October 30 – November 2

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A Note From Mrs. Roy

We had a busy last week of first quarter. The students did a great job staying on track and studying for the final tests. Please remember that we will not have school on Friday (November 3). That day is set for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Sign-up sheets are in the office…don’t forget to reserve your time. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone then!

In Class This Week

Grammar: We will wrap up our unit on sentences with subject-verb agreement. Once we’ve got this down, we will begin to review for our Unit 1 test, which will be at the beginning of next week.

Spelling: We will focus on words with the long o sound this week. The students now have 14 spelling words. The test will be on Thursday – lists of these words can be found in each student’s Reading folder or here.

Reading: Students will learn about author’s purpose and practice identifying the different reasons authors write in multiple passages. We will also focus on the main idea and supporting details, including how to pull the main idea and its supporting details from a passage.

Religion: This week, we will focus on The Divine Praises and what each verse of this prayer means. Students will complete an art project symbolizing each line. Also, to celebrate All Saints Day, we will enjoy a fun activity learning more about some of the favorite saints.

Science: We have started our unit on Static Electricity. After understanding the basics about an atom, we will focus more on some examples of static electricity and why this happens. Some of our examples will include rubbing a balloon on hair, sliding down a slide, and lightning.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: We will continue writing, but this week will be spent working on descriptive writing. There will be a focus on using strong, descriptive words. Students will select a favorite belonging and describe it without saying what it is.

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: The beginning of the week will be spent learning about The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The students will then be up for a big challenge on Tuesday – diagramming the first sentence of this story (over 50 words!). Make sure to ask your student why there are so many words in this one sentence. During the second half of the week, we will begin writing a How-To Article.

Important Dates & Reminders

Wednesday, November 1 – Mass (Dress Uniform)

Friday, November 3 – Parent/Teacher Conferences (No School for Students)