Fifth Grade News for the week of December 2nd-6th

A Word From Miss Boron

Since I am writing this before the Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to begin by sharing my feelings of very deep appreciation to each and every parent of my fifth and sixth grade students.  You have been supportive and very helpful.  I know that you are dedicated to your child’s education, and all  your efforts manifest themselves in the academic accomplishments of your student.  A perfect example of this was witnessed today as your child came into school this morning, toting their Civil War project.  Every student had one to present, and our classroom looks like a mini-museum honoring these special people that they chose to memorialize.  Anyway…thank-you from the bottom of my heart…

We are entering one of the busiest times of our academic school year.  Did you happen to glance at the December calendar sent home in last week’s blue folder?  Wow-ee!  Our first week back after Thanksgiving may be the most docile, so I hope much work will be accomplished.

Fifth Grade.

Religion.  As you know, my class is presenting Monday’s Morning Prayer.  The skit, readings, and music will herald the beginning of Advent.  We will continue talking about this time of waiting throughout the week.

Reading.  We will be reading our first tall tale of the school year, “McBroom the Rainmaker”.  It is an adorable story about life in the West, full of exaggeration, similes and metaphors.  I know the children will enjoy it.

English.    We are beginning our unit on Verbs. 

Spelling.  A new list will be distributed on Monday.  Deciding to take a break from homophones, the new words will be some of the most frequently misspelled words that fifth grade students struggle with.

Social Studies. 

We will be concluding the Lesson One activities; our learning packets presently include our work on defining vocabulary words, understanding our learning objectives, and summarizing the lesson’s main ideas:  what were the largest differences between the North and South’s ideologies and what was the largest contributor to the rise of slavery in the South?

Sixth Grade Next Week

Reading.  We will spend one more week on the selection “His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut”.  It is an extremely difficult read, even with the very talented students that are members of this class.  I was tempted to leave it for now, however, I think they are developing the important skill of reading with a concise focus (in this case, finding particular characteristics of the Queen embedded in their reading).  They are doing this as a small group activity, and in my eavesdropping, I hear them sharing in the reading and then, determining whether anything in that particular reading indicates any of the traits that they are being asked to find.  So…we will persevere…

English.  We continue our work on adverbs.

Well…amidst all the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, let us continue to remind our children about the true meaning of all the excitement.  We best teach this with our own devotion to Jesus’ birth.

Warm regards, Miss L. Boron

Week of November 25th-November 29th

Hello, Parents,

I know that I am writing this a bit early in the week, however, when there are only two days to plan lessons for, it surely is much easier.

The children are looking forward to Thanksgiving, and when we return, it is time to celebrate the Advent season. My class will be presenting the Morning Prayer service on the Monday we return, so our hope is that it will set the tone of this beautiful season with the honor it deserves.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Week of November 18th-November 22nd

Hello, Parents,

On this rainy (but a bit warmer) Friday, I am thinking about all of the different activities that signify this busy time of the year. The children are, at this very minute, practicing with their Strength and Movement teachers for their upcoming Christmas performance. I am collecting permission slips for our annual trip to the Koger Center, we have our mugs ready for “Hot chocolate Friday”, and I am trying to prepare for my class’s Advent presentation on December 2nd. Whew! I think I may have to increase my vitamin input. Anyway, amidst all that we do have learning to be done.

Fifth Grade Next Week.

Religion. We have concluded our Chapter Five work on the Eucharist. The children should be studying their class notes for an upcoming quiz that will be given on Tuesday. They have been told what to focus their studying on.

Reading. During our reading of the story, “The Coming of Long Knives”, we are going to focus on the reading skills of previewing and drawing conclusions.

English. The class will have a unit test on Thursday. The test will assess their mastery of the content presented from lessons 5.1-5.5. Each lesson on adverb use has been presented and practiced. However, independent study needs to be done; they have already written in their agendas the date of the test and what they need to review in their personal studying.

Social Studies. Today I will be collecting their cards indicating who they have chosen to memorialize for their Civil War project. As you know, directions for this came home this Wednesday; please review them with your child if any questions arise. Next week’s lesson will focus on the growth of slavery in the South.

Spelling. Our test will be given on Friday. Can you believe there are so many homophones in our language? Eeeeks…and there are still more to come…

Sixth Grade Next Week

Reading. Our reading of “His Majesty, Queen Hatshepsut”, has given the students a chance to share much of their background knowledge of ancient civilizations. Also, I am looking forward to hearing their presentation on the ancient wonder that each of them chose.

English. Like my fifth grade students, we are studying adverbs. This class is also spending more time on our workbook’s maintenance exercises that include a variety of skills (parts of speech, verb tense, sentence structure and diagramming). I consider them mini-lessons that accomplish much with four or five questions.

The author of this quote is unknown; whoever did say it, though, surely gives us a lovely sentiment.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others

without getting a few drops on yourself.”

Isn’t that a nice thought for us to keep close? I hope you think so…

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss L. Boron

November 11th-15th

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our new week of school will begin with our celebrating veterans by attending the parade on Monday. Some of our classmates have parents in the military, so it will make the day an especially meaningful one. Also, there is early dismissal that day, so our classroom time is minimal.

However, Tuesday through Friday are normal days, so below please find my planned lessons for Tuesday through Friday.

Fifth Grade

Religion. We are continuing our work on the Eucharist. I did not get nearly as much covered as I wanted to this week, and I cannot discount the importance of this topic for our children. After all, it is the center of Christian life.

English. We are coming along nicely with adverbs. After our lesson on using troublesome adverbs correctly, we will be ready to review for an upcoming quiz that I would like to have the children take next week. I have not chosen an exact date, because I am uncertain how long we will be working on the above-mentioned lesson.

Reading. I am sooooooo looking forward to presenting the next story to your children. It is called “The Coming of the Long Knives.” It is a piece of historical fiction that depicts the trials of a Navaho village when white soldiers, the Long Knives command that they leave their home. This will piggy-back so well with the selection we read in our Storyworks about the mystery of Roanoke.

Social Studies. We are getting ready to begin the Civil War. I am creating a packet of materials that I hope will make their journey through the textbook pages a bit more palatable. Much information is presented in the book, so consolidating the material will help (I hope). We will begin our study by having the students become familiar with the issue of slavery and the major differences between the North and the South.

Sixth Grade

English. Our incorporation of sentence diagramming within our other lessons, is being so beneficial. Being that the students need to know parts of speech, sentence structure, and the relationship among words in a sentence, many of the arduous skills associated with the mechanics and grammar of English at this level, are being accomplished as they diagram and we review their work. I am happy when errors are made and they explain why they chose to put words where they did in the diagram. When their classmates offer differing thoughts, real learning is taking place. It is great!

Reading. On Tuesday, the students will present the ancient wonder of the world that they chose to research. This activity is meant to set the stage for a few stories we will be reading from the anthology of stories on ancient civilizations.

I know…I know…you are waiting for my ending quotation, right? In all seriousness, I enjoy leafing through my book of them and finding ones that I hope you will like. So, how about this very short, but quite poignant one…

“To be loved, be lovable”.

Wishing you much love in your lives,

Miss L. Boron

November 4th-8th

Happy November, Parents,

This is the month famous for turning clocks back one hour, colder temperatures, and consuming more calories than normal. It also means that we are entering a busy time in our school year, and the children are now in their second quarter of learning.

In the second quarter, our academics become less review and more new. With that said, please note the “new” skills that I have planned for this week.

Fifth Grade

Religion. In studying about the sacraments of initiation, we learned that the Eucharist is one of the three in that category. I will present the lessons attached to learning about the Eucharist’s importance as remembering that this sacrament is the center of Christian life. It is nourishment for our souls; this will often be repeated to my children as we do our lessons this week.

Reading. I will be spending this week doing reading activities that do not include their textbook or a novel. Instead, I have garnered some extra activities that are associated with the nonfiction piece we read in our Storyworks. Each activity focuses on the students using their higher order of thinking skills whereby they are finding examples of text structures and summarizing. Also, we are becoming more proficient in making inferences on what we read.

English. We are continuing our work on adverbs. I am dividing our unit into sections to make assessing easier for the children to prepare for, so if all goes as planned, we will be taking a test on these skills: recognizing adverbs, creating the degrees of comparison for adverbs, and using troublesome works accurately. I have the assessment planned for next week; a distinct date will be given to your child and placed in his/her agenda.

Social Studies. We will be concluding our work on the Industrial Revolution (hopefully) this week.

Spelling. Our test on Homphones, Part II, will be given on Friday. Please remember to have your child know the meanings of the words; that is what will be given on the day of their test.

Sixth Grade

Reading. Inference skills and cause and effect are receiving the majority of our class time together. I am so happy to see the results of this focus. In a reading response group the other day, your students were responding to questions written by their classmates. The caveat was that the questions had to be ones that caused each other to thing about the “whys” of events rather than the “what”. I told Mrs. Grant that I was so proud and impressed by their sharing.

English. Well…..I had planned a week of lessons on nouns, but lo and behold, as we were working on expanding sentences using adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs, I detected a lack of their knowledge about adverbs. Admittedly, we spent little time on that last year; it is now time to dig into those lessons more completely.

Well, parents, do not forget to turn your clocks back that one hour on Saturday when you are going to bed. Also, I would like to close with this quote that may come in handy as you continue to parent your wonderful children.

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” Samuel Johnson

Have a nice weekend, and until the next time, receive my warm regards…Miss L. Boron

October 28th-November 1st

Happy Friday, dear Parents,

Our children are all abuzz about the Halloween Party tonight. Remembering my love for “trick or treating” when I was a child makes their excitement a happy time for me, too.

As you know, next week is a four-day week for the students. On November 1st, All Saints Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held and first quarter report cards will be distributed.

I have lessons planned that I would like to share with you…

Fifth Grade Students.

Religion. We will be celebrate All Saints Day with lessons that help the students celebrate their lives with reading, writing, and creating holy cards.

Reading. Continuing our work with “The Mystery of Roanoke”, the class will do skill-building activities that will help them understand text structures and also, they will write summaries about different parts of the passage (each passage has a different subtitle). Summarizing can be a challenging skill; younger learners have a tendency to want to include many details. In summarizing, they have to choose those ideas that they think are most important.

English. In conjunction with our lessons this week on expanding our sentences with adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, I determined that adverbs need some special attention. Therefore…yes, we will be learning about these words that describe verbs.

Spelling. A new list of words will be given on Monday. It is a new list of 20 homophones. Like the first test on homophones, your child needs to know the meaning of each word, along with its spelling.

Social Studies. We have begun the first Industrial Revolution class notes. Next week, a video about child labor during this time in our history, will add the realistic dimension that the students sometimes need as they study about these times.

Sixth Grade Students.

Reading. We will begin our week doing an exercise in cause and effect; this one-sided dialogue activity requiring the students to complete the other side of the conversation will also have them using the higher level thinking skill of making inferences.

English. Before we begin individual lessons on nouns, we are going to review these skills: sentence types (meaning simple, compound, or complex) and expanding our sentences with the use of colorful adjectives and adverbs, and prepositional phrases that act as either an adjective or adverb.

That concludes my sharing for today; I hope your weekend is pleasantly spent. I would like to share a beautiful quote with you written by Victor Hugo.

“What makes night within us may leave stars.”

wishing you stars in your nights,

Miss L. Boron

Week of October 21st-25th

Hello, Parents,

We will begin our upcoming week in a beautifully prayerful way; our school will be sharing in “The Living Rosary”, and it will be done on the soccer field, weather permitting. In our fifth grade Religion class, we have been talking about ways that we worship; speaking to the Mother of Jesus with special intentions is a sure-fire way to better our relationship with God.

Please find below some areas of focused learning that my students will be presented.

Religion. The students’ objectives will be understanding how Jesus worshipped the Father. Also, they will interpret scripture references and use them to locate passages in the Bible.

Reading. Our issue of Storyworks contains a wonderful non-fiction article on the mystery of Roanoke Island. If you think you heard me speak about this before, you are correct. I had put this lesson on hold for a bit so that I could review some skills that needed repeating. But, happily it is time to progress to learning about this entire village of people that seemingly disappeared.

English. Lately, we have been more aware about the quality of our sentences’ content. Do they use adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions to add interest to them? Our work at the week’s beginning will zoom in on the importance of expanding our thoughts and adding interest. Toward the end of the week, we will do a little narrative writing about how our bedrooms may get a little messy and what words can best describe that (though I am certain your child would never have a bedroom that is less that pristine…).

Social Studies. With Westward Expansion covered sufficiently, we are moving to the Industrial Revolution.

Spelling. I am not giving a new list of words this week.

Sixth Grade.

Reading. As mentioned to you in last week’s newsletter, I temporarily stopped our reading of Number the Stars. I am going to preface it more adequately by having them read a selection called, “Passage to Freedom”, in their Opencourt Reading book. It perfectly correlates to the them of “taking a stand”; we will see one the major characters defying one authority to obey another. Integrated in this story is a reference to the Holocaust suffered during World War II.

English. We will be concluding our unit on Sentences. We will do the lessons that present prepositional phrases as adverbs, review the lessons since our last unit test and then, have a written assessment on the second half of that unit. Exact lessons for your child to study will be placed in their agenda, as always.

In closing, may I offer you a happy weekend. The weather people are predicting a rainy one, however, that just makes time spent at home a bit cozier…


Miss L. Boron

Week of October 14th-October 18th

Hello Parents,

Well…I am sitting here a wee bit jealous that you will get to enjoy a nice long weekend, assuming you will have Columbus Day as a holiday. As you know, the teachers have a diocesan workshop for two days, so your children will not be returning to school until October 16th.

I have assigned a small amount of homework to both the 5th and 6th grade students. For both grades, the new assignment is in English. My class will be continuing their memorization of the prayer, “Hail Holy Queen”. Also, they need to continue learning the spellings and meanings of the homophones they were given for their test on October 18th.

The below encapsulates (I hope) what we will be learning this upcoming week.

be returning until Wednesday, October 16th.

October 7th-October 11th

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying this first week of October and the promised cooler temperatures that we are supposed to have this coming weekend. We had our annual “Pet Blessing” this afternoon, and clearly, the children enjoyed seeing their furry family members sprinkled with holy water with special prayers said just for them. What a perfect way to honor St. Francis.

Another special event, Grandparents Day, is happening next Friday. Some special events have been planned for the day. A gentle reminder about dismissal time–it will be an 11:30 dismissal; however, Father invites all those who wish to attend, the 12:00 Mass on that day.

Now…onto my planned lessons for the week ahead.

Fifth Grade.

Religion. My class is responsible for this week’s Monday morning prayer session. Mrs. Wall assigned us “The Rosary”. We will be sharing will all of the students the history of the rosary, what the rosary represents, and how to correctly say this devotion. October is one of the months that we give extra-special attention to the Blessed Mother, therefore, we will do other learning activities related to her.

English. In conjunction with the students’ new spelling list, my planned lessons this week will be on homophones. These are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

Reading. We will be doing skill activities related to the Storyworks article we read this week about saving baby orangutans. For example, a beautiful poem was a part of our reading, written in first person as though the orangutan was speaking to us. We will be interpreting that poem’s different meanings.

Social Studies. We are ready to begin learning about the War of 1812.

Sixth Grade.

English. Our week will be a combination of skills. We will spend Monday and Tuesday diagramming sentences with prepositional phrases. Wednesday through Friday will be spent studying the components of letter writing. A culminating activity will have them writing a polite letter of complaint. Ideally, their letter will express the problem and then tell what the writer would like to have done to have it resolved. Emphasis will be placed on the students remembering to be polite, always using appropriate words to communicate their sentiments.

Reading. We are continuing our work on Number the Stars.

In conclusion, may I leave you with a quote that I believe may be an antidote for some of the division we seem to witness more often these days.

“Kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound together.”

Wishing you only kind encounters,

Miss L. Boron



Sept. 30th-Oct. 4th

Dear Parents of 5th and 6th grade students,

I hope this first week of autumn is treating you well.  Even though the temperatures do not signal this wonderful new season, we know that those cooler temperatures are right around the corner…or, so we hope…

Below, please find a list of activities and lessons that will be covered next week for both grades.

Fifth Grade

Religion.    Things got going in different directions in Religion class.  Therefore, we are going to be concluding a chapter on the human condition with an open-book quiz, preparing for an oral quiz on The Ten Commandments, and learning about St. Francis in preparation for our pet blessing.

Reading.     We got our new issue of Storyworks, so we are going to be diving right in, reading an article about saving baby Orangutans.  After a variety of reading skills being used, the main objective is to assess the student’s ability to synthesize information from an article and poem to answer the question, “How are baby orangutans being protected?”

English.       Our study of nouns continues.  More specifically, we are learning to identify nouns used as direct and indirect objects of sentences.

Spelling.       A new word list will not be given out next week.  Instead, we will be doing some reading and English activities using the  list of words that the students have been studying for September 27th’s test. 

Social Studies.  We will review our class notes, textbook pages, and additional passage that I gave to the class on the Lewis and Clark expedition.  We will be doing that in preparation for a quiz that will be given soon; the actual quiz date has not been decided.  However, your students will have that placed in their agendas soon.

Sixth Grade

Reading.      We will be doing some preliminary readiness activities for an upcoming novel study.  I have chosen the Newbery Award winning book,   Number the Stars.

English.         I decided that more test practice was required this week in preparation for September 26th’s test on sentences, their specific parts, their kinds, and their forms, sooooooo…we are going to focus on new material next week.  Actually, we also have been reviewing prepositions a lot this week, therefore, my new lessons were not started.  Again, I want to feel that the students have a confident level of understanding before moving on.

Just a side note, please remember that our dear furry family members are being blessed by Father on October 3rd, at 2:30.  Permission slip were sent home in yesterday’s (September 24th) blue folder.

In conclusion, I would like to share a quote with you from a little girl named “Elizabeth” that I found in one of my quotation books.

                   “You are your own little light, shine bright so everyone

                    cam see.”

Have a lovely week,

Miss L. Boron