Week of April 20th-April 24th

Dear Parents of 5th and 6th Grade Students,

I always enjoy seeing the students after Christmas and Spring breaks…and they always seem to have grown taller in their time away from school.  Having not seen them for four weeks now, I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to see them today…our first day back from Spring vacation.  I am hoping your Easter was one of rejoicing and hope.

Fifth Grade Students

As I indicated in my email to you yesterday, your children will be receiving a new packet this week.  I am taking it to the post office later today.  In it, they will find a letter from me along with these materials.

l.  Within the letter are directions for a Social Studies project on the Civil War aeronaut, Thaddeus Lowe.  Behind the letter are two additional homework assignments for Social Studies that will be done with their textbook pages 190-201.

2.  There are two Easter related Religion assignments in addition to the one I emailed you about yesterday.  I added some letters to the crossword puzzle to make it a bit easier for them.

3.  Their new “Storyworks” has two assignments tucked inside of it.  They accompany the article called “Out of the Burning Darkness”. 

I know that your children may receive their packet on different days, so due dates are going to be given with that in mind.  The Social Studies and Reading assignments have the due dates included in my letter.

Sixth Grade Students

Your students will receive an envelope that contains their reading assignments for this week and part of next week.  The due date for the work is mentioned in my letter to them.  They should be emailed or mailed back to me by May 5th.  That should give them enough time, again considering that they may receive their envelope on different days.

I will be sending English assignments on a daily basis.  When those assignments are completed, I ask that you email me their finished work on the day of completion; if you would rather, just collect their work for the week and send it to me through the mail.  However, please message me so that I know which method you are using.  Thank-you.

And now, in these less than typical days at school, I am going to end my newsletter in a typical fashion…with a quote.  I hope you find this one helpful…

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”

Yes, there are stars in this darkness and glimpses of light that we are nearing the end of our isolation…Just think, with each passing day, we are one day closer.

Warm regards,

Miss Boron



Work for Sixth Grade, April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents of Sixth Grade Students,

It was nice getting to speak with some of you yesterday, and to those who were not available when I called, I left you a voice message just to let you know that I am keeping you and your children close in thought.

The work that I am sending this week, the week before Easter vacation, is a combination of Reading and English skills.  All of the skills I chose correlate with two sixth grade standards:  Foundational Reading and Vocabulary Building.  

The first activity is related to Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.  It can be completed with or without the text.  The characters in this novel are so well developed and vivid, thus this assignment.

Think of a favorite character in our novel.  Yes, there probably are many…I have shared my “faves” with you.  If there is a character that has earned the medal of being one your favorites, it may be because of very simple qualities.  For example:

l)  You can relate to what seems important to them.  Stacey demonstrates his protective care for his siblings; Big Ma is a source of strength to her family; Mama is a gentle teacher to her own children; Pa has a strong work ethic, showing the value of working hard to provide for his family.  What character could you imagine playing in a school play–which one could you easily place yourself in their shoes? 

In a well-written paragraph, share with me the character you feel the closest to.  Tell me why you can relate to that person by giving examples from chapters we read. 

In a second paragraph, choose an event from the story that you may have handled differently than your character did.  By the way, share how your character behaved in that situation, and then, how you would imagine you would have acted.

Vocabulary Building

Day One

l.  Using a dictionary.  Find five new words that you do not know the meaning of and think that your classmates might not know.  Follow these directions on notebook paper:

      a)  write the word, its pronunciation, and its meaning.

      b)  create YOUR OWN sentence for each word

2.  On five separate index cards (one word on each card), write the word on one side with its pronunciation.  Leave the definition off of the card; the back of your card will be blank.  It is like you are making flashcards.

Day Two.

l.  Using Exact Words.  Remember…these are words that help your reader visualize in a vivid way.  Replace each italicized word with a “fresher”, more interesting word choice. 

     a)  a pretty painting

      b) an interesting dream

      c)  a bad storm

      d)  a noisy neighbor

      e)  a sad movie

You may use a thesaurus, but make certain to stay with the meaning of the phrase.  

Then, put your phrase into a sixth-grade, well developed sentence.  You have become sooooo good at that.

Day Three.

l.  Writing sentences more vividly.  This page will be completed on notebook paper.  You will find it on page 231, Activity H.

