Classroom News February 19th- 22nd

Spelling: Due to the shortened school week, we will review previously tested spelling words. Please continue to prepare for the spelling test on Friday. Spelling words: the, said, fly, make, from, you, what, she, gem, broke.

Reading/writing: Students will understand the relationship between two or more words using synonyms, antonyms, homonyms.

SW understand the parts of a book (front and back cover, title, author, illustrator).

Social Studies: Students will identify locations using cardinal directions. Students will also continue discussing different features on a globe.

Science: Students will discuss how position, motion, and speed play a role in how sounds are heard.

Math: Students will understand and recognize the ones, tens, and hundreds place values. Students will work with cubes and rods to form bundles.

Religion: Students will discuss and review Mk 10:13-16 Let My Children Come. Students will also discuss Mk 6:45-52 Jesus Walks On Water.

Have a wonderful week!

February 19-22, 2019

K5 Families,

We hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! We would like to thank all the parents who volunteered at our Valentine’s Day celebration on Friday! The kids had a terrific time! We also appreciate all the work that went in to helping your child decorate their box.

This Week in K5:

Theme and Unit of Study: What is a President?

Religion: God Calls Us to Forgive

Language and Literacy:

  • Phonics Skills: Blending words and word building
  • Comprehension Skills/Strategies: Cause and effect and inferring/predicting
  • Genre: Realistic Fiction
  • Grammar: Verbs in the past tense. Last week, the children were taught that a verb is a word that tell us what happens. They enjoyed finding the verb in sentences!
  • Sight Words: are, now

Math: Adding sums of 10 in vertical form using a ten-frame. Solving problems by using the Write a Number Sentence strategy. We will be reviewing tally marks as well.

Important Reminders:

  • Please make sure your child has a snack DAILY. 
  • Please take at least 20 minutes a night to read with your child!
  • Wednesday, February 20 – School Mass (Please refer to the handbook for proper Mass uniform attire)
  • Saturday, March 2 – Angles in the Vista Auction for St. Peter’s

Have a great week!

Your K5 Team: Mrs. Creech and Ms. Moore

February 4-8, 2019

K5 Families,

On Friday, we had the opportunity to celebrate the 100th Day of School and Groundhog Day with the Second Graders! The children as well as the teachers enjoyed many one hundred related activities! K5 students also had their first of several Junior Achievement sessions. They learned about the importance of making good choices.

Week of February 4-8:

Theme and Unit of Study: Arctic Animals

Religion: God Calls Us to Make Good Choices

Language and Literacy:

  • Lesson Topic: Weather
  • Phonics Skills: Blend phonemes and final sound
  • Comprehension Skills/Strategies: Monitoring and clarifying
  • Grammar: Subject and Verb
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Sight Words: come, me, with, my

Math: Reviewing addition sentences and beginning reading and adding numbers in vertical form

Important Reminders:

  • Please make sure you pack a snack daily for your child.
  • Please take at least 20 minutes a night to read with your child!
  • Wednesday, February 6 – Mass
  • Tuesday, February 12 – PTO Meeting at 5:30pm
  • Monday, February 18 – No School
  • Saturday, March 2 – Angels in the Vista Auction for St. Peter’s at 6:30pm

Have a great week!

Your K5 Team: Mrs. Creech and Ms. Moore

Classroom News February 4th- 8th

Spelling: Students will be taking their spelling test this Friday.

(one, all, most, from, what, come, my, I, was, said).

Reading/Writing: Students will learn about the writing process and continue to form personal narratives in class by gathering details.   Students will also practice using consonant diagraphs: sh, th, ch; vowel teams: ai, ay.

Religion: Students will discuss Jesus and the consecration and communion of the mass.

Math: Students  will continue to discuss data collecting tools (bar graphs, pictographs, tally charts). Students will also recognize place values in numbers.

Science: Students will identify and compare physical properties of solids, liquids, and gasses.

Social Studies: Students will identify a compass rose and cardinal directions on a map.

Have a wonderful week!

January Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome back!

I hope each and every one of you had a peaceful, enjoyable and holy Christmas holiday and are eager to welcome a new year. At St. Peter’s, we will continue to encourage Catholic values to help our students grow as loving and faithful followers of Jesus Christ where respect is consistently demonstrated toward people of all ages, background, race, gender, and beliefs.

