A Note From Ms. Smith

Hello First Grade Families!

First graders will be coming home with a multi subject review packet today.  Please review the packet information to reinforce some of our in class learning.

Students who were unable to attend school today will receive a copy when school resumes.

Please stay safe over the weekend!!



September 10th – 14th

Classroom News

Religion: Students will be able to explain how Jesus brings us God’s love.

Writing: Students will practice writing upper and lowercase letters on lined paper.  Students will also write short sentences with spaces in – between each word.

Math: Students will review kindergarten material (adding and subtracting with pictures).

Science: Students will think like scientists by using their five senses to observe various objects.  Students will also measure objects with a ruler.

Social Studies: Students will identify various roles and places in society: family, leader, community, country.

A Note From Ms. Smith

Hello First Grade Families,

Happy Friday! Blue folders have been sent home today with a practice packet.

Please review this packet with your child to reinforce some of the topics that were covered

this week.  The practice packet does not have to be returned to school.



September 4th- 7th

Classroom News

Religion: Students will review the sign of the cross and think about how we can give thanks to God.

Language Arts: Students will identify and sort word families (-et, -ip, -un, -in, -at).

Writing: Students will practice writing lowercase and uppercase letters.  Students will also write short sentences with spaces in- between each word.

Math: Students will review Kindergarten skills (identify numbers of objects, drawing pictures to represent numbers, and sorting skills).

Science: Students will be able to identify what a scientist is and what they do.  (Vocabulary: observe, compare).



A Note From Ms. Smith

Hello 1st Grade Families!

Our 1st graders are doing a wonderful job reviewing Kindergarten material this week.  As we continue, I encourage you to review the following with your child at home:

  1. Ask your child to write a lowercase and uppercase letter on lined paper.  Lowercase letters should not pass the dotted line.
  2. Please review  word families.  In class, students are saying each word and stating which word family it belongs to. This is great practice!
  3. I encourage you to download ABCYA.com (app or website) for good multi subject review.

Thank you for your support.

-Ms. Smith

August 27th – 31st

Classroom News

Religion: Students will review the sign of the cross.  Students will also learn about how God makes everything.

Language Arts: Students will identify and sort word families (-et, -ip, -un,  -in, -at).

Writing: Students will identify and write letters from the alphabet.

Math: Students will review Kindergarten skills by identifying numbers of objects, drawing pictures to represent numbers, and using sorting skills.

Science/ Social Studies: We will continue to review rules and procedures.


August 15th- Welcome To First Grade!

A Note from Ms. Smith:

Greetings! Parents and 1st Graders,

The first day of school is approaching! I hope you are excited to learn and to grow in faith together.   This year, I will encourage you to constantly try your very best and to believe in yourself.   During the first week of school, we will learn about school and classroom rules, routines, and what it means to be a good student.  We will also learn about  each other. On August 21st-22nd, students will participate in an in-class “All About Me- Brown Bag” activity.  During this activity, you will have the opportunity to share 3 special items with the class.  I encourage you to start thinking about what you would like to share.  (A separate note will be sent home in student take home folders with details).

I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

First Grade Reading List & Supply List

A Note From Mrs. Marsha

Hello rising first grade families,

Welcome to first grade where your child will enhance their reading, writing, and math skills, learn to be more independent, and make wonderful friends 🙂 First grade is a big transition for children, but with guidance, support, and positive reinforcement from their family and school family- they will do just fine! Please take time to spend time together this summer and read read read! Here are a few suggestions and list links to make sure your child’s brain stays active and continues to practice skills learned in Kindergarten;

Summer bridge workbook- purchased at target, barnes and noble, or amazon

ABC mouse

Banana Math

Starfall *free

High frequency word flashcards

Addition and subtraction family flashcards

Rising-First-Grade-Reading-List & Supply List

Have a wonderful summer!



May 28th-June 1st

And that’s a wrap!! I can not believe that this is the last week of first grade. Thank you for sharing your precious children with me this year, and for some of you two years 🙂 My oh my have they all come a long way; autonomy in their school work, stamina in their reading and writing, and love and joy in their faith. I am beyond blessed to have been their teacher and watch all of them grow as little people.

Field day was so much fun and the rain did not stop us from having a blast. All of the St. Peter’s students displayed teamwork. On the last day of school, June 1st, there will be a awards ceremony, please join us in the church at 10am. Their report cards will also go home with them June 1st with their 2nd grade supply and reading list.  Also, please be on the look out for your child’s belongings being taken home bit by bit this week. They will be my busy little helpers cleaning the classroom.


Mrs. Marsha

In Class This week

Spelling words- look, book, good, brook, took, shook, wood, hood, foot, hook *Test Tuesday May 29th

Phonics skill- short and long oo, ow, ou

Comprehension- fluency rate and why questions when reading

Writing- finish personal narrative

Math- cumulative review

Religion- sacraments

 Important dates & Reminders

May 28th- Memorial day, no school

June 1st- Report cards issued, Last day of school- 11:30 dismissal

May 21-25

A Note From Mrs. Marsha

This week the students will finish up our two-digit subtraction unit. They greatly impressed me with their excitement and motivation to regroup! WOW! Although they still need guidance with this multi-step problem solving skill, they are applying their knowledge of place value and subtraction like second graders! On Friday St. Peter’s will have field day. The students can wear their P.E. uniform. Have a great week!

In Class This Week

Religion- The sacraments, unit 4 assessment

Language Arts: The students will:

Spelling words- look, book, good, hook, brook, took, shook, wood, hood *Test May 29th

Phonics skill- short oo

Comprehension- Story elements

Writing- I can write a personal narrative

Math- Students will apply subtraction strategies to subtract two digit numbers

Science- Students will identify light and how it passes through objects

Homework- Practice spelling words every night choosing a spelling activity from spelling board. Decodable phonics reader.

Important Dates & Reminders

May 25th- Field Day

May 28th- Memorial Day, No school

June 1st- Last day of school for students