Technology: October

K4: Mouse control, right-clicking, double-clicking

K5: Computer parts, double-clicking, mouse accuracy/precision, Halloween activities

First Grade: Keyboarding introduction, mouse accuracy, Microsoft Word

Second Grade: Microsoft Word, keyboarding, making shapes with Microsoft

Third Grade: Tech Titans Review/Game, graphic organizers (Fruit of the Spirit), .org vs. .com

Fourth Grade: Tech Titans Review/Game, graphic organizers (Fruit of the Spirit), .org vs. .com

Fifth/Sixth Grade: Tech Titans Review/Game, Microsoft Publisher, Operating Systems

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Technology September

K4: Desktop/Mouse Introduction, Mouse Control, Drag and Drop Skills

K5: Drag and Drop Skills, Right/Left Click, Mouse Speed

First Grade: Mouse Accuracy, Computer Parts Review, Home Row Keys

Second Grade: Mouse Accuracy, Computer Parts Review, Search Engines

Third Grade: Hardware vs. Software, What is WiFi?, Keyboarding Practice

Fourth Grade: Hardware vs. Software, What is WiFi?, Internet Browsers

Fifth/Sixth Grades: Hardware vs. Software, What is WiFi?, Operating Systems, Difference Between .org and .com

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Tech Titans (for grades 3, 4, 5, and 6): Tim Cook, Hedy Lamarr, Marissa Mayer, Alan Turing, and Linus Torvalds

Technology: April

First Grade: Kodable Logins/Accounts, Tynker

Second Grade: Kodable Logins/Accounts, Formatting in Microsoft Word

Third Grade: Kodable Logins/Accounts, Multiplication Resources

Fourth Grade: Monty Hall Dilemma, Microsoft Publisher

Fifth Grade: Microsoft Publisher, Graphics

Sixth Grade: Scratch Project, Graphics


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Technology: February

St. Peter’s Technology Class Blog:

First Grade: Sight Word Recognition Activities, Typing Valentines Letters, Tangrams

Second Grade: Learning Coins Activities, Computer Vocabulary, Robot Islands

Third Grade: Google Earth, States of Matter, Typing Rocket

Fourth Grade: Excel Pixel Art, Letter Creator

Fifth Grade: Google Sheets Pixel Art, Ghost Typing, Hydro Logic

Sixth Grade: Google Sheets Pixel Art, Input vs. Output Devices, Storage vs. Processing in Computers

Technology: January

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First Grade: Dragging/Dropping Review, Story Maker, Google Earth

Second Grade: Microsoft PowerPoint: Clip Art, Text Box, Animation

Third Grade: The Technology in a GPS, Satellites

Fourth Grade: Typing Test #3, How Technology is used in Meteorology

Fifth Grade: Isaac Newton Interactive Activity, How Technology is used in Meteorology, Weather Project

Sixth Grade: Typing Test #3, Weather Project, Graphic Organizers using Google Classroom

We are excited to have a new HP Sprout computer in the library this month! Here is a description of the computer from the HP Website: “Spark creativity and heighten hands-on experiences with an immersive learning station that integrates a PC, dual multi-touch work areas and 2D and 3D scanning. It enables students and educators to reimagine collaboration, communication and learning.”

Technology: November

On our St. Peter’s Technology blog, you can find details about our lessons and direct links to the websites we use in class: Tech Blog

First Grade: These students are working to combine their computer skills such as typing, mouse control, and website navigation. In November, they will be writing their own stories using a beginning, middle, and end. We will also complete a Thanksgiving Project using a search engine. Half of this project will be done in Library, and the other half will be done during Technology. Each student will search for details (housing, food, etc.) about a different tribe.

Second Grade: The second grade is getting better at their mouse control skills each week. In the beginning of class, we do a short activity that practices their double clicking, dragging and dropping, highlighting text, and right-clicking. Students are encouraged to practice these skills at home if possible. This past week, students were introduced to “Chrome Music Lab”. This tool is created by Google, and must be used with the Google Chrome web browser. In using this website, students are able to create their own rhythms, melodies, and even use voice control. While using this musical tool, students are also practicing double-clicking, dragging and dropping, and the aforementioned mouse skills that we are working on.

Third Grade: This group is learning how to use the computer to help them with other subjects. For example, as they begin studying multiplication, I showed them a few online tools that will help them review their multiplication facts. All of these links can be found on our class blog, and the students know where to find them. Several of these links can also be used to review addition and subtraction as well. In addition, each week we are typing a different list using new bullet points in Microsoft Word. They know that this would be a good way to type their spelling words at home for practice. Today, the each typed a bulleted list of ten things they are thankful for.

Fourth Grade: The fourth graders are very focused on improving their keyboarding skills. We begin each class with a three-minute activity: I choose one letter, and they type as many words beginning with that letter that they can. They are improving each week! It is important for them to remember to use their “Home Row Keys” while practicing keyboarding at home, so they can develop a muscle memory while keyboarding. We have also been learning about the different Microsoft Office programs: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher. Last week, they worked in groups to create a graphic organizer in Publisher. They did a great job!

Fifth Grade: These students are very excited to be using their individual Google Accounts in Google Classroom. I am so impressed by how quickly they caught on to the process and navigation through the Google Classroom. Since we have been using Google Classroom, our class activities have become much more collaborative and efficient. Students are able to submit their work directly to me on Google Classroom, which saves time. They are also able to view documents that I post, edit them, and submit them to me. It has been a great tool during class!

Sixth Grade: Using Google Classroom, the sixth grade class projects are able to be completed in one class period. We have been able to get so much done in such a short time. On All Saints Day, each sixth grader chose a saint and completed one slide about their chosen saint. They were all working in the same “Slides” presentation on Google, so we were able to quickly combine the slides and create one presentation. This group loves to see how their individual work can combine with their classmates’ work to create a collaborative project. Yesterday, they began their Resume Project. Each student is writing a resume for a job they hope to have, pretending they are 10 years in the future. I am really impressed with their work thus far!




Technology: October

St. Peter’s Technology Class Blog:

First Grade: We are working on becoming comfortable with mouse skills. These are the specific skills we are focusing on: mouse control, left clicking, right clicking, double clicking, scrolling, dragging and dropping, and text selection/highlighting words. Here is a helpful link for practice:

Second Grade: We have finished with our mouse skills and have started our introduction to typing. Students are becoming familiar with the keyboard, learning when to use Caps Lock/Shift, Num Lock, and certain character keys (period, exclamation mark, question mark, and comma).

Third Grade: Students are becoming comfortable using the “Home Row Keys” for keyboarding. Typing practice at home is encouraged, and there are many useful typing links on the Technology blog that would be great practice. The link to the Technology blog is at the top of this post.

Fourth Grade: Fourth graders are using “Home Row Keys” to improve their WPM (words per minute). Students will be taking a one-minute Typing Test monthly to gauge their keyboarding progress throughout the year. The first Typing Test will be Tuesday, October 10th.

Fifth Grade: We are working on the basics in Microsoft Excel. Students have learned how to enter data in a organized table, how to resize and insert new columns and rows, and how to sort lists of data. We are now working on the following formulas to answer questions about a group of data: sum formula, multiplication of two cells, and count formula.

Sixth Grade: The sixth graders have been working in Microsoft Excel. They collected numerical data about their classmates, and used that information to practice the following formulas: sum, count, min, max, and average. This group is so excited when they complete a formula, apply it to an entire column of data, and see their results appear!

Coding Club: The October Coding Club dates are October 5, 12, 19, and 26. Coding Club will meet each Thursday in the computer lab from 3:45 until 4:30. The topics this month are algorithms, loops, conditionals, and functions.

Technology: August/September


Computer Lab Schedule 2017-2018
Tuesday Second Grade 8:15 until 9:45
First Grade 9:55 until 11:25
Fourth Grade 1:15 until 2:45
Wednesday Sixth Grade 1:15 until 2:45
Thursday Third Grade 10:00 until 11:30
Fifth Grade 1:50 until 3:05

Technology classes are off to a great start this year! Our first classes in August focused on computer lab rules and procedures. We discussed the proper way to use the computers in the lab. The older students learned the importance of internet safety and privacy. Each student completed a PowerPoint project using Animation and special effects. In September, we will learn about the many different ways we can use Microsoft Word. The chart below highlights which skills your child will be learning and responsible for knowing. In the second half of September, we will begin our “Careers in Tech” discussions. Each week, we will spend the first portion of class time to highlight a specific career in the field of technology. Some examples will include aerospace engineer, video game designer, graphic designer, and animator at Pixar. Please email me at if you have any questions! The link to our Technology class blog is



Technology: January

Our Technology class blog:

Here are the January topics for Technology classes:

First: Typing Basics, Fonts, and Printing

Second: Home Row Keys

Third: Formatting in Microsoft Word

Fourth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech

Fifth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech

Sixth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech

Each week, grades 4 through 6 will be learning about a different career path that involves technology. This week, we discussed what an aerospace engineer does and looked at some of the projects they might work on in their job. Also, students in grades 4 through 6 will be using to practice their keyboarding skills and they are encouraged to practice at home.

January’s Coding Club theme is Sports and we will meet on the following Thursdays: 1/12, 1/26, 2/2, and 2/9. **Please note that we will NOT meet on 1/19.