Classroom News April 8th- 12th

Spelling: Students will be participating in a Spelling Bee this Friday. Throughout the week, students will be practicing these review words in interactive games. Spelling Bee words:

an, man, can, ran, fan, ten, pen, hen, land, cut, nut, hut, but, gut, bug, mug, dug, mutt, far, jar, car, star, her, fur, hurt, purr, start, am, ham, him, dim, trim, slim, drum, gum, lamb.

Reading/writing: Students will be discussing -sc and -sk consonant blends. We will also be reading in small groups and independently while discussing story details.

Religion: Students will discuss how they are preparing for Easter. Students will also discuss the presence of Jesus in the tabernacle.

Social Studies: Students will recall and discuss the contributions of historical figures and religious figures in the world.

Science: Students will discuss customary units and Metric units of measurement. Students will understand why measurements are important.

Math: Students will continue to practice telling time using an analog and digital clock. Students will also begin discussing the value of money.

April 1st – April 5th Classroom News

Math: Students will be able to tell time by the hour and half hour. Students will discuss the similarities and differences between analog and digital clocks.

Spelling: your, many, two, into, been, who, press, grade, their, would.

Students will discuss and review -ir, -ur, -er words while using them in complete sentences with capital letters, finger spaces, and punctuation.

Religion: Students will discuss and participate in the Stations of the Cross. Students will discuss how they will continue to prepare for the coming of Jesus. We will also be discussing vocations and how they help people.

Science: Students will be observing different measurements. (centimeters, inches, feet, yards, gallons, quarts, pints, cups). Students will be able to identify how to measure different properties of matter.

Social Studies: Students will identify and discuss different leaders in our world and their vocations. We will discuss the characteristics of a leader within our church, school, family, and community.

Classroom News March 25th-29th

Math: Students will compare digital and analog clocks as forms of time measurement. Students will identify parts of a clock and time to the hour.

Reading/Writing: Students will review print handwriting skills. Students will provide finger spaces and form letters neatly on dotted and bold lines.

Students will analyze a narrative text to determine a narrator. Students will read first grade passages with understanding (review of 5w’s).

Spelling: Words for this week: stop, snug, snip, brown, spot, crab, spin, snack, step, stick.

Religion: Students will continue their discussion on vocations. Students will think about how they will use their gifts to help others.

Social Studies: Students will understand and explain the role of leaders in the church, community, and family leaders.

Science: Students will measure and compare objects based on their size, length, shape, color.

Classroom News March 18th- 22nd

Spelling words: trip, print, grade, trap, gram, press, play, sled, prince, princess. The spelling test will be this Friday.

Reading/Writing: Students will discuss base words and their endings (er, est, ed, ing, es, s). Students will use appropriate voice level and intonation when speaking and reading aloud. Students will continue to discuss personal narratives in class.

Religion: Students will understand that people are called to be married, priests or deacons, and other religious brothers and sisters. We will discuss vocations.

Science: Students will identify that energy is caused by objects in motion and that energy is used to do work.

Social Studies: Students will think about the roles of leaders within our community. Students will discuss contributions made in history by historic, political, and religious figures.

Math: Students will describe plane and solid shapes. Students will recognize how shapes form different objects.

Have a great week.

Classroom News March 11th- 15th

Math: Students will continue to identify shapes and their characteristics.

Spelling: words for this week: frost, brown, free, crib, crab, brick, black, flag, frozen, break.

Reading/Writing: Students will identify base words and endings (es, s, ing, ed, er, est). Students will discuss headings, subheadings, print styles. Students will also continue to practice writing in complete sentences (capital letters, finger spacing, punctuation, details will be discussed).

Religion: Lent is a season of repentance. Students will discuss different ways to help one another and to pray.

Science: Students will observe and identify different forces (friction, push, pull).

Social Studies: Students will continue to discuss different features of a globe. Students will identify different areas using cardinal directions. Students will read and discuss the North and South Poles.

Note to parents: This Thursday, students will be creating leprechaun traps in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Students are encouraged to bring in materials to construct their own traps. We will be using this time to discuss characteristics of shapes and how friction and gravity influence motion.

Object ideas include: tissue boxes, Popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, stickers, string, Dixie cups.

Classroom News March 4th-7th

Spelling: Due to the shortened school week, students will be tested on review spelling words (poke, am, said, all, he, of, come, clap, glass, then).

Math: Students will identify closed and opened figures. Students will also describe characteristics of shapes.

Religion: Students will discuss Ash Wednesday. We will continue to discuss how the Church is God’s Family.

Reading/Writing: Students will identify beginning, middle, and end syllables in words. Students will be able to distinguish between facts and opinions. Students will also discuss headings, subheadings, and print styles.

Science: Students will observe and identify forces (weight- gravity, friction) that slow down or increase an objects motion.

Social Studies: Students will recognize the part of the ear that receives sound. Students will discuss high, medium, and low sound pitches.

Classroom News February 26th-March 1st

Spelling: Words to know for this week: glad, play, slam, plant, glass, sled, one, said, glue, sloth.

Reading/Writing: Students will identify synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. Students will learn about Controlled R words and practice using them in complete sentences. Students will also continue to form complex sentences by adding details and conjunctions.

Religion: Students will understand that the Church is God’s Family- called the people of God and the Body of Christ. Students will understand that the church building is God’s house. Words to focus on: quiet, reverence.

Math: Students will break down place values into ones, tens, hundreds. Students will also identify shapes while using the following vocabulary terms: vertex, face, lines of symmetry.

Science: Students will identify what makes things move: force, push, pull.

Social Studies: Students will continue to discuss the North and South Poles; they will learn about life in these parts of the world. We will also continue to discuss cardinal directions.

As a reminder: This Friday students may join in celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by dressing up as his or her favorite character from a fiction or nonfiction children’s book.

Classroom News February 19th- 22nd

Spelling: Due to the shortened school week, we will review previously tested spelling words. Please continue to prepare for the spelling test on Friday. Spelling words: the, said, fly, make, from, you, what, she, gem, broke.

Reading/writing: Students will understand the relationship between two or more words using synonyms, antonyms, homonyms.

SW understand the parts of a book (front and back cover, title, author, illustrator).

Social Studies: Students will identify locations using cardinal directions. Students will also continue discussing different features on a globe.

Science: Students will discuss how position, motion, and speed play a role in how sounds are heard.

Math: Students will understand and recognize the ones, tens, and hundreds place values. Students will work with cubes and rods to form bundles.

Religion: Students will discuss and review Mk 10:13-16 Let My Children Come. Students will also discuss Mk 6:45-52 Jesus Walks On Water.

Have a wonderful week!

Classroom News February 11th- 15th

Spelling: Students will take their next spelling test this Friday. Please review the following words together: flag, black, cap, cliff, blink, flake, she, he, blue, climb.

Reading/Writing: Students will continue to work on Personal Narratives and learn about text features. Students will also practice forming complete sentences using different word family words (oo, th, sh, ph, ch).

Religion: This week we will continue to review the teachings of Jesus at the consecration and communion of the mass. Students will also read and discuss (Mk:10:13-16) Let the Children Come.

Science: Students will understand that sound originates from vibrating sounds.

Social Studies: Students will use a globe to locate the North and South Poles, the equator, and cardinal directions.

Math: Students will write numbers as ones and tens up to 120. They will also identify the ones, tens, and hundreds place.

Additional Notes:

-Parents please ensure that your child is turning in each weekly practice packet in order to receive the next packet for that week.

-This Thursday we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in class. If your child plans to exchange Valentine’s Day cards, please ensure that every student in class receives one. I will be sending an email with our classroom roster for your reference.

Have a wonderful week!

Classroom News January 22nd- 25th

Spelling: Students will be taking their spelling test this Friday.  Please continue to review the words that were provided last week (hi, my, fly, by, cry, I, like, nine, sky, try).

Reading/Writing: Students will learn about the writing process and begin to form personal narratives in class.   Students will also practice using consonant diagraphs: sh, th, ch.

Religion: Students will review David and Goliath to discuss David’s faith in God.  Students will also read and discuss Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Dn 6:2-29).

Math: Students  will find the range, mode, and median for a set of data.

Science: Students will identify and compare physical properties of solids, liquids, and gasses.

Social Studies: Students will identify a compass rose and cardinal directions on a map.


Have a wonderful week!