Day Four.

l.  Using a thesaurus.  I indicated in day one’s activity that you can use a thesaurus as a reference.  This gives you more practice with this resource.  

     a)  Read pages 304 and 305 in your textbook.  You do not have to take notes.  But, please read the pages before you do your written work.

     b)  Complete page 305, Activity A.

Day Five.

l.  Diagramming practice.  You did not want me to forget about this skill, right?  So…please do Maintenance exercises 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3.  Also, do what we do in class.  After you complete the diagram, do the four questions above each.

Remember…use your textbook (especially the handbook in the back) for help if you forget a skill we covered that is being asked about (for example…complete subject, verb phrase, complex sentences, possessive pronouns, etc.)


The first assignment given on your favorite character should have a sloppy copy.  On that, you can make changes and edit for errors.  Then, write your final (good) copy from that on notebook paper.

I miss you and the oh-so-many ways you make me smile.  I know that when the time is right, we will be back in our classrooms preparing for your graduation to seventh grade.  Until then, keep your Lenten journey strong, Jesus close, and listen to your parents…

Miss Boron




Work for April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

My fifth grade students will be receiving a packet of work that I am sending out to each of them in the old-fashioned way–the mail!  If I planned this correctly, they should receive it by the middle of next week; if they do not receive it by April 4th, please e-mail me at lboron@stpeterscatholicschool.org.  I intended for this work to be done prior to Easter vacation, so that you can enjoy that time in a more leisurely way.  If, however, you choose for your child to remain occupied with a little work during the break, by all means do what pleases you.

With the exception of the top sheet “Independent Questions for Independent Reading”, each day has different assignments planned.  The planning sheets are labeled “Day 1”, “Day 2”, “Day 3”, “Day 4”, and “Day 5”.  If I have crossed out an activity on the planning pages, please do not have your child do it.  I did not include those pages in the packet (I think I got them all).  Also, at the end, there are some fun Geography papers.  They may do those, however, they and the place value paper are “extras”. 

Also, I am sending an English paper that I had ready to give the children in preparation for their next test.  It includes this skill:  Apostrophes in Contractions.  I have also included, also on blue paper, an activity that works on alphabetical order.  Oh…I had an English study guide prepared for your child to use while studying.  It is on pink paper.  I hope that is useful to them while they keep their skills strong. 

It was so nice getting to talk to some of you yesterday on the phone.  I did leave voice mails to those parents that I did not get to speak with.  Please know how much I appreciate your helping us during this very challenging time.  As I shared with you on the phone, and as I put on your child’s letter from me, please do not worry about an assignment/assignments that your child may have been unable to do.  Father Linsky reminded us that this time should also be used as one of meaningful time spent with each other doing enjoyable things that we may not usually “have the time” to do.  I am rereading a favorite book from my teenage years…The Diary of Anne Frank.  Amidst all of the beautiful words that this 13-year old girl wrote, her strength, courage, resilience, and ability to find beauty in her isolation have helped me want to do the same in my life.  Anyway, enough about me…

I look forward to seeing my students and their sweet smiles when God gives us the “go ahead”.  Until then, please receive my thoughts of you.


Miss Boron   

Work for March 25th-March 31st

Hello Parents, Grandparents, and Students of mine,

I hope this finds all of you healthy, resilient, and optimistic during this time of separation from our daily routines.  I have decided to give my students an early preview of the assignments they will be doing starting on March 25th.  They should be done by March 31st.  

Fifth Grade Students.

Religion.  During our Lenten journey, we have focused on Almsgiving.  We learned that it can include reaching out to those who may need emotional or spiritual help.  I thought you would enjoy making a holy card for shut-ins in our church family community.  Follow the below steps.

l.  Because holy cards are small in size, use either an index card, a small notecard that is blank on both sides, or a small piece of drawing paper.

2.  Find a fine-art image to copy (religious) or draw your own illustration using a fine-art image as inspiration.

3.  Glue or draw your picture on the front of your card.  If your picture is small, adding a pretty border would be nice.  Look on-line for some ideas if you wish.

