May, 2017

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A Note from Mrs. Preston

Dear Parents and Friends of St. Peter’s School,

We call them “Specials”, those areas of the curriculum that are in addition to the core subject areas-Art, Music, PE, Library, Technology, Spanish, and Guidance. The weekly allotted instructional time for these special areas cannot be underestimated.

The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities are in fact the driving forces behind all other learning.” (Jensen, 2001)

We are blessed at St.Peter’s to have skilled and creative teachers in these areas. Our collaboration with USC School of Music provides student instruction that is exceptionally comprehensive: vocabulary,writing skills,auditory and visual processing are evident in every lesson. Our Art program provides our students with a myriad of creative modalities which incorporates Math, Science, History and Religion. Our PE program not only addresses physical health, but emotional and spiritual health, as well. An example of a PEHP lesson plan includes yoga (strength, flexibility, balance) then a discussion of the importance of a happy mood and relaxation on our bodies.

Our ‘Specials” are indeed vital to the development of the whole child. Each of these subjects affects overall academic performance, motor skills, confidence, decision making, focus, perseverance, collaboration, and accountability.

This month, some of these Special areas are showcased; the Spring Music Recital at the USC Copenhaver Band Hall, May 12th, Feed Your Mind Cafe in the school library May 15th – 17th, the school-wide Art Show at Springhill Suites on May 9th and the PEHP Parent Presentation at 1:00 on May 12th. Please make an effort to attend these special events.

May is also a busy ‘maternal’ month as we honor our Blessed Mother, Mary, most especially with our May Procession and Rosary on May 15th. We celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14th and recognize all of our terrific teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1st – 5th.

Most of us can remember our favorite teacher. Mine encouraged discovery and creativity, nurtured a love of learning, and shared the gift of faith. When we have people like this helping us grow, it is indeed very SPECIAL!


Kathy Preston