Week of April 29-May 3

Oh my goodness…is the month of May already upon us? The end of the school year, rather than having the characteristics of winding down, is actually one of the busiest times of the school year. A quick glance at the May calendar that came home in this week’s blue folder is certainly evidence of that. However, after all of that, summer vacation will be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Until then, we have much to do…below, please note some of the lessons and activities that your child will be learning or doing.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Religion. The doubting Thomas that would not believe until he was able to insert his fingers into Jesus’ wound is the continued topic of our class learning. Faith means believing without seeing; we will use passages from the Bible that speak to this.

English. My scheduled times for English instruction are being absorbed by other activities: on Monday, we will be gone all afternoon for our field trip; Tuesday-Thursday, the fifth and sixth grade students will be doing MAP testing in the morning hours. I will also try to do some F&P Reading evaluations, since those are very time consuming.

Reading. Having begun our Bud, Not Buddy novel this week, I can tell the students are already enjoying it. While reading, we have included some vocabulary building, and of course, the sharing of our feelings and reactions to the main characters, thus far. I am so grateful to one of my parents, having been a former teacher herself, for sharing her love of this book.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Religion. We have been talking about the poor disciples’ lives without their beloved Jesus. But, the good and loving Jesus, knowing them so well, spends many days with them, preparing them to carry on His work before his Ascension. Our book frequently reminds students that they are called upon, as we all are, to be disciples of Jesus. But, how do we impress that to our young people in a realistic and meaningful way? Well…learning to incorporate Jesus and His love into their lives is essential. Doing that requires the students recognize the foundation of living has been given to us: God’s law, or the Ten Commandments. We will revisit, in far more depth, these ten rules for living well.

English. We will begin a more detailed group of lessons on sentence diagramming. These little sentence blueprints are such wonderful teachers of sentence parts, parts of speech, and types of sentences. I am looking forward to this, now that we just completed the arduous unit on capitalization and all forms of punctuation.

Reading. As mentioned above for the fifth grade English lessons, much of my reading lesson time is being absorbed by other activities. However, I am certain we will have time to get more involved in our reading of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Just a side note, I was watching the faces of students while they did some independent reading after finishing their English test, and one student who was not very enthused about this book, was reading it with the biggest smile on his face. When I asked him about that, he shared how much he was enjoying it. Yay!!!

Well, that concludes this little missive. I understand that the weather is to be simply delightful this weekend. Wishing you enjoyment and relaxation…

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

Week of April 23rd-27th

A Note From Miss Boron

Our return back to school after a long-awaited Easter vacation coupled with much nicer weather and the aroma of summer right around the corner makes academics a little more of a struggle for many students. However, we will continue our learning with a focus on maintaining the high standards that we have worked hard to attain.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Religion

Fifth Grade. St. Thomas and his inability to believe without seeing will be the theme of our week’s learning. Using our Bibles and textbooks, we will use passages that illustrate that faith itself is like sight. Unlike the doubting apostle, Thomas, we believe without actually “seeing”, but our strong faith is our sight.

Sixth Grade. Jesus’ ascension 40 days after his Resurrection will be the learning objective of our first week back after Easter.

Fifth and Sixth Grade students are doing novel studies in Reading. The fifth graders will begin Bud, not Buddy. The sixth grade students will be continuing their reading of Mr. Popper’s Penguins.

Fifth and Sixth Grade English

Fifth Grade. Our entire week will be spent working on abbreviation use.

Sixth Grade. Happily, we are ending our unit on punctuation and capitalization. After spending Tuesday through Thursday brushing up on capitalization, we will have a test on Friday. The lessons on that test will include their mastery of quotation mark use, apostrophe use, and capitalization.

Have a nice week,

Miss Boron

Week of April 8th-April 12th

A Note From Miss Boron

As I sit here trying to think of something clever to say, I am discovering that the creative part of my brain may be taking a nap. So, with that confession said, may I welcome you to our shortened week before Easter vacation begins; Friday is an 11:30 dismissal day. With Easter being rather late this year, I know that the students are eager to have a vacation from school with the promise of nicer weather. Oh how good the good God is.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students will be sharing in our traditional retreat day on Friday. As in the past, we will be focusing the Easter Triduum. Each teacher will take a different day and present a lesson on that day’s significance. As in the past years, I am certain that the children will benefit from our collective effort to make this time of year a meaningful one for them, along with all you do in your homes to teach your child about this holiest of times.

