October 28th-November 1st

Happy Friday, dear Parents,

Our children are all abuzz about the Halloween Party tonight. Remembering my love for “trick or treating” when I was a child makes their excitement a happy time for me, too.

As you know, next week is a four-day week for the students. On November 1st, All Saints Day, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held and first quarter report cards will be distributed.

I have lessons planned that I would like to share with you…

Fifth Grade Students.

Religion. We will be celebrate All Saints Day with lessons that help the students celebrate their lives with reading, writing, and creating holy cards.

Reading. Continuing our work with “The Mystery of Roanoke”, the class will do skill-building activities that will help them understand text structures and also, they will write summaries about different parts of the passage (each passage has a different subtitle). Summarizing can be a challenging skill; younger learners have a tendency to want to include many details. In summarizing, they have to choose those ideas that they think are most important.

English. In conjunction with our lessons this week on expanding our sentences with adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions, I determined that adverbs need some special attention. Therefore…yes, we will be learning about these words that describe verbs.

Spelling. A new list of words will be given on Monday. It is a new list of 20 homophones. Like the first test on homophones, your child needs to know the meaning of each word, along with its spelling.

Social Studies. We have begun the first Industrial Revolution class notes. Next week, a video about child labor during this time in our history, will add the realistic dimension that the students sometimes need as they study about these times.

Sixth Grade Students.

Reading. We will begin our week doing an exercise in cause and effect; this one-sided dialogue activity requiring the students to complete the other side of the conversation will also have them using the higher level thinking skill of making inferences.

English. Before we begin individual lessons on nouns, we are going to review these skills: sentence types (meaning simple, compound, or complex) and expanding our sentences with the use of colorful adjectives and adverbs, and prepositional phrases that act as either an adjective or adverb.

That concludes my sharing for today; I hope your weekend is pleasantly spent. I would like to share a beautiful quote with you written by Victor Hugo.

“What makes night within us may leave stars.”

wishing you stars in your nights,

Miss L. Boron