March Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Our unit about Discovering God’s Gifts of Fish, Birds, Flowers, Trees, Animals, Light, Water and Air/Wind, would not be complete without a focus on Families and Friends. It is within the family that most young children experience first love. Children need to feel loved and wanted by people around them in order to experience and learn about loving. In class, children will share their family fun times. We would like to acknowledge and thank all those parents that became involved and helped their children to create the animal collage, animal habitat display, the kite building, the Valentine’s treats and the 100th day counting exercise.  THANK YOU!

As we get closer to Spring Time, children will be learning about seeds. What is a seed and the different kinds of seeds? We will plant some seeds and watch them germinate and grow into a plant. We will be discussing their parts and what parts can grow and those that we can eat. We have planned several science experiments for our K4 children to make, observe and derive conclusions.

In Language we will talk about famous authors of children books.  We would like to invite parents to come and read to our K4 children anytime this month at your own convenient time. Children will continue working on Alphabet recognition and sounds.    

Children will work on counting “one-to-one” correspondence through 15 by counting real objects. Comparing sets of no more than 10 to 15 objects using the terms “more than” and “less than. We will introduce Positional words to describe the location of objects.


God Gave Us Families

God Gave Us Friends

Language and Literacy:

Beginning & Ending Consonant Sounds

Word Families

Review Letters: Letter Recognition and Sound

Practice Writing Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Sight Words (my, he, she, we, good, play, go, had)


Seeds — Germination — Plants


Number – 19 — 20 and Review numbers 1 to 20

Missing Numbers – Before, Between and After numbers 1 to 20

Positional Words – (up, down, in, over, under, behind, on top of, and in front of)

Important Dates to Remember:

Wednesday – March 6 – Ash Wednesday

         (Parents are invited to attend the School Mass)

Thursday – March 7 – Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m. (no After Care Program)

Friday – March 8 – No School Day (no Enrichment Program)

Monday – March 18 – End of 3rd Quarter

Tuesday – March 19 – 4th Quarter Begin

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson