November in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

I hope this finds all of you enjoying the busy holiday season.  I think the holidays are always more special when children are around.  I hope you are enjoying these holidays with your children while they are young and things seem more magical!  We have been busy in the art room!


The K-4 artists used mod podge to attach colorful tissue squares to panels of foil.  After gluing some black lines onto them they really look like modern stained glass windows!  Great job K-4!  We also made keepsake Christmas ornament that will go home next week.  We will be starting our hanging bottle fish next!


The K-5 read the book “Giraffes Can’t Dance” in which we find our that giraffes are actually great dancers!  They then drew some crazy dancing giraffes and painted a nighttime background for them to dance in!  These just make me smile every time I see them!  Excellent work K-5!  We have started work on a Pablo Picasso painting based on his painting of hands holding flowers.

1st Grade

The first graders finished up their Native American babies in their papoose.  They covered their papooses with as many Native American symbols as they could squeeze on to them! They  loved this project and most of them really wanted to take them home so that they could take care of their babies!  So I let them, but a few were willing to let me keep theirs for the art show, thanks to those artists!  We are now working on a paper penguin project!  Last week we did a free paint and learned how painting can be a way to express how you feel.  They artists painted pictures to show how they were feeling that day!

2nd Grade

The second grade had a ball making their self portrait “Wanted Posters”.  We talked about different ways to draw a face and the proportions of the human face.  We then drew ourselves as “Criminals”, and came up with our “crimes”, such as “eating too much junk food” or “hugging her baby sister too much”.  When we were done coloring the posters, we painted them with tea to give them an aged look.  We are now working on the color wheel and mixing colors.

3rd Grade

The third grade finished our swing self portraits, with backgrounds of places that they wish they could ride a swing in.  We made them 3D by hanging little swings in the box and bending our portraits to sit on the swings!  So cute, good job 3rd grade.  We are finishing up our group sculpture project now and then we will work on some big-eyed animals!



4th Grade

The fourth grade learned about the Native American tradition of the dream catcher.  We also learned about patterns and Native American symbols.  We drew a dream catcher and included these patterns and symbols, then colored it with oil pastels.  Then we dripped watercolors over them.  These look really nice!  We are now getting started on our robot construction projects!

5th Grade

The fifth grade learned about the unusual portraits done by Vincent Van Gogh of chairs that represented his dear friend Paul Gauguin and himself.  These “chair portraits” contain a chair with items on it and in the room that tell us things about the individual it is a portrait of.  We them made 3D chair portraits of ourselves!  These are really interesting and the students did a great job.  Next up for the 5th grade is artist Georgia O’Keefe.

6th Grade

The sixth grade finished their Egyptian God/Goddess projects and they look fabulous!  They really worked hard on these and it paid off.  Next we will be learning about the notebooks and inventions of Leonardo DaVinci.We will be sketching their own inventions just like DaVinci.  Some of them even want to write backwards like he did!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!