November 11th-15th

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our new week of school will begin with our celebrating veterans by attending the parade on Monday. Some of our classmates have parents in the military, so it will make the day an especially meaningful one. Also, there is early dismissal that day, so our classroom time is minimal.

However, Tuesday through Friday are normal days, so below please find my planned lessons for Tuesday through Friday.

Fifth Grade

Religion. We are continuing our work on the Eucharist. I did not get nearly as much covered as I wanted to this week, and I cannot discount the importance of this topic for our children. After all, it is the center of Christian life.

English. We are coming along nicely with adverbs. After our lesson on using troublesome adverbs correctly, we will be ready to review for an upcoming quiz that I would like to have the children take next week. I have not chosen an exact date, because I am uncertain how long we will be working on the above-mentioned lesson.

Reading. I am sooooooo looking forward to presenting the next story to your children. It is called “The Coming of the Long Knives.” It is a piece of historical fiction that depicts the trials of a Navaho village when white soldiers, the Long Knives command that they leave their home. This will piggy-back so well with the selection we read in our Storyworks about the mystery of Roanoke.

Social Studies. We are getting ready to begin the Civil War. I am creating a packet of materials that I hope will make their journey through the textbook pages a bit more palatable. Much information is presented in the book, so consolidating the material will help (I hope). We will begin our study by having the students become familiar with the issue of slavery and the major differences between the North and the South.

Sixth Grade

English. Our incorporation of sentence diagramming within our other lessons, is being so beneficial. Being that the students need to know parts of speech, sentence structure, and the relationship among words in a sentence, many of the arduous skills associated with the mechanics and grammar of English at this level, are being accomplished as they diagram and we review their work. I am happy when errors are made and they explain why they chose to put words where they did in the diagram. When their classmates offer differing thoughts, real learning is taking place. It is great!

Reading. On Tuesday, the students will present the ancient wonder of the world that they chose to research. This activity is meant to set the stage for a few stories we will be reading from the anthology of stories on ancient civilizations.

I know…I know…you are waiting for my ending quotation, right? In all seriousness, I enjoy leafing through my book of them and finding ones that I hope you will like. So, how about this very short, but quite poignant one…

“To be loved, be lovable”.

Wishing you much love in your lives,

Miss L. Boron