April in Review

Students have been hard at work expressing their creativity this April. It’s been great getting to see them explore new mediums and begin to gain independence in their creative endeavors. We’ve been working on lines as patterns and texture, 3D space, and different types of self-portraiture. Along with these techniques we have been learning about artists such as Heather Galler and her Folk Art Landscapes and how to illustrate poems from poets such as Maya Angelou. Take a look at what we’ve accomplished in April!

Warmest Blessings,

Mrs. Stansell

PK 4

Preschool 4 has been learning all about Spring and how to mix colors. We started April off by designing rainboots and using different tools such as Q-Tips to create a spring tree! This past week we transitioned into color mixing and read about the Mixed-Up Chameleon by the one and only Eric Carle. We then explored the mixing process of making a blue and yellow chameleon turn green!


Kindergarten has also been learning more about spring and using watercolor resist to create a rainy scene complete with a 3D umbrella! They have also learned about tape resists and are working on their “I am…” Paintings to tell us about their personality and the new word, characteristics. We used words such as adventurous, wise, curious, and kind. We will be learning to make stamps in the next few weeks!

Below are some finished self-portraits we worked on at the beginning of April!

1st Grade

First grade has done a wonderful job learning about lines and colors and how to pair them with emotions. There was mutual agreement that feeling silly was definitely a light blue squiggly lines. They are in the process of practicing making textures through lines and creating textured windmills to show off their skills! Stay tuned for May as they are going to start learning all about the Pop Art Movement.

You can find their finished paper weaving that I mentioned from the last post! They did such a great job!

2nd Grade

Our second graders have been soaking in the many form of line in self-portraiture. We can now tell the difference between an outline, contour, continuous contour, and are now working on cross-contours. Next we will use cross-contours to segway into optical art that was created during the Pop Art Movement. See their continuous line portraits in sharpie and watercolor below:

3rd Grade

Third Grade has made some amazing textured landscapes inspired by the one and only Heather Galler who makes amazing Folk Art. We used bright colors and patterns while using foreground, middle ground, and background in our landscapes. We are now moving on to learn about stained glass windows and are looking at the Rose Window in the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Nasir al-mulk mosque in Iran but also more modern stained glass windows like Gerhard Richter’s Pixel window at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. We can now tell the difference between Gothic and Classical architecture through windows. We are creating our own version of stained glass windows with geometric shapes and analogous colors using foil relief and colored sharpies!

4th Grade

Fourth Grade has finished their amazing Exquisite Corpse prints and have made some pretty cool mashups of animals. Take a look below at some of the finished products! They are now moving onto bookmaking and will learn to illustrate their own poems by discussing Maya Angelou and some painted paper collages that illustrate her works. See the covers they have already designed, also below:

5th Grade

Our fifth graders are hard at work learning about three-dimensional shapes and using the letters of their name to create a paper sculpture! They are learning how perspective works and how sculptures require thought about how all four sides look to the viewer. Very excited to see the finished products!

6th Grade

Last but certainly not least, our sixth graders are finishing up their stop motion animations. They were tasked to create a stop motion out of paper which depicted a transformation of some sort. Their creativity has certainly shown through this process. The month of May is going to be fun filled and jammed pack with end of the year 6th grade activities such as the tradition of tie-dying their PE shirts for field day and decorating their centerpieces for their graduation. Being the new art teacher here, I love how Catholic schools have such fun traditions involved with their creativity! I’ll post pictures and videos soon!

May 6th – 10th

A Note From Mrs. Phillips

Only one more MAP test to go! The students have done a wonderful job testing and I know we will finish on a high note. Thank you for encouraging them at home to do so well!

Our Spring Music Concert is this week! The students have worked hard all semester to put this amazing show on for you!

I will be out Wednesday and Thursday of this week for my daughter. I thank everyone for their continued prayers and support during this time.

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, the class will continue learning about the month of Mary. We will focus on her life and what an amazing woman she was. What kind of Mother was Mary? Did she struggle? How can we relate to her?

Reading: The class will work on reading and comprehending poetry this week. We will look at different styles of poems and how to understand what the writer is trying to convey.

Language Arts:   The students will continue our grammar review with diagramming sentences. Each week we add something else to our diagramming. This week, we will work on compound subjects and predicates. Spelling will be given out Monday and our test on Friday. STAR homework also due Friday (no homework Thursday evening due to the performance).

Math:  We will continue geometry. The class will work on perimeter this week!

Science: We will begin an extensive unit on living things.  This unit will continue throughout the rest of the year and we will look at life cycles, inherited and environmental traits, survival adaptations, habitats, and fossils.  The class will continue work on the life cycle of various animals this week with a partner project!

Social Studies:  The class will continue the colonization of South Carolina and look at our Lords Proprietors. Each student will fill out a study guide just like the explorers one.


Thursday, May 2nd, 3rd, & 6th- MAP testing for 3rd grade

Tuesday, May 7th – Midlands Gives!

Thursday, May 9th- Spring Concert at the USC Band Hall (7pm)

Monday, May 13th- 2:00 dismissal; Catholic School’s Music Invitational at Cardinal Newman

Friday, May 17th- Family Picnic- 5:30pm

Monday, May 20th- Rosary and May Procession- 8:30am

Friday, May 24th- Field Day!

Monday, May 27th- NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

Friday, May 31st- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Awards at 10:30am in the Basilica

April 23-26, 2019

Image result for easter sunday

A Note from Mrs. Ronald

He is risen! Alleluia! Happy Easter and welcome back! We have only 6 weeks left to the school year. Please make sure to check the Tuesday folders carefully as we swiftly approach the end of the year.

We will have our fourt Junior Achievement class on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 1pm. Junior Achievement uses hands-on activities to help students understand how a business is run and how businesses in the United States affect the economy of the country and the world.  

This Week in Class


This week we will begin our in depth study of the 7 sacraments of the Catholic Church. We will begin by dividing the sacraments into their categories and exploring the justification and meaning behind each one.


Students are continuing to do extremely well in their reading groups. This week we will continue reading our novels and journaling about our thoughts to different events in them.

Also, just a reminder that Reading Log #3, which focuses upon writing summaries for both the fiction and nonfiction side, will be due Monday, April 29, 2019.


This week we will continue our unit on verbs. Students have already taken notes and learned how to use action, being, and linking verbs in order to write more clearly. Students will continue our chapter on verbs in the Voyages textbook. Along with learning how to use verbs more effectively, they will continue practicing diagramming sentences with direct objects and subject complements.

Also this week we will continue our Unit 2 vocabulary with Word Sort 12. This week we will sort our words into categories, write the words in alphabetical order, twice, in cursive; we will then find other words that follow the ct+ion and ss+ion endings patterns and define them. We will also locate the part of speech and definition for each word.  The spelling test for word sort 12 is scheduled for Thursday, May 2, 2019, and the vocabulary test for word sort 12 is scheduled for Friday, May 3.

Word Sort 12:

collect, collection, express, expression, protect, discuss, impress, protection, subtraction, select, impression, discussion, selection, subtract, confession, confess, possess, oppression, connection, possession, oppress, connect


This week we will continue our study of chapter 10 and geometry in our textbook. We will practice the vocabulary, notation, and measuring practices for angles. We will have a quiz on sections 10.1-10.3 on Thursday, April 25, 2019. This quiz will cover the new vocabulary, notation practices, how to measure/draw angles, labeling the different types of angles, and recognizing intersecting, parallel and perpendicular lines and line segments in a figure.

For additional practice, please visit


Social Studies

This week we will complete writing our own declarations of independence. We will then continue on with our study of the American Revolutionary War. Students will keep a timeline of battles, dates and locations, as well as the outcomes. Notebooks will be collected at the close of this unit.


This week we will continue with our new unit on Sound and Light. Students have already been introduced to mechanical and electromagnetic waves. This week we will learn how to label a wave and name its different parts. Students will also learn the significance of wavelength and frequency.

For more information on mechanical and electromagnetic waves, please see the following video:

Reminders & Important Dates

April 23     School Mass (Mass Uniform)

April 30       4th quarter Progress Reports go home in the Tuesday Folder

Student Audition Music Link: “Mother’s Love”:

Students who wish to participate in the Cardinal Newman Choral Invitational on May 13th need to audition with the first verse of “Mother’s Love.” The lyrics and a link are below. We will hold auditions on May 29th. Happy practicing!

Mother’s Love

Blessed are a mother’s arms that hold a tiny child.

Blessed are her whispered prayers for one so meek and mild

Through the years the child will learn of wonders up above,

But safe within a mother’s arms, the child will know God’s love.


