March Newsletter

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and that some of you made it out to Scoopy Doo to get some gelato and to see the wonderful artwork done by our students that is hanging there!  If you haven’t made it yet, you can see the art at Scoopy Doo until the end of March!

ART SHOW!!!!!  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 9th from 4pm to 7pm for the St. Peter’s Annual Art Show at the SpringHill Suites in the Vista!  Every student will have their art on display at the art show so come and see your child’s art and see what the rest of the school has been working on too

K – 4

Our K – 4 students learned about one of my favorite artists, Pablo Picasso, and how he made some of the faces in his pictures a little abstract!  We then made our own Picasso like faces on these felt hand puppets!  They really enjoyed playing around with these cut out shapes and then coming up with a face that was just what they wanted!

We are also working on our second self portraits of the year.  We did one back in September and are doing one now too, it will be fun to see how they have changed!










K – 5

The K -5 students made these cute paper collages of their hands feeding a fish!  First they had to paint the paper blue for their water, then they had to cut out all of the shapes (I helped with the hands) and glue them down along with a little glitter for the fish food!  Fun!  We are currently working on some painterly lions and I expect that they will do a fabulous job on the lions too!


1st Grade

We finally got our clay fish back from being fired and they look great!  The students did a great job on making them very colorful and happy looking.  We even melted marbles for the eyeballs for a great effect!  We have now been learning about Vincent Van Gogh.  We are making a painted paper collage of the Van Gogh’s famous sunflower painting!  This is always one of my favorite projects of the year.  These will be done soon and I can’t wait to share them!

2nd Grade

The Second grade worked really hard on their paper mache bowls.  It took several weeks to get enough layers on them to make them strong enough to stand on their own!  They look beautiful!  We are now working on a Picasso standing face with paint, wire, cut paper and buttons!

3rd Grade

The third graders are now painting their clay elephant bodies and heads.  We will be making these into colorful and fancy Indian elephants!  They had to wait a long time for the clay to be fired so they are anxious to get working on these.  In the mean time, we learned about the jungle art of Henri Rousseau and they designed a jungle of their own.  We will be painting these jungles when the elephants are done!

4th Grade

The fourth grade students learned about the well known American artist, Norman Rockwell.  We discussed that he did the cover for the Saturday Evening Post magazine for many years and that his illustrations usually told a story about American life and were often humorous.  The students thought about a story that they might be able to tell in an illustration and they are currently working on a Saturday Evening Post cover of their own.  They are really doing a great job on these!

5th Grade

I am in love with the 5th grades Hokusai “Great Wave” paintings!  They all did an amazing job on these!  We learned about the Japanese artist Hokusai and his well known print of the Great Wave.  We gave it our own twist by using only cool colors in the water and painting the sky in all warm colors.  They are stunning!  The students are all excited to get to work on their famous American spoon people!  Thanks to those parents that have agreed to come in and help during the 5th grade art period for this project, we need a lot of hands to help the budding artists, especially with the glue gun!

6th Grade

The sixth grade got their ceramic crosses back from being fired as well and they were worth the wait!  I think they’re amazing and the students are proud of their work.  Way to go 6th grade!  To correspond with their lessons in Ms. Gurn’s class, we are learning about and making African Masks.  We are going to be “carving” them in heavy aluminum and then embellishing them for an authentic African look.

Art Club

The Wednesday art club artists are working on their own version of the famous Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  They have really used their imaginations to make these special!  We are also working on some smaller canvases that will hang in a unique fashion!  The Thursday class is learning about art in Peru, we did these amazing llama paintings with oil pastel and watercolors.  I love them!  Now we are working on making our own worry dolls!  Join us in April (there will only be 2 sessions) for mosaic stepping stones!