May 4th – 8th

This week will look quite a bit like last week.  There will still be NO SPELLING this week as we will continue to work on our poetry writing.  
Please remember I will have office hours to Zoom from 1-3 each day.  From 1-1:40, I will be logged on for anyone who needs help and then after 1:40 by appointment (just send me a quick Remind message if you need me to jump on) until 3.  This is only because I can only have one Zoom last 40 minutes.  Please check the Multiplication Zoom sheet before logging on.  I might already have a student signed up for that time.
Also, I want to reiterate that all the mandatory assignments can be filled out in Google Classroom and submitted in this fashion.  I am aware there are several parents who do not have printers, so I want to ensure all our students can complete the work.  You always have the option to print if you prefer, but it is not necessary.
We will have another class Zoom on Wednesday at 7pm!  AND we will have another guest on our Zoom.  Hmmm, who will it be this time?  Also, there will be a music class Zoom on Thursday from 10:30-11:00am.  Dr. Valerio sent out an email with a different Zoom code and password.  Be sure to use hers for music class.
Thank you for all you are doing and stay well!