November Newsletter

As the St. Peter’s Family prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving we reflect on the gifts we are thankful for in our lives. This year, I am thankful our Lord led me to St. Peter’s to join this blessed family. I have enjoyed this new season in life – meeting the children and families, visiting classrooms, and seeing first-hand what a friendly, supportive, and faith-based community we have at St. Peter’s Catholic School.

It is difficult to walk down our halls or around our campus and not feel the Holy Spirit in action. God has been on the move in our community ushering in a season of change with new leadershp, teachers, and our new and much-celebrated minor basilica designation by Rome.

As seasons change, there are constants at work that endure to assure St. Peter’s Catholic School remains an authentic and successful institution serving our Father in heaven. One of those constants, is you. Over the years you and our community of faithful have been generous supporters of our school, and we are beyond thankful for your contributions. For 166 years St. Peter’s Catholic School has been a part of the greater Columbia community, and our alumni, parishioners, and supporters are the reason we have persisted for so many years. We are all part of St. Peter’s history and we all continue to shape its future.

As we move forward serving the next generation of Catholics, we know we must uphold the qualities that make St. Peter’s exceptional and uniquely Catholic. We wish for our students to not only know their worth as a child of God, but to also be equipped with the life and academic skills. We focus on the skills necessary to become citizens of an ever-changing world needing strong leaders empowered to promote the common good with faith and reason. We are fortunate to have an incredibly strong and faithful foundation to build upon.

This Thanksgiving, I pray you and your loved ones are blessed with the gifts of love, hope, and faith.


Aubrey Herkert Wall