October and November in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Things have been really hopping in the art room at St. Peter’s!  I feel like I am wiping off tables and cleaning brushes more than usual around here!  I guess that means that there is a lot of art being produced by all of our amazing artists.  I regularly hang our students art in the hallway upstairs and in the front office and sometimes other places throughout the school.  If you have a chance, come in and see what they have been up to!


We started out October by mixing soft red and blue Crayola clay and magically making purple clay!  Wow!  We added some purple beads and feathers to make our very own purple clay  monsters!  Later we will learn about other primary color combinations and how they make other secondary colors.  And in keeping with the monster theme, we read the book “Go Away Big Green Monster” and made some paper big green monsters, that actually were not very mean at all.

Then we learned about the artist Pablo Picasso and how he sometimes made people with very funny faces!  We made some felt Picasso face puppets, practicing to make faces the way our friend Pablo did.

We made some beautiful tissue paper windows, just like the stained glass ones in St. Peter’s church.  These hung in the school entrance for a month and brightened our days every time we walked in the school!

We blew bubbles into some bubbly paint and make bubble prints, now this was fun, and more than a little messy too!  We then drew ourselves in the bathtub taking a bubble bath.

I had a big box of old CD’s so we used these along with some coffee filters to make some beautiful hanging fish.  These catch the light and are so beautiful.  We will be hanging these in the classroom to add some fun to our days.

In December we will learn about the beautiful art of Claude Monet and his water lily paintings, and then make some of our own of course.  We will also be making a special ornament to bring home for Christmas.




We worked for a long time making our self portrait sculptures of us being whisked away by balloons on a windy day.  These are just adorable and have been adorning the library shelves this month and getting rave reviews.  Great job K-5!

We learned about the difference between hot colors and cool colors, and then drew some “hot dogs” and “cool cats” using the appropriate temperature colors of paint for each animal.

We are just finishing up our “Little Town of Bethlehem” drawings using oil pastels with water colors over them.  I hope to be able to send these home before Christmas but I may keep a few of them here to use at the end of year art show.

In December we will begin to work on some standing paper snow globes, these involve glitter and therefore are automatically fun!  We may not be getting any real snow here in Columbia, but the art room will be covered in glittery snow!



1st Grade

We learned all about St. Peter, the name sake of our school.  We talked about his key to heaven and the idea of the pearly gates.  We then made a paper collage of St. Peter, including a real key in his hand, and drew some heavenly gates (covered in glitter) onto a painted cloud background.  Great job on these first grade.

To coordinate with what they will be learning in Science, we talked about how the earth rotates around the sun and the moon rotates around the earth.  Just for fun, and to further understand this idea, we painted a big sun, an earth and a small moon.  We then attached them with some sticks and brads so that they can actually rotate around each other!  Fun and learning together, it doesn’t get much better than that!

For the last several weeks we have been learning about Vincent Van G0gh, especially his sunflower paintings.  We are using tempera paint and a collage method to make big sunflower paintings like Vincent.  These are always beautiful and one of my favorite projects of the year.  We should have these done by next week.  Then we will start a project learning about lines and patterns.



2nd Grade

We spent many weeks working on a complicated but beautiful fossil project.  This involved cutting, bending and gluing small pieces of wire to make the shapes of ancient skeletal remains.  We then layered wrinkled tissue paper on them and aged them using chalk pastels.  This class rose to the challenge and made some gorgeous and convincing fossils.  Way to go!

Then we learned about primary, secondary and complimentary colors by making these fun and silly color birds.  We also practiced stamping by making the tree with bottle caps and pieces of cardboard as our stamps.

We are about to wrap up another long term project that we are very excited about.  The children are learning about three very different artists, creating small works like these artists and making a mini 3D art gallery!  I can’t wait to see these all done!



3rd Grade

We finished our water color, oil pastel and collage pieces of St. Brendan and the whale.  They enjoyed learning about the fun story of St. Brendan and did a fantastic job on these pieces.  They hung in the office until just this morning and looked so great up there.

Then we learned about how to use lines to communicate different emotions on drawings of faces.  This was lots of fun and got a little silly at times!

We are in the middle of working on a large project on the ancient Greeks.  I could do this one all year, but we’ll keep it to just another week or so.  They are looking great so far.



4th Grade

We learned about the life and art of Charles Schultz, creator of the Peanuts comic strip.  We talked about how art can tell stories, especially in the old time comic strips.  We then made a four panel comic strip illustrating a funny story.  This was a great chance for them to have a little fun and learn art at the same time.

We have been working on symmetrical mandala designs using recycled CD’s and larger round pieces of foam board.  We will be turning these beautiful mandalas into functioning clocks! The kids also helped me by making some old-timey paper snowflakes to make the art room into a winter wonderland.  Thank you fourth grade!

Next we will be learning about the art of Norman Rockwell.


5th Grade

The 5th grade missed a few art classes with the hurricanes and field trips, but we managed to get some work in too.  They made a wonderful sign and some Georgia O’Keefe inspired flowers to put on Mrs. Boron’s wall as a welcome back surprise.

We have been working on our Mexican sun and moon chalk pictures, practicing separating the warm and cool colors of chalk to use for the sun and moon parts of our picture.  These are looking really beautiful!  We are almost finished!

Next up will be learning how to draw with perspective!


6th Grade

The sixth grade learned about the beautiful artwork done in ancient manuscripts and bibles, particularly the illuminated letters found in many Celtic bibles.  We chose a letter from our names to illuminate and are just about finished with illustrating and putting a bit of gold leaf on these letters.  Good job 6th grade!

Next we will be learning about Medusa, and how to make tints and shades of colors.


Art Club

The October art club did a great job on their cat pictures and in November we made some adorable paper mache squirrels!  In December we will be making nativities!  Join us!