October 2nd – 6th

A Note From Mrs. Horabik

October is here! This week progress reports come home in Tuesday Folders. Please sign them and return. Grandparent’s day is October 6, 2017. Please remember if a Grandparent is taking a student home to send in a note signed by the parent.


This Week In Class

Reading: This week we will read Animals Building Homes. We will use context clues.


Spelling/Vocabulary: This week’s spelling words are next, end, camp, sank, sing, drink, hunt, stand, long, stamp, pond, and bring. The test will be on Friday. There will also be a bonus word. This word will not count against their grade but will help focus on what we have been working on throughout the week.


Social Studies: Students learn about Continents and bodies of water. We will locate and label Continents and bodies of water on a Map.


Science: Students will learn about landforms. What is the difference between a mountain and a hill?


Math: Students will work on subtraction related to addition. How can you check your answer?


Religion: This week we will talk about the praying the Rosary. Why is it important to pray the Rosary?



Reminders & Important Dates

Wednesday- Mass, 8:30 am (Mass uniforms)

Thursday- PE, uniforms and tennis shoes /Please bring a water bottle