4.  Create your own original prayer.  Very neatly, write it on the back of your card.  

English.  We must delay our upcoming test until we return.  Use your textbook for Lessons 8.8, 8.9 and 8.10.  If you did not take your textbook home, please do not worry.  I will give you students workbook pages to do that will present the skill and give you practice.  Whether or not you have your textbook, you can go to www.voyagesinenglish.com for extra activities that will give you activities that practice these skills that I list below.  I am giving you the topic and page number for each.  For those with your textbook:

a)  Lesson 8.8.  More uses for capitalization.  Page 176.

b)  Lesson 8.9  Abbreviations.  Page 178

c)  Lesson 8.10 Direct Quotations.  Page 180

Follow these suggestions:  1)  Just as we do in class, take notes on each new lesson (only do one lesson at a time).  If you do not have your composition book, clean unused notebook paper is fine.  2)  After taking your notes, do these practice exercises:

a)  Page 177, Exercise 3.  Do numbers 1,3,5,8,9, and 10.

b)  Page 179. Exercise 1.  Do numbers 1-20.

c)  Page 181.  Exercise 2.  numbers 1-6.  Be careful…these are a little tricky.  

For those who only have your workbook at home, do the following pages:  Pages 113, 114, 115.

Also, please continue your diagramming practice.  You should be able to do page 122, diagramming indirect objects in sentences and page 123, diagramming subject complements.  We have covered both in class.  See if you can do them, and if you make errors, do not worry.  You can use your textbook as a reference (page 190 for indirect objects and page 192 for subject complements.)

Reading.  In class on February 25th, you wrote wonderful letters to Marty.  Please choose one of the below characters and write a letter to that character.  Your letter should be 10 to 15 sentences, or more, that sufficiently send your thoughts.  Please write to one of the below:

l.  Pa or Ma.  Talk about how they teach Marty to be the fine young man he is by being his teachers of how to live well.  For example, you could talk about things you remember we talked about in class that Pa and Ma did everyday to be good role models for their children.  Don’t you just love the way Ma reminded Marty about Jesus’s feelings about right and wrong, and of course there is Pa, and the way he goes to work each day to serve others. 

2.  David Howard.  Your letter should be about his friendship with Marty.

Social Studies.  I would like you to design a stamp that honors a general, a battle, or a courageous woman of the Civil War.  This can be done on regular white copy paper or drawing paper you have at home (no poster boards).  You may not go on-line and just print a picture like you could for the holy card.  It will be your original artwork.  Write a caption about your illustration.

Sixth Grade.

English.  I know all of you have your textbooks.  Because our upcoming test cannot be taken, I will be including lessons 7.9, 7.10, and 7.11.  Use the below pages in your book to do what we do in class–take outlined notes and then, follow with practice activities.  If you do not have your composition book, please take your notes on notebook paper (a different page for each skill).  Also, you can use www.voyagesinenglish.com to supplement your practice.  Below, you will find the lesson, page numbers and practice activities.

a)  Lesson 7.9.  Apostrophes; pages 174 and 175.  Notes will be taken on page 174; complete Exercise 1 on page 175.

b)  Lesson 7.10. Hyphens; pages 176-177.  Notes will be taken on page 176; complete Exercise 1 on page 176.

c)  Lesson 7.11.  Capitalization.  Take notes from page 178; complete Exercise 2, numbers 2,6,7,8,and 9 on page 179.  Students…these can all be done on the same sheet of notebook paper…notes at the top, and your practice work at the bottom.  

Work neatly and with care…remember, For the Greater Glory of God.

Reading.  In truth, I am unsure if you have your novel with you.  Therefore, I giving you focus questions to write down that accompany pages to be read.  If you do not have your book, perhaps you can access it another way. The below questions and pages are:

Pages 171-181.  l)  One page 173, Stacey shows another example of brotherly love to Cassie.  What does he do?

2)  What is Papa’s philosophy about forgiving?

3)  How does Papa believe one gains respect?

4)  How does Cassie blackmail Lillian Jean?  Using direct quotations, list three things she says.

Pages 181-194.  l)  What was Mr. Granger trying to tell Mama as he was leaving her classroom?

2)  What is Mr. Morrison willing to do in order to help Papa out?

3)  Imagine T.J.’s true feelings about how he is left without friends.  If you were Stacey and Cassie, how would you treat him, considering what he did to their mother.

If you do not have your novel and cannot access it, please do the below assignment.

Write a letter to the author.  Tell her what you like about the book, questions you may have about the book’s content (like why she chose to write about a certain thing), and very importantly, a separate paragraph about what her novel has taught you about the 1930’s and the social climate in Mississippi at that time.  I would like you to share a favorite character summary and the lessons you have learned from that character.

