November 5th – 9th

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A Note From Mrs. Phillips

Ahhh!  The weather is finally getting colder!  With the colder weather comes our winter uniforms.  This uniform change happens each November 1st.  The big changes are- no more shorts on anyone, on Thursdays for PE please wear blue sweatpants (no yoga or leggins for the girls), no leggins under any girls uniform please wear tights instead.  If you have any questions about the winter uniform, please see the handbook.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, the class will begin our Saint A to Z book!  We will spend the month of November learning about all different saints while we research them and create a class book that will be on display at the end of the month.

Reading: The class will continue reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” this week.  I have several class copies we can share, but if you would like to provide a copy for your child, that is more welcome.  Each student is busily working on comprehension as we go along in this story and I have seen great improvement in each students’ writing.

Language Arts:   The students will continue with proper nouns and begin plural nouns this week.  Our spelling test will be this Friday since we have a regular week and STAR homework will be due Friday.

Math:  We will finish rounding this week and test on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we begin MULTIPLICATION!!!  If you do not have a set of multiplication flash cards at home, I highly suggest purchasing a set for your child to practice with.

Science: In science the students will continue our weather unit.  We will look more closely at weather hazards and what measures the students feel we can take to minimize damage to our city when these weather hazards occur.

Social Studies:  The students will finish learning about the five South Carolina regions this week. The class is completing a study guide on these regions to be use for our eventual test.  The students will finish a class project based on these regions this week.



Monday, November 12th- Veteran’s Day Parade, 2:00 Dismissal

Tuesday, November 13th- PTO Meeting 5:30

November 21st – 23rd- Thanksgiving Break!