Additionally, I have another lesson that will be presented to the fifth and sixth grade students.

The fifth graders lesson is entitled “Share the Good News”. They will share their ideas about how one goes about sharing their Christianity with actions that accompany their words.

The sixth graders lesson is such an interesting one. If they were to meet someone that was not a believer, how would they present their faith and beliefs to that person. How would they talk about what a Christian’s life is like?

In English, please note the below activities:

l. Fifth grade students are preparing for Thursday’s test on capitalization; this includes the capitalization and punctuation of titles of works.

2. Sixth grade students are finishing up correct use of quotation marks; we will then move into apostrophe use. Practice, practice, practice is the best way that I know of for my students to become masters of punctuation.

Our Reading time is being spent with the below endeavors:

l. The fifth grade students will be reading tall tale that is a product of rural America during pioneer times. The typical activities will accompany this reading (background building, vocabulary presentation, skimming prior to reading for making predictions, and oral reading to build fluency.

2. The sixth graders seem to be enjoying Mr. Popper’s Penguins. I am so glad about that; Mr. Popper’s quirky behaviors, coupled with the sweet family life presented in the novel, have caused some smiles. Also, with something on an easier reading level, working on fluency’s specific characteristics is very effective because they are not struggling with pronunciations of difficult words.

In closing, I wish you beautiful time spent with your children. All of the tragedies this past week, seeing grieving parents on television, and remembering my own family’s horrific loss of children, I am certain that weekends must be precious to all of you for additional time with each other. May it be happily spent…

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

Week of March 25th-March 29th

A Note From Miss Boron

Our first full week of Spring is greeting us when we come to school on March 25th. It is also our first full week of fourth quarter. I do not know if you can relate to my feelings about the quickness of time passing, but as I look at my students and their amount of academic and social growth, I realize that soon, they will no longer be my fifth graders, but the room next door will become their school “home”. Until then, we have much to learn, experience, and enjoy.

Below, please fine my planned lessons.

Fifth Grade

Religion. As we focus on the Commandments in more depth, the class will be learning that the Eighth Commandment requires us to not bear false witness against neighbors? But, to a 10-year-old child, of what significance is that? Simply, it means that showing respect and dignity of others means talking to others as we would like to be spoken to.

English. We did not get to the lesson on punctuating titles of works, so that will be done at the week’s beginning. After that, we will conclude our set of lessons on capitalization by being introduced to additional rules for unusual capitalizations.

Reading. After reading the precious folktale about a mouse that sacrifices all of his senses to help other animals without theirs, we are going to do a roundtable discussion on this story’s likeness to “The Giving Tree”, a tree that gave its apples, leaves, branches, and trunk to make a boy happy. Also, I will be teaching the concept of sequence with “The Jumping Mouse” folktale. I will test the students’ listening comprehension at week’s end with a short story, “Helmet Head”, that hopefully will not only be entertaining, but a reminder of the importance of wearing helmets while bike riding.

Sixth Grade

Religion. So many gifts are given to us by God, and we do not receive them because of human effort. Faith, Hope, and Charity are three gifts of virtue that should be an integral part of our lives. We can hope because we have faith, and we demonstrate that hope and faith through charity. Is not Lent the perfect time to have this lesson? I hope your child’s rice bowl is collecting some spare change to be given to those who are far less fortunate.

English. Our next test will be on Thursday, March 28th. Your child wrote down the skill and page number to study for each topic that will be assessed. This paper has been taped to their assignment pad for easy (and secure) reference. In addition to reviewing for the test, we will be learning about the colon and its uses.

Reading. Our novel study begins this week. I look forward to sharing this classic, award-winning book with my sixth graders. I hope they will enjoy reading about this family and its unusual extended family members. Have I piqued your curiosity?

In conclusion, I wish you a safe and healthy weekend, with happiness accompanying your activities. Please encourage your child to READ a fabulous book…

Warm regards,

Miss Boron

Week of March 18th-22nd

A Note from Miss Boron

We will be in the second full week of our Lenten journey this coming week. I hope our children are receiving strength from the Holy Spirit to resist temptation and stay strong for Jesus, thus keeping their promise of sacrifice, extra prayer, and putting a little something into their rice bowls for those less fortunate. Thank-you, too, for encouraging them to do so.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Religion. What is a “role model”? Who are some contemporary role models? Who is the best-ever role model? These questions will be examined and discussed. Obviously, this will segue into our using Jesus as one whom we wish to emulate. How can we do that? That will be an activity that will include art and creative writing.

Reading. Before we begin our next novel, I am revisiting our Reading textbook for some stories that are representative of one classroom theme…meeting our challenges and goals with perseverance. “The Story of Jumping Mouse” is a Native American folktale that, like all folktales, is written to instruct about how to live and act. This is a nice addition to our religion lesson, right?

English. With commas and apostrophe use mastered, we are beginning our lessons on capitalization. Like the comma, the class will be learning of the instances where capitalizing letters is necessary. There are many…

Sixth Grade Next Week

Religion. As you know, we visit the Stations of the Cross every week during Lent. This year, the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders will be going every Friday after recess. I would like the students to become invested in this beautiful practice by knowing the meaning behind the different stations in an in-depth way. Therefore, this week will be focused on that study.

Reading. My sixth graders will begin reading an old classic together next week. However, we have a wonderful selection in our anthology to complete first. It is called “Passage to Freedom”, and it is a piece of realistic fiction based on the Holocaust.

English. Dare I say it…we are still on the Punctuation/Capitalization unit. It seems like extra activities that are planned interfere with our changing classes, or the amount of time we have is reduced a bit, so we remain in this arduous unit of study. However, because such a large part of our English MAP testing is on the mechanics of English, I think it well worth it.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day. My sweet mother used to make the traditional corned beef and cabbage, and I even remember her putting a little green food coloring in our mashed potatoes. Ahhh…memories. Anyway, enjoy the day and may your weekend be safely and happily spent.

Warm Regards,

Miss L. Boron

Week of March 11th-March 15th

A Note From Miss Boron

I know it is only Wednesday (Ash Wednesday), but with our early dismissal tomorrow coupled with teachers being at the Teacher’s Education Conference on Friday, I wanted to send you some important reminders of significant due dates. Also, I have my lesson plans completed for Religion, English, and Spelling, so I will share those with you, also.

Due Dates/Test Dates

l. Grade Five, Reading. The students’ Shiloh “Adopt a Dog” project is due on Monday, March 11th. Your child needs to bring in his/her presentation and be prepared to give their oral presentation.

2. Wednesday, March 13th. Grade Five English test on these comma uses: commas in a series, commas in compound sentences, commas in direct address, commas in parts of a letter, and commas in dates.

3. Friday, March 13th. Grade Five Spelling Test on contractions. They are to be memorizing the 26 contractions given in their English Language Handbook; they appear on page 374.

Grades Five and Six, Religion. Both grades will be continuing our lessons on Lent. As Father Linsky said in his homily today, we are on our Lenten journeys together. Remembering that helps to give us the discipline required to keep our Lenten promises alive throughout its duration.

Grade Five, English. The students will use class time on Tuesday for review of those skills that will be on their test. With the test given on Wednesday, we will begin Capitalization on Thursday.

Grade Six, English. We are continuing our work on different punctuation mark use. We are having to spend more time on comma use than anticipated, but that is okay. Of particular difficulty for them is using commas correctly in compound sentences versus complex sentences.

Well…I know that this is not a complete picture of next week, but I wanted to get some information to you.

Thank-you for your kind attention to my newsletters, blue folders, and assignment pads. You are wonderful, and I am blessed to have you as my parents…

Miss L. Boron

Week of March 4th-March 8th

A Note From Miss Boron

Before I begin reviewing the content of my planned lessons for next week, please note the below special events that I would like to help you remember.

Wednesday. Ash Wednesday. Ashes will be distributed at Mass for all students. Parents are invited to attend this most special Mass which commemorates the beginning of the Lenten season.

Thursday is an early dismissal day. The students will be leaving at 11:30; there will not be aftercare provided on that day. All teachers and staff will be attending a diocesan seminar.

Friday. Your child will not have school.

Thank-you for your attention to those specific dates.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Religion. In preparation for Lent, my class will be writing teacher-directed notes in their Religion journals about this special season in our faith. Included in the background information will be a bit of history about “Fat Tuesday”, or Shrove Tuesday. Any lesson presented will be about Lent.

Reading. We began a new selection today, Thursday, called “Founders of the Children’s Rain Forest”. With background information and vocabulary accomplished, we will spend some time reading the selection orally. During the reading, I will be presenting and modeling the use of comprehension strategies.

English. Comma use in direct address and after introductory words will be presented. I would also like to present correct apostrophe use in contractions, but I am not certain that will be done next week. It depends on how well we master the aforementioned skills.

Spelling. The test on “i before e” words will be taken on Monday, March 4th. A new list will be given Tuesday, March 5th.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Religion. If you would refer to the fifth grade above-mentioned plan, I would like to say “ditto”.

Reading. My sixth grade students will be completing our reading of “The Grimke Sisters”. By the way, I was so pleased with their completed time line work they did last night for homework; most captured the special events of the sisters’ lives thoroughly.

English. We are still working, slowly but surely, through the unit on punctuation use. Actually, this particular unit is usually a time consuming one because of the varied uses of our language’s punctuation. We are practicing quite a bit; I am preparing them for an assessment that will be given either next Thursday, or the week of March 11th.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you a lovely remainder of the week, and a nice weekend. I hope many will be enjoying the auction; Mrs. Jordan has worked so, so hard to make it a wonderful evening.

May God bless you with health, safe-keeping, and peace,

Miss L. Boron

Week of February 25th-March 1st

A Note From Miss Boron

I know this will make you sad, but I am going to write an abbreviated version of my newsletter. (Smile…) After the length of last week’s, I think this may be a welcomed respite.

Fifth Grade This Week

Religion. I cannot believe I am saying this, but we did not do our saint study as planned last week. I took a detour and focused on The Ten Commandments. However, next week will be St. Isaac Joques’s week! Also, the class will be working on activities that are related to our learning the Commandments.

English. Every lesson will be related to the different uses of commas.

Reading. We will conclude our work on the selection “S.O.R. Losers” with some attention given to the author’s and illustrator’s purpose. This will be a good extension activity related to our presentation given today by Mrs. Wyrick and her sister about their book Fire and Forgiveness. Also, I will be doing some comprehension checks based on passages that I read to them.

Also, the class was given very detailed directions on their upcoming Reading project. It is a research based endeavor that tells the steps of how one adopts a dog. This project’s genesis is our reading of the novel, Shiloh. They were also given a rubric, attached to the directions, of how the project will be graded.

Spelling. Their new spelling list contains words containing the “i before e” spelling.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Religion. I was pleased with the pop quiz grades that the students were given on Wednesday after Mass. The students know that Father’s homilies are treasure troves of wonderful learning; every now and then, they are tested on the themes, messages, details, and life lessons that the homilies present to us.

We have not begun our work on the Exodus yet as was previously planned. As of today, Thursday, we have only met two times and one of the sessions was spent on St. Helena. The other was largely spent on our discussion and quiz on the message of Father’s homily, so our book learning got delayed. However, what we did accomplish was very important. So…..we will visit the Exodus this coming week.

English. All of our lessons will be related to punctuation mark usage: commas, exclamation marks, and question marks.

On March 1st, the class will have a test on Lessons 7.1-7.5. This will also be written in their assignment pads tomorrow (Friday, February 21st), for their study over the weekend.

Reading. A new selection will be presented, “The Grimke Sisters”. This is a biography about two sisters from Charleston, South Carolina, that took a very strong stand against slavery and how that stand changed their lives.

I wish you a pleasant weekend, and I have to bid a fast adieu because my students have returned from Spanish.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

Week of February 18-22, 2019

A Note from Miss Boron

On this Friday before the President’s Day long weekend, I am happy to share that AR Reading Tests are alive and well in Grade Five.  After learning that my class has not been giving them much attention when they go to the library, I have made them a very high priority.  As a result, my class has written down in their assignment pads that they will be reading during the long weekend; their chosen book was taken home with them, and on Tuesday, I will be checking their progress.  Wednesday will be the day that many of my students will be taking their next test.  Some children took their test yesterday (February 14th) or today (February 15th).  Those students have begun new novels and will be preparing for their next test.  Please help me by making sure that your child is spending a part of their leisure time reading.  Thank-you…

Fifth Grade This Week

Throughout the week, our class has had about 33% of our students absent every day. Many new skills that were to be presented, I chose not to because of the numerous absences due to illness. I share that as an explanation of repeating lesson plans.

Religion. The students are memorizing The Ten Commandments; their oral test will be on Thursday. The study sheet is in their homework folder and accompanied them home over the long weekend. Additionally, they will be interpreting The Greatest Commandment with illustration and creative writing to supplement Father’s homily message during the children’s Mass on Wednesday.

Reading. Today, Friday, the class took their final essay test on the final chapters of Shiloh. Yahoo!! As a culminating activity for this novel, they will be in receipt of directions for a research project. I have not completed my write-up yet, but they should be receiving them by the end of next week. I think they will enjoy the topic I have chosen for their poster board presentation.

We will spend the week working on a variety of comprehension skills, such as reading for details and identifying story elements. Also, our oral reading is focused on improving fluency with attention to punctuation and vocal inflection.

English. Yesterday, Thursday, I presented the difference among Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences. Learning about independent and dependent clauses is closely related to their mastery of comma usage with conjunctions. That particular skill will be introduced along with using commas in a series of words.

Spelling. As you know, your child was not studying for a spelling test this past week. I decided to make some changes in my teaching of spelling, so though my list of words and sentences has been created, I will not distribute the list until I have the extra activities planned in a cohesive, built-for-success way.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Religion. My sixth grade students will be visiting Old Testament stories. Both reveal God’s leading of nations to freedom. The first is Jacob’s family moving to Egypt and prospering there. The second, and more familiar one, is Moses’s acceptance of God’s mission for him to lead the Hebrew people out of slavery.

Reading. Using the context of our anthology’s stories, the students will be looking for examples of cause and effect. The primary source for this learning will be the story “The Pretty Pennies Picket”. This was finished being orally read on Thursday. Also, we will be continuing our work on the comprehension skills of reading for details and connecting a given text to what we already know about that topic.

English. I have been spending much time doing the all-encompassing “Daily Language Review” skill sets. I am happy to say that I can see their mechanics skills steadily growing as we edit sentences for errors. Also, our workbook has daily maintenance exercises that effectively teach a wide variety of objectives, including sentence diagramming. We will continue doing this work along with the long-awaited structured lessons on correct period use. Actually, we have started taking our notes on all the different ways periods are used, but we have not done written activity work yet. That will occur this upcoming week.

Well…I think I was a bit wordy in my newsletter this week, but if you are still reading, it means you hung in there with me and will allow me to wish you a lovely long weekend with your family. I hope that it will be a safe one, too. The 4th, 5th, and 6th graders and I prayed for your safe holiday weekend during our after-meal grace at lunch today.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

Week of February 11th-February 15th

A Word From Miss Boron

Did you miss hearing from me? It appears that my last week’s newsletter is floating around in cyberspace somewhere. Thank goodness for new beginnings, right?

My class and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day a day late because of our special classes that we have on Thursday afternoon, preventing us from having our party on the actual day. We will celebrate on Friday afternoon with the traditional activity of passing out cards to ALL of our classmates, and enjoy some treats in the process. Thank-you for helping us to make this a fun activity.

Below, please find a list of activities and skills that I will be teaching next week.

Fifth Grade This Week

Reading. If hodgepodge is a word, we will be working on an organized hodgepodge of reading skills, primarily ones that work on differing levels of comprehension. For example, we will be working on sentence comprehension, word study, paragraph comprehension, whole story comprehension, and finding examples of sarcasm and understatement in the context of the story.

English. Compound sentences and independent clauses will precede my introduction of the skill “using commas in a series”.

Spelling/Vocabulary. Our list of words are antonyms. They are conveniently placed in pairs for the students study of them.

Religion. A saint study will begin our week. The students will working with a partner to research interesting facts about the life of St. Isaac Joques. Then, we will continue our work on morality in our lives, living lives that exemplify our friendship with Jesus.

In conclusion, may I personally wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It was always one of my favorite days as a child. It is my hope that my class will enjoy the sweet and kind sentiments that this day is noted for…with a little chocolate sprinkled in to make it even better.

Kind regards,

Miss L. Boron