April 8-12

K5 Families, 

I hope everyone is having a great week. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Legend of the Lenten Pretzel on Friday. I hope they came home and excitingly shared with you everything they learned.

I sent home a letter yesterday regarding the Easter Egg Hunt. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please email me as soon as possible.

Please take the time each day to look through your child’s homework folder and work with them. Every Tuesday your child completes the first sheet of each new word family in their small groups; the remainder are for homework. 

Note: Please remind your child to treat the books in our classroom nicely. We’ve discussed how to treat them, but have had many damaged in the past two weeks. 

This Week in K5:

Theme and Unit of Study: Easter 

Religion: The Jellybean Prayer and Stations of the Cross

Language and Literacy:

  • Phonics Skills: Blending and segmenting phonemes, pausing for punctuation, and reading with fluency
  • Comprehension Skills/Strategies: Cause and Effect and Sequence of Events
  • Genre: Fiction – a story that is made up. 
  • Sight Words: go, here, soon, for, they, up

Math: Addition and Subtraction review. After spring break we will begin our unit on Money. 

Important Reminders:

  • Tuesday, April 9 — PTO Meeting in Neglia Hall at 5:30pm
  • Wednesday, April 10 — School Mass (Mass uniform)
  • Friday, April 12 — K5 Easter Eggstravaganza at 10:30am and 11:30am dismissal
  • Monday, April 15 – Monday, April 22 — Spring/Easter break

Have a great week!

Your K5 Team: Mrs. Creech and Ms. Moore

Classroom News April 8th- 12th

Spelling: Students will be participating in a Spelling Bee this Friday. Throughout the week, students will be practicing these review words in interactive games. Spelling Bee words:

an, man, can, ran, fan, ten, pen, hen, land, cut, nut, hut, but, gut, bug, mug, dug, mutt, far, jar, car, star, her, fur, hurt, purr, start, am, ham, him, dim, trim, slim, drum, gum, lamb.

Reading/writing: Students will be discussing -sc and -sk consonant blends. We will also be reading in small groups and independently while discussing story details.

Religion: Students will discuss how they are preparing for Easter. Students will also discuss the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle.

Social Studies: Students will recall and discuss the contributions of historical figures and religious figures in the world.

Science: Students will discuss customary units and Metric units of measurement. Students will understand why measurements are important.

Math: Students will continue to practice telling time using an analog and digital clock. Students will also begin discussing the value of money.

Week of April 1-April 4

A Note From Miss Boron

This is one of my favorite times of year to be a teacher. With the Lenten season at the midway point, our conversations shift into Holy Week and its incredible significance to our faith. Getting to share the Triduum with my students is a blessing; making Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Saturday before Easter and then, Easter Sunday, more meaningful to children is not something every teacher gets to do. How lucky am I?

This week is going to be one of new skills to be introduced and the conclusion of other areas of study.

Religion; Grades Five and Six.

Grade Five. We have had some wonderful discussions about morality, and most recently, the power of words. The Eighth Commandment reminds us that speaking untruths or spreading gossip about our neighbors is slander, or the lesser sin of detraction. We have also talked about how sin contributes to the social ills that we are all subjected to. This first week of April, we will look at Psalm 34 and its meaning for us; in this Psalm (song), we ask for God’s protection.

Grade Six. In talking about St. Therese of Lisieux, the class will learn why she is called a “doctor of the church”. I refer to this saint frequently; not only is she my favorite one, she loved Jesus so much that every little thing she did, no matter how small or large, she offered to Him as though offering Him a beautiful flower. I think that is a powerful thing for the students to think about. Also, we will be talking about the Theological Virtues…we did not get to them this past week as I had planned.

Reading; Grades Five and Six.

Grade Five. Per the recommendation of one of my parents, a former teacher, our next novel will be begun. Bud, not Buddy, is another Newberry Award Winning book. What a wonderful suggestion! So, we will walk to RCPL on Monday and have them order enough copies for all of my students.

Grade Six. This group of students is reading the 1938 classic, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. We began background work today, Thursday, and I told them I chose this lighthearted, cute, humorous, and award winning, because I wanted them to simply enjoy entering a family’s life in the 1930’s, and experiencing the antics that a penguin from Antarctica brings to their home.

English; Grades Five and Six.

