October in the Art Room

The first month of school flew by!  I can’t believe it’s October already!  Thank you to everyone that came to the September PTO meeting.  It was a pleasure to show you some of what I did on my summer trip to Poland and what I learned there.  It’s been amazing to share my Poland experience with the students and create some art based on Poland, the culture, the history and their traditions.

All grades have been working hard on the Christmas card art for our Christmas card fundraiser.  Every student participates in making the 5 pieces of art that will be printed into our set of Christmas cards for sale in the school office.  They are doing a great job on these pieces of art and we are nearly finished with them!


As I said above, the K-4 spent several weeks working on the Christmas card for their class and it is finished.  You will see your child’s handiwork in it!  We also learned about different kinds of art, that music is a kind of art also.  We made some fun maracas to shake and make music with, combining visual art with musical art!


The K-5 class learned about the white eagle symbol that is on the flag of Poland and the legend of why it is there.  We then made Polish shields with the white eagle on them.  We talked about how the eagle is an important symbol for Poland, and talked about what would be an important symbol for their family.  The students then made a shield for their family.

1st Grade

The first graders learned about Saint Kinga of Hungary and how she brought  prosperity to the country of Poland by discovering salt there.  The mine she discovered is now a wonderful museum and full of sculptures made of salt!  We made these dimensional pictures using Elmer’s Glue, salt and watercolor paint!  The first grade is now learning all about the art and life of Vincent Van Gogh.  We are learning about how he loved to paint sunflowers and we are making our own Van Gogh inspired sunflower paintings.

2nd Grade

The second grade class learned about the Polish tradition of Pisanka, or painted eggs.  We painted our own eggs after looking at some beautiful eggs that I brought back from Poland with me.  I think theirs are just as lovely!  We are now learning about the art of Alexander Calder, and how he was the first artist to make mobiles, or kinetic art.  We are making our own mobiles with cut paper, these designs in cut paper are also inspired by the paper artist Henri Matisse!

3rd Grade

The third grade was told the story of the great dragon that lived near the Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland.  We made these great dragon faces out of cut and folded papers.  We also gave them some texture and design with a black marker.  They’re ferocious!  We are now learning about the Chinese Ming Dynasty and the beautiful vases that they created.  We are painting our own Ming Vases full of flowers.  These will be just gorgeous!


4th Grade,

The fourth grade learned about the Basilica of St. Mary in the Old Town Square of Krakow, and the tradition of the trumpeter.  They drew some amazing versions of the Basilica, including many details.  I was really impressed with them!  You will see the color versions next month.

Next, we will be working on some fun self portraits.

5th Grade

The fifth graders learned about Krakow’s amazing Wawel Castle, and also learned how to use two point perspective to make something look dimensional.  They have done a great job on these castles and are finishing up painting them now.  Next we will be working on some Andy Warhol self portraits


6th Grade.

The 6th grade learned about the destruction of the city of Warsaw, Poland during World War II,  We rebuilt the city, just like the Polish people did.  But we did it with paper, chalk and black markers.  I think this is fantastic!  Next we will be learning about and drawing Egyptian Gods and Goddesses



Art Club

Art Clubbers had a great time making their Emoji pillows!  They were really great!  We also learned about the paper art of Henri Matisse and made name panels just like Matisse!