Parts of Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation

SPELLING LIST:  there, they’re, their, know, flower, flour, horse, hoarse, poor, pour, hear, here, pain, pane

Bonus Words: homonym, because

Obviously, it is important to study the usage of these words for this week.  They are learning about homonyms, as well as the way the meaning/spelling of words change according to contextual clues.


Cursive Handwriting


CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation and Spelling).  Please send in a baseball cap for your child.  He/she will be wearing it as they revise their writing this week to remind them about the importance of editing for Conventions.

Writing Poetry


Fountas and Pinnel Testing

Due to the F&P Reading Level Testing which takes about 30-45 minutes per individual student, the students will be working on more independent work this week.  It is all good practice!

They will have extra independent reading time, as well.

Contextual Clues

Character Traits



Rocks Center

Integration with Math: Data, Graphing, Surveys, Venn Diagram,


Research Terms

Reading Tables for Information,

Main Ideas and Details in Non-Fiction


Place Value

Rounding to Estimate Sums

Two-Digit Addition with regrouping

Rewriting Addends/Alignment of Problems using Place Value in order to add.

Mental Addition

Choose the best method/strategy for problem solving


Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in their backpacks).

Read Together and discuss books!  Weekly Reading Log

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Monday, Jan. 14th: Early 2:00 Dismissal; EARLYACT

Tuesday, January 14th: End of 2nd Quarter

8:30 Wednesday Mass: Best Uniform

PEHP Thursday: PE Uniforms

Monday, January 20th: No School- Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, January 21st: Report Cards Distributed

Kick-Off Parish/ School Celebration for Catholic School’s Week: Sunday, January 26th- 9:00 AM Mass and Coffee & Donuts in Neglia Hall.

January 6th-January 10th

Happy New Year Parents of the Second Grade Class,

How wonderful to have your children back.  Unfortunately, some illness has followed us to school.  Be mindful that a terrible stomach bug is going around.  

Yesterday, we studied the Feast of the Epiphany, Little Christmas.  As this is one of my favorite Holy Days, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  I hope that your students gave you the paper bag that included a guide to blessing your home, as well as a piece of blessed chalk.  Back in the day, when I was a child, the priest used to come to our house and bless it for our families with every new year. Now that the priests are so busy, we are encouraged to bless our own homes.  Please allow your child to teach you how to bless your home.  They practiced when we blessed our classroom.  They also learned how to sing a new Epiphany song by practicing their “listening skills”.  It was truly a blessed day!

As for instruction this week, we are packed full of it.  Although most is review, we are studying “Two Step Word Problems” in Math which are challenging.  Today, we had the third graders come into our classroom to help us learn this valuable concept which was such a wonderful way for “God to Show Up” in our classroom.

We are also reflecting on our goals for this new year.  We are celebrating where we GLOW and where we need to GROW.  I am so pleased with the Faith Community we have become by working on Virtues like Peacemakers.  

There will be NO SPELLING TEST this week.  Instead, we will have MAP Testing on Thursday and Friday.  If your child is sick, please have them stay home as Mrs. LaBelle will be able to make up their testing next week.

Over the next few weeks, I will also be administering F&P Reading Testing with each individual child.  This is the test which Mrs. LaBelle administered back in September when I was out.  

Tomorrow we will be praying the Rosary for World Peace.  Yesterday, we prayed for rain for Australia; how wonderful that our prayers were answered.  Please join us at home by continuing to pray for Peace and the safety of our troops.  We believe in miracles!

There will be NO TUESDAY FOLDERS today.  

Please have your child bring in their Weekly Reading Log tomorrow with whatever they did over the holidays (many of them did turn these in today).  I am giving extra credit for anyone who did complete these over the holidays as it was not a requirement.  I do need to change out the Math Facts Log for January.  It is so important that you continue to have your child work on their Math Facts with their Flashcards in their backpacks.  If you choose to have your child work on a Math App instead, please just record that on the page.  I am looking for 10 minutes or more of Math work a night.  

I truly appreciate all the help for our Christmas party.  Many hands made for light work.  Thank you to Christine’s Mom especially for making snow globes with the children.  Thank you also to Abby’s Mom for providing us with Chick-fil-a.  What a wonderful party!

Thank you so very much for your continued support. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for you as parents; I think we make a good team!  I pray for each of your families daily; please pray for me.

Peace be with each of you this new year,

Mrs. Ellie Russell


Happy Advent!  Your child should be coming home every day and asking you what Good Deeds that they can do to help you.  Perhaps you would like to “put up your feet” and let your child do the dishes, fold the laundry or sweep the floor.  At the very least, they should be making their bed and cleaning their room.  Maybe they can read to a sibling.  They should have lots of ideas.

We had a wonderful day celebrating the Feast of St. Nicholas on December 6th which included a visit from St. Nicholas himself.  The Grinch ballet will be a treat for Friday.   This newsletter will cover the curriculum for the next two weeks.  There will NOT be a Spelling Test the week of 12/16/18-12/20/18.

There will be a Christmas Party on Friday, December 20th.  Christine and Eli’s Moms are in charge of the party; please reach out to them if you would like to help. The children will wear their PAJAMAS at the Christmas Party; they may wear their PJs to school, but please make sure that they still wear their tennis shoes and socks (no slippers) for safety reasons.

On a final note, there will be plenty of practices for the Christmas Music Program and Strength and Movement over the next two weeks.  Please join us for both events.  My prayer for you is that you are blessed with the gift of Peace this Advent and Christmas season.


Advent-Good Deeds & Peace on Earth Project

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Christmas Religious Traditions


Christmas Spelling Words:

St. Nicholas, lights, Advent, peace,  carols, holiday, reindeer, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Nativity, Merry Christmas, hope, giving, joy

Spelling Test: Friday, December 13th

ENGLISH/WRITING:Proper Nouns/Common Nouns/Strong Verbs/Juicy Adjectives

Writing Christmas Stories

Writing Christmas Poetry: rhythm and rhyme

Sentence Fluency

Writing in Complete Sentences

Editing for CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation and Spelling)

READING:Story Predictions (look for a pattern)

Reading is Thinking: Questioning, Visualizing and Summarizing

Making Connections (text to text, text to self, text to world)

Christmas Stories & Poetry

Christmas Songs: a song is like a poem that is set to music.

Rhythms and Rhymes help us read!

Context Clues

Main Ideas and Details

SCIENCE:Smart Animals and how they communicate.


Surveys, Data and Graphs

SOCIAL STUDIES:Christmas Traditions around the World

Data and Graphs (Explorer Teams and Their Discoveries)

MATH:Place Value

Adding & Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers with Regrouping or Borrowing

Estimating and Rounding

Problem Solving

Data and Graphs (integrated with Science and Social Studies)

Predict (look for a pattern)

HOMEWORK:Study Spelling Words

Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in their backpacks).  Please record the minutes.

Read Together and discuss books!  Record on Weekly Reading Logs and turn in on Tuesday.

 Reminders & Important Dates:


Mon., Dec. 9th: Early Dismissal 2:00 PM

Mass Uniform: Mon. 12/9 and Wed., 12/11 &12/18

Thurs., Dec. 12th, 6:30 PM: Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass & Celebration: PLEASE JOIN US-Some 2nd Graders will be dancing.

Fri., Dec. 13th: Grinch Ballet Koger Trip

Mon., Dec. 16th, 1:00: Strength and Movement Presentation- Neglia Hall-PLEASE JOIN US!

Thurs., Dec. 18th: Christmas Music Program: Students report to Neglia Hall at 6:30; Program begins at 7:00 PM

Christmas Break: Begins at 11:30 AM on Fri., Dec. 20th-ends Jan. 2nd



First Week of Advent

Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Christmas Traditions


Contractions: I’m, don’t, isn’t, can’t, we’ll, it’s, I’ve, didn’t, you’re, that’s, wasn’t, you’ve, us, them

Bonus Words: Advent, holiday


Writing Christmas Stories

Sentence Fluency

Writing Christmas Poetry: Writing with rhythm and rhyme

CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation and Spelling)

Writing complete sentences with exact nouns, spicy adjectives and strong verbs.


Story Predictions

Christmas Stories & Poetry

Christmas Songs: a song is like a poem that is set to music.

Rhythms and Rhymes help us to read!

Twelve Days of Christmas



Measurement & Graphing



Christmas Traditions around the World

12 Days of Christmas

St. Nicholas Feast Day: Dec. 6th

Using Tables and Graphs to record research


Place Value, Comparing Numbers

Measurement & Money

Understanding Data: Circle Graphs, Line Plot, Venn Diagrams, Problem Solving


Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in their backpacks).  Please record the minutes.

Read Together and discuss books!  Record on Weekly Reading Logs and turn in on Tuesday.

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Picture Money or Pictures Due.  If you paid online, please send in the envelope indicating this.

Permission Slip with a $10 student cost is due for the Koger Center for Friday, December 13th:  Ballet Performance of Grinch:  8:10-11:30 AM

Progress Reports are sent home in the Tuesday folders.  Please sign and return.  Thank you!

Wednesday Mass Uniform

Thursday PE Uniform: Arrive by 7:50!

Monday, Dec. 9th:  Special School Mass for “The Feast of the Immaculate Conception”

Monday, December 9th:  2:00 Early Dismissal

Monday, December 16th: 1:00 Strength and Movement Presentation-Neglia Hall; Please join!

Thursday, December 19th: 7 PM Christmas Music Program in the Basilica. Students report to Neglia Hall at 6:30 PM. Please return the permission slip that you will find in the Tuesday folder.

Friday, December 20th 11:30 Dismissal  NO ASP

Christmas Break until Monday, Jan. 6th (Feast of the Epiphany)


Thank you to Ms. Rhett for a wonderful Science Lab on “oobleck: a Non-Newtonian substance which acts as both a liquid and a solid.”  Please remember the Thanksgiving project is to allow your child to participate in cooking especially through measuring ingredients.



Gratitude Grows Attitude

Virtue and Saints

Fruits of the Spirit in the Bible

Parts of Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation


Ordinal Numbers:

first, second, third,  fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth

Bonus Words: Thanksgiving, gratitude


Sentence Fluency: Transitional Words; Time Order

CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation and Spelling)

Journal Entries with Topic and Concluding Sentences

Friendly Letters


Action Verbs and Exact Nouns

Adding es to certain verbs


Story Predictions

Fable Stories

Reading is Thinking: Comprehension. Question, Predict, Connect, Visualize, Summarize

Chunking words into syllables

Finding Imagery in Text


Science Lab with Ms. Rhett

Matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas

Rock Center

Predictions/ Hypothesis

Harvesting Food


Folk/ Oral Traditions as found in poetry and song.

Thanksgiving Traditions and History

Virtual Tour of Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA

First Thanksgiving


Ordinal Numbers


Telling Time, Money, Measurement

Looking for a Pattern to Predict


Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in their backpacks).  RECORD minutes.

Read Together and discuss books!  Record on Weekly Reading Logs

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Picture Money or Pictures Due.  If you paid online, please send in the envelope indicating this.  Please send back the pictures if you don’t plan to purchase.

Wednesday Mass Uniform

Thursday PE Uniform: Arrive by 7:50!

Warm clothes please for recess!


THANK YOU to Ms. Rhett for a wonderful Butterfly Science Lab.  We look forward to this week’s Science Lab on Matter.  The students thoroughly enjoy this hands-on approach to learning!


Parts of Mass

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Prayers of Thanksgiving



Base Words with Endings: -ed and -ing

Basic Words: liked, using, riding, chased, spilled, making, closed, hoping, baked, hiding, standing, asked, mixed, sleeping

Bonus Words:  watches, fixes

Spelling Test on Friday, 11/15/19



Newspaper Articles

Agreement: adding -s and -es to verbs; past tense verbs with -ed


Proofreading: CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation, Spelling)

Elaboration in Writing using Exact Words


Reading Comprehension Exercises/Discussions:

“Reading is Thinking: Question, Predict, Connect, Visualize, Summarize”

Thanksgiving Stories

CV Syllable Pattern

Fables: How Chipmunk Got His Stripes?



Matter: Gas, Liquid, Solid

Data and Graphs: Tables, Pictographs, Bar Graphs (Integrated with Math)

Ms. Rhett: Science Lab on Friday.


Veteran’s Day Parade/ Veteran’s Day Activities

Thanksgiving Traditions

Research recorded in Tables (Integrated with Math)


Telling Time, Temperature, Money


Counting on Patterns (connection to multiplication)

Geometry: Symmetry

Problem Solving with Logical Reasoning and Number Sentences

Data and Graphs, Tables, Pictographs, Bar Graphs (Integrated with Science and Social Studies)


Practice Telling Time!

Math Fact Flashcards (record on Math log- flashcards are in their backpacks).

Read Together and discuss books: record in the Weekly Reading Log!

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Monday, 11/11:  Veterans Day Parade: 10:40-12:30

Monday, 11/12: Early 2:00 Dismissal; Faculty Meeting

Wednesday Mass Uniform

Thursday PE Uniform: Arrive by 7:55!

Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, Nov.27th-Friday, Nov. 29th



Great Job on Saint Reports and Costumes.  Check out our St. Peter’s Facebook Page for photos.

Saints, continued

The Parts of the Mass

Jesus calls us to serve and do His Work


(Consonant Diagraphs: th, sh, wh, ch, tch)

Basic Words: dish, than, chest, such, thin, push, shine, chase, white, while, these, flash, which, then

Bonus Wordswould, should

Spelling Test on Friday


Setting a purpose for writing

Focus Trait of Writing: Organization: Beginning Middle and End

Main Idea/Topic Sentence

Action Verbs

Proofreading: CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation, Spelling)

Writing Descriptive Paragraph using Imagery and Onomatopoeia


Setting a purpose for Reading.

Reading like a detective: looking for clues to understand a story or a nonfiction story.

Informational Text: Integrated with Religion, Science and Social Studies

Text to Text Comparisons

Going back into the text for vocabulary and comprehension.

Using strategies for word attack.  What do I do when I come to a word that I don’t know?


Thermometer in Fahrenheit Degrees

Leaves change colors; What do we observe?

Butterfly Life Cycle

Ugly Vegetables

Push and pull

SOCIAL STUDIES:Family Traditions and Customs

How do we honor veterans?

Thanksgiving Traditions


Creating Fact Family Stories using more, all together and some, some went away

Time:  to 5 minutes.

Money: Counting Change

Counting by 3’s, 4’s and 5’s (thinking about multiplication)

Odd numbers and even numbers


Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in their backpacks):  Fill out Math Flashcard Log.

Read Together and discuss books! Fill out Weekly Reading Lo

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Please send in earbuds and a water bottle

Wednesday Mass Uniform

Thursday PE Uniform: Arrive by 7:50!

Monday, 11/12:  Veterans Day Parade: 10:15-12:30

Monday, 11/12: Early 2:00 Dismissal; Faculty Meeting

Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, Nov.27th-Return Monday, December 2nd



All Saints Day Mass: Thursday, Nov. 1st is a Holy Day of Obligation.  Please bring your child to Mass. Come see your child in the All Saint’s Day Processional at the 8:30 Mass on Wednesday, October 30th.  Your child should come to school dressed in his/her costume over their uniform (Mass uniforms are not necessary since they will be wearing their costume.

SPELLING LIST: (Double Consonants and ck)

Spelling Test on Thursday this week due to Parent/Teacher Conferences on Friday.

Basic Words: dress, spell, class, full, add, neck, stuck, kick, rock, black, trick, doll, will, off

Bonus Words: Halloween, Saint 


Writing Halloween Stories with Story Plot (see Reading).

Writing Math Family Word Problems showing “some, some more, all together, some, some went away, how many are left? using Halloween words and themes.  Integrate Math with writing stories, songs and poems


Halloween Books and Stories!

Elements of a Story Plot: Setting (including time. weather, and mood), Character,  Details (Events), Problems, Solutions, Dialogue

Halloween Poetry

SCIENCE:Butterflies, Animal Habitats


SOCIAL STUDIES:Being part of a faith community.  Where did the tradition of Halloween come from?
MATH:Writing Math Word Problems

Missing Addends

Math Family Facts

HOMEWORK:Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in backpacks).  Record minutes on the Math Log.

Please practice telling time at home.

Read Together and discuss books!  Write down the minutes on the Weekly Reading Log.

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Monday, October 28th:  Present Saint Projects at Morning Prayer

Wednesday 10/31 Mass: Wear Saint Costumes

Thursday 11/1st: PE today.  Be at school by 7:50

Friday 11/1st: Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)  Make sure to sign up in the office for your conference!

Monday, 11/11:  Veterans Day Parade: 10:40-1:00



Living Rosary Monday

Saint Report forms came home two weeks ago in the Tuesday folder.  Your child brought home some information about their Saint in their take home folder last Friday.  Please help your child to research their Saint, write their report in their own words and come up with a costume for the All Saint’s Day Procession on Wednesday, Oct. 30th.

SAINT REPORTS ARE DUE ON OCTOBER  24th in their own words.


Number Words

Basic Words: zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twenty, hundred

Bonus Words:  twelve, thirteen

Spelling Test on Friday, October 25th.


Dialogue and Setting: Act out in Puppet Shows.  How do you begin/hook into a story?

Organization: Time Order Words-first, then, last, soon, next, tomorrow, later, last night, today

Nouns: Singular and Plural


Common Final Blends: nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp

Comprehension Strategy: Context Clues,

Stop and Retell, Main Idea


Thank you to Eli’s Mom for a wonderful Science Lab on Animal Habitats/ Butterflies

Rock Study



Continents and Oceans



Time, Fact Families, Word Problems, Math Vocabulary and Number Words


Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in front pocket of backpacks).

Read Together and discuss books!  Record on their Weekly Reading Log-due Tuesdays.

 Reminders & Important Dates:

  • Please send in candy for the Halloween Party.

Monday 10/21: Living Rosary 8:30 AM

Wednesday 10/23:  Sacrament of Reconciliation Meeting: 3:30 or 6:15

Wednesday 10/23: Mass, 8:30 am (Mass uniforms)

Thursday 10/24: PE uniforms and tennis shoes.  SAINT REPORTS DUE

Friday 10/25th: Halloween Party 5:30-7:30

Wednesday 10/30: All Saint’s Day Procession: Wear Saint Costumes to school.  Bring Uniform to change after Mass.

Friday 11/1st: Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)  Report Cards will be handed out at the conference.  Please sign up in the front office.  ALL SAINTS DAY: Holy Day of Obligation.  You are invited to St. Peter’s for Mass.



MASS Responses


Mary and the Rosary:             Joyful Mysteries

Praise Songs with motions

SPELLING LIST: (Consonant Blends with r, l, s)

Basic Words: spin, clap, grade, swim, place

last, test, skin, drag, glide, just, stage, slip, drive

Bonus Words: December, Saint

SPELLING TEST THURSDAY this week due to Grandparent’s Day!


Organization and Sentence Fluency

Kinds of Nouns, Singular and Plural Nouns

Conventions: Proofreading for CAPS: Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation & Spelling

Four types of Sentences: Statement, Command, Exclamatory and Question


Consonant Blends

Main Ideas, Context Clues

Time Order Words


Animal Habitats


Community and Service


Fact Families, Relationship between Addition and Subtraction, Commutative Property, Parts and Whole, Missing Addends,

Word Problems



Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in the front pocket of the backpacks).  Record on Math Facts Log

Read Together and discuss books: Record on Weekly Reading Log: 100 minutes or more.  Turn in on TUESDAY!

 Reminders & Important Dates:


Monday 10/7: Early Dismissal 2:00 and Birthright Items Due &            POLIO PURPLE PINKIE FUNDRAISER

Wednesday 10/9: Mass: 8:30 am (Mass uniforms); PICTURE DAY

Thursday 10/10: PE: uniform and tennis shoes


Mon. & Tues. 10/14 &10/15:  NO SCHOOL:  Teacher Inservice

Hannah House Collections: Oct. 8th-Nov. 10th

If your child will be receiving First Holy Communion this year please contact donna@visitstpeters.org with questions or to sign up your child.