If you have your novel, read the above and answer completely the questions asked.  If you wish to do the letter, you will be given extra credit toward your reading grade.  I think you might enjoy doing this assignment.

Well, that is all I am going to include for now.  Of course, more will follow if our absence from our wonderful school is prolonged–I hope not.  I miss you, dear students, and not seeing you daily is difficult.  Continue your Lenten journey and I will, too.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, God willing…


Miss Boron 

Additional information from Miss Boron

Hi Parents,

I just received an e-mail about free learning workbooks that are available for you use while school is closed.  The link is         worksheets.edhelper.com

I took a look at them, and they have them posted for March 16th-March 20th.

Should you be looking for anything supplemental for your child, these would be fun and supportive of the content they are learning.

Also, our  Voyages in English textbook has a wonderful website that some of my students presently use.  That web address is www.voyagesinenglish.com.  One of my sixth grade students used it to help her review for our English test, and she got an A+ on the test.  Hmmmm…oh, and she said it was “really fun”.

I hope that you find this update helpful.

Miss Boron

Week of March 16th-March 20th

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy Weekend.  As you are well aware, there is much speculation and concern about the present situation with the Corona Virus.  With that said, please know that I have armed your 5th and 6th grade students with approximately five to seven days of assignments that they should  do in the event of a school closure. 

However, I am hopeful that we will be at school, learning together.  In that vein, please note below the activities, skills, and lessons that I have planned.

Fifth Grade Students

Religion.  My students have done a spectacular job preparing  for our Monday morning presentation on Almsgiving.  I do hope that you will be able to join us; we will begin at 8:30 in the Basilica.

Also, we will be spending time with St. Augustine next week.  This incredible saint is so relevant to children in the building of their faith lives, because they learn that he struggled so much in his early years, yet was able to become so strong in his faith that he ended up helping others who struggle.  The prayers he has written are so beautiful; I have one of them displayed by our prayer table, and it is a favorite with my students.

English.  The children will be bringing home a study guide on Monday.  It should be used to help them prepare for their next test on March 23rd.  The assessment will be on Lessons 8.5-8.7 on these skills:  apostrophes in possessives and contractions, capitalization rules, and the correct capitalization and punctuation of  Titles of Works.  

Reading.  Focus questions will be given for Chapter 12 in Shiloh.  While silent reading, those questions will be answered and used for class discussion.  Though I had planned it for this week and it did not get accomplished, the students will be writing letters to an unfavored character–Judd Travers.  After reading their incredibly written letters to the main character, Marty, I am very much looking forward to what they have to say to Judd.

Social Studies.  Your students have highlighted those items in their notes and outlines that are prominently important in their self-preparation for an upcoming test on the lesson, “The Human Face of War”.  I have planned for the test to be on Thursday, but that may change.

Sixth Grade Students

English.  We will spend Monday and Tuesday preparing for an upcoming test on Wednesday.  Their assessment will be on lessons 7.6-7.8.  The content of those lessons is on semicolons, colons, and quotation marks. 

Reading.  Chapter Eight is quite lengthy, therefore I have divided it into two parts.  Focus questions will be given for each part prior to its being read; like we have been doing with each chapter, those are used for comprehension and class discussion. 

In closing, please let us use this time of apprehension and worry to recognize how blessed we are to live in a country that can safely espouse the finest of hospitals and physicians.  As we exercise extra caution, let us not forget to exercise our prayer life.  Fancy, formal words are not needed when speaking to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  Mary is also waiting to intercede to her Son on our behalf.  So, let us pray for containment of this virus, and recovery for those that will contract it.

Wishing you good health and safe-keeping,

Warmly, Miss L. Boron  

March 9th-March 13th

Happy almost Springtime, Parents,

It makes me sooooo happy to say that word “Springtime”.  We have been referring it to often in our fifth grade classroom in our Lenten journey discussions.  We are comparing this time of preparation for Jesus’ Resurrection as a Spring cleaning for our souls.

Next week contains a special day for us; class pictures will be taken on March 11th.  Your child will be in his/her dress uniform for Mass, so they will be ready to shine.

I have prepared the below lessons for the upcoming week.

Fifth Grade

Religion.  My class will be presenting Morning Prayer on Monday, March 16th.  The topic is “almsgiving”–one of Lent’s practices.  We will use our class time in Religion to do our research, preparation, and practice for March 16th.

Reading.  We will be reading and discussing Chapters 11 and 12.  I give focus questions prior to each Chapter’s reading to give attention to certain themes, events, and actions within those pages.  Like my students, I will feel a little sad when we have completed this wonderful story–and we are nearing that time.  Hmmm…what novel will we be doing next?  I have a few ideas, but I remain unsure.

English.  We did not get as far as I hoped this week, so next week we begin with the lesson on the correct writing of titles:  books, magazines, stories, poems, musicals, works of art (I think that about covers it).  Though it may sound rather easy, this can be a challenging skill for students because different works receive different punctuation (underlining versus quotation marks).

Social Studies.  After next week’s reading and discussing, the students will be able to describe the conditions that soldiers experienced during the Civil War.  Also, they will be able to explain life on the home fronts in both the North and the South.  

Spelling.  There will not be a new list of words given for study next week.

Sixth Grade

Reading.  Moving along in our novel study,  As Chapter Seven concludes, one of the story’s antagonists becomes more important to the Logan family’s security…and as antagonists go, not in a pleasant way.

English.  Having completed our lessons on colon and semicolon use, we will be moving into the proper use of quotation marks.  Included in this skill is also a review of correct comma use.

In conclusion, if you are reading this today or tomorrow, do not forget to “Spring ahead” with your clocks on Saturday evening.  Yes, it will be dark on our way to school Monday morning; just think, though, of that extended light at the end of the day.

This quote from J.M. Barrie is a rather nice one, especially as we try to imitate Jesus with a more concerted effort these days of Lent.

     “Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight:  always to try to be a little kinder than is necessary?”

Kind regards to you,

Miss L. Boron



Week of March 2nd-March 6th

To the parents and guardians of fifth and sixth graders,

On this first Friday of Lent,  may your sacrifices and extra things that you are resolved to do bring you much joy.

Below, please find my planned lessons.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Religion.   “Lent is a time of change” will be the theme of my week’s lessons.  Upon completion, my goal is for my students to clearly explain Lent’s meaning (they are already conversant in this); also, they will be able to describe Jesus in the desert and its connection to our forty day Lenten journey.

Reading.  Chapters 10 and 11 in Shiloh will be done.  Vocabulary, silent and oral reading, combined with comprehension will be the skills further developed.

English.  This class of mine is unbelievable.  Almost every student got an A+ on our last English test, taken last Friday.  Therefore, we have progressed to using apostrophes this week.  Using them correctly in possessives is needing more practice before moving on to a new skill, so probably next week will be a continuation of this important mechanics skill.

Spelling.  A new list of words will be given on Monday.  Like this week’s, they will be vocabulary words with a Lent theme.

Social Studies.  After spending some time examining the Gettysburg Address and its meaning, we will be moving to a new lesson on what it was like to live during the time of the Civil War–the human face of it.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Reading.   In Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, a newer character to the story, Uncle Hammer, is providing much interest.  Chapters seven and eight will see him as a central figure.  Also, Papa becomes and integral teacher of a common theme taught this year–standing up proudly for what one believes.

English.  This week had interruptions to our English class schedule.  Therefore, we will be developing the use of colons next week.

In conclusion, Monday, March 2nd, is Read Across America Day.  Please encourage your child to dress as one of his/her favorite characters from a book.  What a fun way to celebrate literacy!

During Lent, I find it fitting to use words from Jesus to add a bit of inspiration (I hope) to my newsletter.

                        “You are the light of the world…..your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.”

May your life provide light for one who may be living in darkness,

Miss Boron



February 24th-February 29th

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This upcoming new week is such an important one.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday; my class and I have spent much time talking about its meaning, and how we should view this time as extremely valuable to our faith life.  As tradition repeats itself for Miss Boron’s students, my students will  abstain from recess each Friday during Lent.  We will attend 12:00 Mass, go to lunch afterward, and return to our classroom for meditative prayer, reading the scripture, and simply, spending time with Jesus.  I have been doing this for about 22 years now.  It is one of my favorite practices, and I am gratified to have my dear fifth graders experience it this year.

If you can, please join us at the Wednesday morning Mass.  Ashes will be distributed to each child by Father Linsky.  Mass begins at 8:30.  Catholic students should not have meat in their lunches on that day.  Thank-you.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Religion.     The Eighth Commandment will be closely studied.  The children will hear that idle talk and gossip about others is “bearing false witness” against their neighbors.  We, the adults in their lives, have the huge responsibility of not subjecting our children to words that speak negatively about others–especially people that they may know.  

Reading.  I know you are wondering about when our work with Shiloh will conclude.  We are making progress…today we worked on vocabulary for Chapters seven through nine.  Actually, this is such a great book, choosing one to replace it will be difficult.  Anyway, Marty’s mother and father will become very important in these chapters when they discover Shiloh.

English.  The lessons on apostrophe use will begin.  This lesson includes apostrophe use in possessives and contractions.  After that, capitalization is to follow.

Social Studies.  We are concluding our lesson on the initial part of the Civil War.  Key battles and their significance are being studied.

Spelling.  A new list of words will be given on Monday.  I chose words that are related to the Lenten season.

Sixth Grade Next Week.

English.  Using semicolons correctly in compound sentences will begin our “work” week.  After we master this skill, we will move on to the “when” and “whys” of using colons.

Reading.  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry now sees the Logan children receiving many life lessons from a new character, Uncle Hammer.  I especially appreciate the qualities of courage and pride that they are learning from the different members of their family.  

In conclusion, our office is very indicative of a big event that is coming on Saturday–our annual auction.  I have my eye on the Adluh Flour basket–it is jam-packed with all kinds of goodies.  Anyway, I do hope you will be attending to support our school and have fun while doing so…and yes, I have a quote to share with you…

               There’s only one corner of the universe you can

               certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

                                                                      Aldous Huxley

Ahhhh…if we all adopted that and put it into practice, our universe would receive an “A+” at every turn…

Warm regards and ready to improve my little corner,

Miss Boron


February 17th-February 21st

Dear Parents and Grandparents of 5th and sixth grade students,


I hope this finds you doing well.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I know my class is looking forward to our little celebration that includes decorated “mailbags”, sharing of cards and of course, treats!  With Lent very close, we will happily take Father’s advice and enjoy indulging before we honor Jesus with some self-sacrificing.  I told the children that giving up homework is not an option, so with that said, please not below lessons that I have planned.

Fifth Grade Students

Religion.  Our lesson this week reminds us that sharing is a sacred duty.  How perfect that we are going to be studying about this at this time.  One of the practices during Lent is that of almsgiving–sharing with others that may need help.  Though traditional ways of sharing and giving will be a part of our discussion, I will remind the children that the act of sharing a smile or kind word may be just what a classmate is in need of.  In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus shares a story of a rich man and a poor man named Lazarus.  We will also learn about St. Lawrence who lived his life taking care of the needs of others and was martyred for it.

English.  The class will have a test on lessons 8.1 through 8.5 on Friday, February 21st.  A study guide was sent home today with an outline of what to study and each lesson’s objectives.  Tuesday through Thursday will be spent finishing the content of those lessons and reviewing for the test.

Reading.  Yes…we continue our work on Shiloh.  The plot thickens as Marty’s mother discovers the hidden Shiloh.  How will she react?  Also, Shiloh gets badly injured; now, Marty’s father is also included in the saga as he has to decide what they should do with the injured beagle.

Spelling.  Our test is on Wednesday.  The students need to know the word’s spelling, its definition, and a synonym for the word.  These were all highlighted on the list they were given on Monday.

Social Studies.  A bit behind in this subject…therefore, though this sounds very repetitive, we are studying about the first two years of the Civil War.

Sixth Grade Students

English.  These students are preparing for an upcoming test on Friday, February 21st.  That date is not cemented in stone, though.  I want to make certain that the contents of lessons 7.1 through 7.5 are adequately covered.  These lessons are on punctuation (periods and comma use).  Therefore, we will spend next week completing our lesson on correct comma use in various situations, abbreviations, and the correct use of periods, exclamation marks and question marks.

Reading.  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry strongly continues the theme of family.  Cassie, the narrator of this novel and one of its main characters, is learning about the harshness of social injustice and racism in the South during the 1940’s.  Big Ma and Mama are instrumental characters as they try to simultaneously shelter and teach their children about “…what we make of our lives once we’re here.”  

In conclusion, I hope that your Valentine’s Day reminds you of how much you are loved by those you love.

Warm regards,

Miss Boron