trip – leave at 11:00 am, *students can wear St. Pat’s t-shirts to school*

March 20, 2020        No School for Students/Teacher Inservice

March 21, 2020     St. Patrick’s Day parade in 5 points

March 30, 2020     5th and 6th grade field trip to Cardinal Newman

Please share the videos below with your student.

Fifth Grade:

Sixth Grade: