PE Program – Strength and Movement

From September through December, St. Peter’s Catholic School participates in a dynamic partnership with the Columbia Conservatory of Dance. The ‘Strength and Movement’ class was developed 7 years ago after Mr. William Starrett, Ms. Mariclare Miranda , founding directors and principal instructors of the Conservatory, met with Principal, Kathy Preston. Mrs. Preston was interested in offering an alternative PE program to the students; one that would incorporate movement, coordination, body awareness, balance, strength training, rhythm and music. Mr. Starrett was open to this initiative and eager to share the state of the art facility and talented instructors at the Columbia Conservatory.

Each Thursday and Friday mornings, grades one through six walk from St.Peter’s downtown location the two blocks to the Columbia Conservatory.

This collaboration was further enhanced by the assistance of the Columbia City Police Department along with a “Yellow Shirt Ambassador” from the City Center Partnership who assist the students in safely crossing Assembly Street each morning. The students, teachers, parents and principal greatly appreciate their dependability and care.

This program provides an opportunity for St.Peter’s Catholic School to take advantage of its urban location and its easy accessibility to cultural resources. Mr. Starrett and his talented instructors offer the students a challenging PE program while at the same time exposing the students to Arts appreciation.

Albert Einstein said, “Learning IS experience. Everything else is just information.”

The Strength and Movement class is a fabulous learning experience for the students of St.Peter’s Catholic School.


March 2017

Hopefully an early spring is on the way, since Coach Cowan and Dr. Rachel are loving having more of our PEHP classes OUTSIDE.  We get to emphasize movement and health while getting fresh air and a little sunshine!

Please remember the importance of having a healthy breakfast every morning.  Encourage your children to try the “3 out of 5 rule” and choose 1)  a grain, 2)  a fruit or vegetable, and 3)  a milk product or protein to give the proper energy to get your day started right!

In Coach Cowan’s classes in March, he will continue to address coordination and agility, as well as integrating neurological control with activities and exercises.  He is getting a great response and seeing a lot of improvement with the activities so far and plans to keep working with the students to see how far they can progress.  As always, time at the end of class is for the students’ favorite games.

In March Dr. Rachel will be discussing intellectual wellness and social wellness with the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.  We will discuss how physical activity is tied to brain health, as well as how friendships and personal connections can keep our bodies and minds healthy.  The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders will learn how to keep their teeth healthy and how that relates to overall health.  All grades will participate in special Diabetes Awareness activities during PEHP on the 16th and 17th.

Let’s hope our March luck holds out for more great weather!

PEHP February 2017

PEHP is back, and Coach David and Dr. Rachel have had a great time getting back into the swing of things with the students!  Last month we reviewed the expectations of our time together and discussed our four rules (pay attention, have fun, do your best, and have good sportsmanship).  We also reemphasized why physical activity and conditioning are important, what are proper movement mechanics, and how exercise can be fun!  This month we will continue our emphasis on movement, fun, and sportsmanship.

In January Coach David used a variety of exercises and games to help students improve their coordination.  He also reviewed the importance of shaking hands.  Students should be practicing the proper way to shake hands whenever they can, as it is a wonderful way to show respect.  In Coach David’s classes in February, we will continue to work on coordination, but also add a focus on agility.  Games, exercises, and drills will be used to help the students understand the body mechanics that will help them become quicker and more agile.  As always, time at the end of class is for the students’ favorite games!

In January Dr. Rachel discussed the first of eight wellness dimensions—physical wellness.  We discussed healthy hydration and physical activity in the 1st-3rd grades, and hydration, nutrition, and physical activity in the 4th-6th grades.  We focused on cardio and teamwork as well.  Throughout February Dr. Rachel will be discussing how to avoid colds and flu and basic nutrition with the 1st-3rd grades.  We will finish physical wellness (hygiene, oral health, and sleep) with the 4th-6th grades and begin the next wellness dimension, emotional wellness.  All grades will participate in games and activities that will strengthen our core and upper body.  As always there will be fun music to keep us energized!