Grade Five. We did not get to the lesson called “More Reasons to Capitalize”, so after that is completed, we move onto abbreviations. Like the lesson on titles of works, the class will be introduced to the numerous times that abbreviations can be used.

Grade Six. Today we took our test on comma, semicolon, question mark and exclamation mark use. We have begun learning about colons, and will finish that prior to the lesson on quotation marks. We are staying on track, so I anticipate this unit to be completed by the time Easter vacation comes.

In conclusion, may I wish you a pleasant weekend and though I say it almost every week, enjoy the time you have to spend with your family. Stay close to Jesus…

Warm regards,

Miss Boron

Classroom News March 4th-7th

Spelling: Due to the shortened school week, students will be tested on review spelling words (poke, am, said, all, he, of, come, clap, glass, then).

Math: Students will identify closed and opened figures. Students will also describe characteristics of shapes.

Religion: Students will discuss Ash Wednesday. We will continue to discuss how the Church is God’s Family.

Reading/Writing: Students will identify beginning, middle, and end syllables in words. Students will be able to distinguish between facts and opinions. Students will also discuss headings, subheadings, and print styles.

Science: Students will observe and identify forces (weight- gravity, friction) that slow down or increase an objects motion.

Social Studies: Students will recognize the part of the ear that receives sound. Students will discuss high, medium, and low sound pitches.

March Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Our unit about Discovering God’s Gifts of Fish, Birds, Flowers, Trees, Animals, Light, Water and Air/Wind, would not be complete without a focus on Families and Friends. It is within the family that most young children experience first love. Children need to feel loved and wanted by people around them in order to experience and learn about loving. In class, children will share their family fun times. We would like to acknowledge and thank all those parents that became involved and helped their children to create the animal collage, animal habitat display, the kite building, the Valentine’s treats and the 100th day counting exercise.  THANK YOU!

As we get closer to Spring Time, children will be learning about seeds. What is a seed and the different kinds of seeds? We will plant some seeds and watch them germinate and grow into a plant. We will be discussing their parts and what parts can grow and those that we can eat. We have planned several science experiments for our K4 children to make, observe and derive conclusions.

In Language we will talk about famous authors of children books.  We would like to invite parents to come and read to our K4 children anytime this month at your own convenient time. Children will continue working on Alphabet recognition and sounds.    

Children will work on counting “one-to-one” correspondence through 15 by counting real objects. Comparing sets of no more than 10 to 15 objects using the terms “more than” and “less than. We will introduce Positional words to describe the location of objects.


God Gave Us Families

God Gave Us Friends

Language and Literacy:

Beginning & Ending Consonant Sounds

Word Families

Review Letters: Letter Recognition and Sound

Practice Writing Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Sight Words (my, he, she, we, good, play, go, had)


Seeds — Germination — Plants


Number – 19 — 20 and Review numbers 1 to 20

Missing Numbers – Before, Between and After numbers 1 to 20

Positional Words – (up, down, in, over, under, behind, on top of, and in front of)

Important Dates to Remember:

Wednesday – March 6 – Ash Wednesday

         (Parents are invited to attend the School Mass)

Thursday – March 7 – Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m. (no After Care Program)

Friday – March 8 – No School Day (no Enrichment Program)

Monday – March 18 – End of 3rd Quarter

Tuesday – March 19 – 4th Quarter Begin

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson

PEHP in March!

Hopefully an early spring is on the way, since Coach Cowan and Doc Rachel are loving having more of our PEHP classes OUTSIDE.  We get to emphasize movement and health while getting fresh air and a little sunshine! 

Please remember the importance of having a healthy breakfast every morning.  Encourage your children to try the “3 out of 5 rule” and choose 1)  a grain, 2)  a fruit or vegetable, and 3)  a milk product or protein to give you the proper energy to get your day started right!

In Coach Cowan’s classes in March, he will focus on neurological activities to help with coordination.  Students will be doing exercises that specifically target using their brains in conjunction with hands and feet.  This is a difficult skill to master for most of the students and will be a good test for them. 

In March Doc Rachel will be focusing on developing core strength and lower body strength.  We will discuss nutrition, healthy dentition, and the importance of plenty of sleep.  We are introducing new games this month, so the kids should have a lot of fun becoming experts at new challenges. 

Let’s hope our March luck holds out for more great weather!