As the school year advances, we urge all parents to keep in close contact with the teachers regarding their child’s progress.  January, February and March are key teaching and learning months for our students and teachers are always willing to provide parents with the descriptive feedback and tangible suggestions on how to support their child’s learning. 

Fast approaching is Catholic School’s Week and we are excited to celebrate together as a faithful community.  Please click the attached link to join us as we celebrate our Catholic identity Sunday, January 27th through Friday, February 2nd, 2019: CatholicSchoolsWeek2019

Please keep in mind that registration for the 2019-2020 school year begins February 5th, 2019.  If you have questions specifically related to enrollment or financing, please contact Mrs. Alana Jordan ( Our doors are always open!


Sincerely in Christ,

Mrs. Aubrey Wall


Classroom News December 3rd- 7th

Math- Students will recognize and identify the parts of a subtraction sentence; students will solve problems using manipulatives and drawings.

Social Studies- Students will identify and describe differences in a city, town, and suburb.

Science- Students will understand moon phases and the path that the moon takes around the Earth.

Spelling- Students will take a spelling test on Friday.  The spelling words are: race, late, rake, make, gave, age, fun, but, brave, space.

Reading/Writing-Students will learn consonant blend “spl” and “sc” words.

We will continue to discuss singular and plural nouns.  Students will also continue writing the sequence of events during story time.

Religion- Students will prepare for the coming of Jesus during the first week of Advent.


Thanksgiving Week!

Image result for lego turkey

A Note from Mrs. Phillips

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have a short week this week and many of you will be out of town for either one or both of these days.  I wish everyone a safe and blessed holiday.  I was reminded this past week how valuable our families, both born into and chosen, is.  Hug your children.  Read to your children.  Listen to your children.  Enjoy your children.  Love your children.

We are all blessed in so many ways, so this week take time to thank God for each of these blessings and teach your children to do the same.  We have a “thankful tree” on our dining room table and during November each time we think of something we are thankful for, we add it to the tree.  It is becoming quite full!  I truly hope you enjoy each moment this week and cherish all you are blessed with.

In Class This Week…

Monday and Tuesday- We will finish our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory book study, begin plural nouns, practice our multiplication, finish our weather unit, finish our SC regions unit and presentations, work on our saint projects, and discuss being grateful for all we have.  We will also have a bit of Thanksgiving fun!  Our spelling test is on Tuesday.  There will not be any spelling or STAR homework this week other than to study and the first multiplication packets are due Tuesday if they haven’t been turned in yet.

Classroom News November 12th -20th

Writing: Students will write complete sentences using a capital letter and a punctuation mark.  Students will identify common and proper nouns.

Spelling: Students will take a spelling test this Tuesday.  Spelling words: dog, top, not, box, jog, on, yes, bed, frog, trot.

Reading: Students will identify vowel teams and consonant word sounds.

Math: Students will identify and create addition patterns.

Social Studies: Students will identify natural resources and where they come from.

Science: Students will explain how environments support different types of plants.

Religion: Students will understand that God wants us to love him and everybody.

Classroom News October29th – November 1st

Religion: Students will understand that God wants us to love him and everybody.

Writing: Students will write and identify the main idea of a text.  Students will also practice retelling stories in sequential order.

Spelling: Students will practice using their spelling  words in simple sentences;  The test will be this Thursday.

Math: Students will identify the addends and sum when solving addition problems;  Students will solve problems using numbers and objects.

Science: Students will understand how seeds move from place to place;  Students will also classify objects by using their 5 senses.

Social Studies: Students will identify natural resources in the world and how they are used.

Classroom News October 9th-12th

Religion- Students will understand that God gives us peace.  Students will identify the Trinity.

Writing- Students will identify the main idea in a story.  Students will think about how we can compare books to books, books to ourselves, and books to the world.

Spelling- Students will practice using spelling words in class.  The first spelling test will be this Friday.

Math- Students will identify Ordinal Numbers and understand that these numbers show a position.

Science- Students will identify the parts of a plant.

Social Studies- Students will identify continents and oceans in our world.