News From Fifth Grade for the Week of December 9th

Dear Parents of fifth and sixth grade students,

Our second week of Advent will happily have us going to Mass on Monday, December 9th (The Feast of the Immaculate Conception) and on Wednesday, December 11th.  On Thursday, December 12th at 6:30 p.m., there will be a Mass and celebration to honor Our Lady of Gradalupe.  Our classroom’s Nativity was adorned this week by the students’ presents for Baby Jesus; also, we have a prayer on our desk that we say daily…

                    Divine Infant of Bethlehem,

                    Come and take birth in my heart.

Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Nicholas.  We are prepared to celebrate the tradition of being visited by this kind man (formerly a bishop) by placing our shoes out in the hallway by our door.  Hmmm…I wonder what little goodies might fill those shoes.

I would like to share subject topics, skills and activities that I have planned for next week.

Fifth Grade.

Religion.  Our reading and class discussions will have the students recognizing the importance of planning for Christ’s coming during these weeks of Advent.

Reading.  Our week opens with an open-book assessment on “McBroom the Rainmaker”.  As I assumed, the class enjoyed reading this tall tale together.  On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we will be doing comprehension skill development.  Each day, the students will receive a different passage about a famous person; after our reading of it, challenging questions are asked that assess an ability to locate details, analyze the context, and summarize. 

English.  We continue our work on the newly started unit on verbs.

Spelling.  The final test will be given on Thursday, December 12th.  Because of our annual Christmas visit to the Koger Center on Friday, I was concerned that concentration may not be at its peak on that day.

Social Studies.  We began Lesson Two from the unit on the Civil War.  The learning objectives for this lesson have the students understanding the struggle for freedom that the slaves endured.  Within that context comes familiarity with the abolition movement and the Underground Railroad.

Sixth Grade

Reading.  I believe we will conclude our work on the nonfiction selection about Mt. Vesuvius.  Watching a video about the author’s methods of research about the ancient civilization that got destroyed in Pompeii because of the volcano’s eruption was intriguing.  Following this work, we will do some work on using context clues to define unknown words.  Our week will conclude with a reading comprehension activity on the life cycle of plants; after reading an extensive passage, your child will be using the context to locate information, following directions, and create a diagram based on information given.

English.  The learning skills that will be presented are:  correctly using negative words (no, not, never), deciding whether a word is an adverb or an adjective, and differentiating between adverb clauses and phrases.

In conclusion, let us keep our attention on Jesus’ birth.  There is so much darkness in our world…how blessed are we to live these weeks focused on the one true source of light for all of us.

Be well and happy,

Miss L. Boron