November 4th-8th

Happy November, Parents,

This is the month famous for turning clocks back one hour, colder temperatures, and consuming more calories than normal. It also means that we are entering a busy time in our school year, and the children are now in their second quarter of learning.

In the second quarter, our academics become less review and more new. With that said, please note the “new” skills that I have planned for this week.

Fifth Grade

Religion. In studying about the sacraments of initiation, we learned that the Eucharist is one of the three in that category. I will present the lessons attached to learning about the Eucharist’s importance as remembering that this sacrament is the center of Christian life. It is nourishment for our souls; this will often be repeated to my children as we do our lessons this week.

Reading. I will be spending this week doing reading activities that do not include their textbook or a novel. Instead, I have garnered some extra activities that are associated with the nonfiction piece we read in our Storyworks. Each activity focuses on the students using their higher order of thinking skills whereby they are finding examples of text structures and summarizing. Also, we are becoming more proficient in making inferences on what we read.

English. We are continuing our work on adverbs. I am dividing our unit into sections to make assessing easier for the children to prepare for, so if all goes as planned, we will be taking a test on these skills: recognizing adverbs, creating the degrees of comparison for adverbs, and using troublesome works accurately. I have the assessment planned for next week; a distinct date will be given to your child and placed in his/her agenda.

Social Studies. We will be concluding our work on the Industrial Revolution (hopefully) this week.

Spelling. Our test on Homphones, Part II, will be given on Friday. Please remember to have your child know the meanings of the words; that is what will be given on the day of their test.

Sixth Grade

Reading. Inference skills and cause and effect are receiving the majority of our class time together. I am so happy to see the results of this focus. In a reading response group the other day, your students were responding to questions written by their classmates. The caveat was that the questions had to be ones that caused each other to thing about the “whys” of events rather than the “what”. I told Mrs. Grant that I was so proud and impressed by their sharing.

English. Well…..I had planned a week of lessons on nouns, but lo and behold, as we were working on expanding sentences using adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs, I detected a lack of their knowledge about adverbs. Admittedly, we spent little time on that last year; it is now time to dig into those lessons more completely.

Well, parents, do not forget to turn your clocks back that one hour on Saturday when you are going to bed. Also, I would like to close with this quote that may come in handy as you continue to parent your wonderful children.

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” Samuel Johnson

Have a nice weekend, and until the next time, receive my warm regards…Miss L. Boron