November Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sharing your time with us during the Parent/Teacher conference last Friday. We were happy to be able to meet all of you. Attending to children’s needs requires that we, as teachers, explore all areas of your child’s development. As we work to identify and improve these areas, we help to lay the foundation for their future success. That is why it is so important that Parents and Teachers work hand in hand to guide and nurture our students.

The first quarter went by so fast. The children will continue to work on their Fine Motor Skills. Gaining control of the hand muscles is a very important goal for the children. Children will continue practicing and improving their eye hand coordination, writing strokes and cutting skills. We will incorporate activities and projects that focus on the use of fine motor skills to strengthen the muscles in the children’s hands and fingers and to develop their coordination and general dexterity.

For the whole month of November we will explore God’s gift of the five senses. The children will be gaining a greater awareness and appreciation for their sense of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. The children will be able to express thankfulness to God for their senses through scripture, music, and prayer. We will also talk about Thanksgiving as a special celebration with family and friends.

In Language Literacy, children will now be learning about Rhyming Words. We will challenge them to identify words that Rhyme – Words that have the same ending sound. We will do this by using songs, nursery rhymes and poems, to help recognize rhyming words.

In Mathematics, children will continue learning about their numbers, colors, shapes, sizes and the concept of “more or less”. Play with your child by comparing groups of objects of no more than 8 to 10 objects/group and use quantitative vocabulary to describe them, such as, (Which has more or less?). We will also introduce classifying objects or pictures according to size and function or other conceptual categories.

Beginning November 5th, the K4’s are joining the Monday Morning Prayer at St. Peter’s Basilica. In the near future, our class will join the rest of the student body to attend the Wednesday morning Mass.

Please keep an appropriate change of clothes in your child’s backpack. With the change of weather, be sure that your child is dressed with a warm sweater or light jacket for outdoor activities.

I can See —- I can Touch —– I Can Hear —– I Can Smell —– I Can Taste

Letters – B b —– I i —— C c—— S s
Rhyming Words

Numbers —– 9 nine —– 10 ten —– Review numbers 1 thru 10
Review Primary Colors —– Secondary Colors —– brown —– black —– white
Size – Small, Medium and Large —– More and Less

Fall Season and Thanksgiving

Important Dates to Remember:

November 9 – Friday – Assistant Superintendent Visit (Dr. John Rayes)
November 12 – Monday – Early Dismissal 2:00 p.m.
November 13 – Tuesday – PTO Meeting 5:30 p.m.
November 21, 22 & 23 – Thanksgiving Break No School

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson