October 28-November 1, 2019

A Note from Mrs. Grant

This week we have Parent/Teacher conferences on Friday, November 1st. Please remember to go by the office this week and sign up for Parent/Teacher conferences. Report cards for the first quarter will be discussed at this time. I look forward to speaking with each of you.

Snack Shack is going very well! Please remember to check the list for your child’s week to be our Snack Shack managers. Our next Snack Shack manager is Mrs. Grant. I have chosen Camilla and Connor to work Snack Shack on Friday, November 8th. I will be bringing in extra snacks that week. Snack Shack will be on Friday, November 8th. Thank you for supporting the sixth grade in their business endeavor.   

Below is a list of the students who are on Honor Guard this week. If your student is participating, they must stay until the end. Please do not pick them up during car line unless I have been given a note. Thank you for your support!

This Week in Class

5th Grade

Math: We will be discussing division, word problems about equal groups, and solving for the fractional part of a group. Students will take the Saxon Benchmark test, which reviews lessons 1-20 on Tuesday, October 29th. Students can use the review games and math videos below to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

Math Practice Games

Science: We will discuss vascular and non-vascular plants and the process of photosynthesis. Then, we will begin discussing microorganisms.

6th Grade

Math: We will discuss how to solve word problems about equal groups with fractions, identifying divisibility of a number, and writing ratios and rates. The quiz will be given on Thursday, October 31st.  

Science: We will discuss the theory of continental drift, the supercontinent Pangea, and Volcanoes.

Social Studies: We will continue discussing the culture of Ancient Egypt. The Egypt test will be given on Thursday, October 31st.

Religion: We will discuss the story of Joseph and how he helps to save the ancient world from famine through his faith in God. The Joseph Quiz will be given on Tuesday, November 5th.

The Spelling and Vocabulary test will be given on Friday, November 8th. The words are listed in the document below.

Reminders & Important Dates

November 1, 2019    Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 11, 2019     11am Veteran’s Day Parade/ 2pm dismissal

November 27-29, 2019     Thanksgiving Break

Please share the videos below with your student.

Fifth Grade:

Sixth Grade: