Lessons and Activities for Fifth and Sixth Grades Week of January 13th-January 17th

Dear Parents,

Our first week back after the long Christmas vacation has been going so nicely.  I enjoyed seeing the children, and I do believe that they grew taller during the two weeks away from school.

Because my planned lessons can be easily summarized, I will be able to put into practice one of my resolutions for the new year—brevity.  With that said, please note below the lessons that your child will be involved in.

Fifth Grade

Religion.  Before Advent began, we were studying the meaning and  importance of the Eucharist, the sacrament that is the heart of Christian worship.  Well, with our Advent and Epiphany activities completed,  we are returning to that now…the students will be working together on a study guide in class that will be used to prepare for an assessment that will be given on Thursday.

English.  Our week of lessons will be on the diagramming of sentences.  Diagramming, you may be saying?  Yes, this lost skill is actually one that helps the students to see that the subject and the predicate are the anchors of sentences; also, they enhance their ability to identify adjectives, adverbs, direct/indirect objects, and subject complements in relationship to the nouns and verbs.

Reading.  Having just begun Shiloh this week, (Yay!), we will be reading this award winning novel for the next number of weeks.  Vocabulary  development, comprehension activities, predicting, and class or small group discussion will enhance our learning.

Spelling.  The new word list that I intended to distribute this week will be given to the class on Monday.  The spelling skill presented is that of singular and plural possessives.

Social Studies.  Lesson three of the unit on the Civil War presents the conflicts and compromises that developed between the North and the South. 

Sixth Grade

Reading.  Like the fifth grade students, we began a novel study this week.  I chose another award-winning book, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  I am looking forward to sharing the pride, strength, and deep respect for humanity that this author presents among the pages.  I believe that this group of talented students will share interesting insights and responses to what they read, pensive thinkers that they are.

English.  Upon completion of our unit on Adverbs, we will begin the very important unit on capitalization and punctuation.  This unit encompasses those extremely important, yet sometimes tedious, rules of mechanics that are necessary to the functional and technical aspects of writing.

In conclusion, I think I need to say “whoops”…I did not achieve the brevity that I alluded to at the beginning of this newsletter.  However, I do hope you find the content of these paragraphs helpful to you.

Over Christmas vacation, in between the wonderfulness and splendor of the season, I had a couple of challenges presented to me.  While going through one of my favorite book of quotes, I found this African proverb’s words a helpful reminder.

     “However long the night…the dawn will break.”

Therefore, may I conclude by wishing you much sunshine,

Miss L. Boron

Test 123

January 6th-January 10th

Happy New Year Parents of the Second Grade Class,

How wonderful to have your children back.  Unfortunately, some illness has followed us to school.  Be mindful that a terrible stomach bug is going around.  

Yesterday, we studied the Feast of the Epiphany, Little Christmas.  As this is one of my favorite Holy Days, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  I hope that your students gave you the paper bag that included a guide to blessing your home, as well as a piece of blessed chalk.  Back in the day, when I was a child, the priest used to come to our house and bless it for our families with every new year. Now that the priests are so busy, we are encouraged to bless our own homes.  Please allow your child to teach you how to bless your home.  They practiced when we blessed our classroom.  They also learned how to sing a new Epiphany song by practicing their “listening skills”.  It was truly a blessed day!

As for instruction this week, we are packed full of it.  Although most is review, we are studying “Two Step Word Problems” in Math which are challenging.  Today, we had the third graders come into our classroom to help us learn this valuable concept which was such a wonderful way for “God to Show Up” in our classroom.

We are also reflecting on our goals for this new year.  We are celebrating where we GLOW and where we need to GROW.  I am so pleased with the Faith Community we have become by working on Virtues like Peacemakers.  

There will be NO SPELLING TEST this week.  Instead, we will have MAP Testing on Thursday and Friday.  If your child is sick, please have them stay home as Mrs. LaBelle will be able to make up their testing next week.

Over the next few weeks, I will also be administering F&P Reading Testing with each individual child.  This is the test which Mrs. LaBelle administered back in September when I was out.  

Tomorrow we will be praying the Rosary for World Peace.  Yesterday, we prayed for rain for Australia; how wonderful that our prayers were answered.  Please join us at home by continuing to pray for Peace and the safety of our troops.  We believe in miracles!

There will be NO TUESDAY FOLDERS today.  

Please have your child bring in their Weekly Reading Log tomorrow with whatever they did over the holidays (many of them did turn these in today).  I am giving extra credit for anyone who did complete these over the holidays as it was not a requirement.  I do need to change out the Math Facts Log for January.  It is so important that you continue to have your child work on their Math Facts with their Flashcards in their backpacks.  If you choose to have your child work on a Math App instead, please just record that on the page.  I am looking for 10 minutes or more of Math work a night.  

I truly appreciate all the help for our Christmas party.  Many hands made for light work.  Thank you to Christine’s Mom especially for making snow globes with the children.  Thank you also to Abby’s Mom for providing us with Chick-fil-a.  What a wonderful party!

Thank you so very much for your continued support. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for you as parents; I think we make a good team!  I pray for each of your families daily; please pray for me.

Peace be with each of you this new year,

Mrs. Ellie Russell

Weekly Newsletter- January 6-10, 2020

Great Things are Happening in First Grade!

Weekly Newsletter- January 6-10, 2020

See the source image

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, we are in the beginnings of the New Testament. In addition to discussing Advent as a season of waiting and rejoicing, we are discussing the Epiphany (Three Kings Day) and how the visit of the Magi is a story that lives on in our hearts today. We continue to reinforce the process of praying the Rosary. We utilize Jesus Calling each day to discuss scripture, and introduce a new Saint daily.

Reading:  In Reading we will be finishing up Volume 2 in our Journeys Reader and are discussing how poetry uses rhyme and systematic structure.  We are working on reviewing and understanding digraphs and this week we will be covering “Th”.

Language Arts: (Grammar and Writing):   This week in ELA we will be learning about the articles A, An, and The. We will be reviewing plural nouns as well as prepositions. In writing we are working on building complete sentences on our own, and will be utilizing more writing prompts to help initiate free choice writing more frequently. We are also practicing writing the letters S, T, and U.

Math:  This week in math we will be reviewing place value and number sense. Students are still working on recognizing greater and lesser numbers and identifying numbers in a sequence.

Science: This month in science we will be starting our unit on sound and vibration.

 Social Studies:  This month in social studies we will be studying economics and discussing wants and needs, spending and saving.   


–If you have not signed up for the Remind 101 app, please do so- I use this app weekly to communicate small bits of information to parents.

If you ARE interested in being a Mystery Reader in the months of January or February, please email me. I will let you know available dates with a response back so that we can put you into our Mystery Reader schedule! The kids LOVE this part of our Fridays, so please feel free to join us!

–Please check the comments section of blue folders for individual comments on your child’s weekly progress.

–Snacks and lunches are encouraged to have healthy options and items that have protein so that students may focus and power thru the remainder of the school day after lunch.


-Tuesday, January 7th– Reading MAP Assessment

-Wednesday, January 8th– Math MAP Assessment

-Monday, January 13th– 2:00 PM Dismissal

-Monday, January 20th–  No School

-Tuesday, January 21st– 2nd quarter Report Cards are sent home in the Tuesday Folder

-Sunday, January 26th  Catholic Schools Week celebration Mass at 9am in the Basilica

-Wednesday, January 29th-Catholic Schools Week awards ceremony after 8:30am Mass

K-5 Newsletter

Kindergarten 5 Newsletter

St. Peter’s Catholic School 

1035 Hampton Street Columbia, SC 29201 

(803) 252-8285 

Dear Parents, 

I hope everyone had a fantastic and peaceful winter break! I am so happy to have everyone back and finish out our second quarter of school. 

In ELA, we are nearing the end of our CVC sounds unit with a focus on the ending sounds. In Math, we will be learning about ordinal numbers and sequencing events in order. In Science, we are learning about living and non-living things. And in Social Studies, we are learning about matching descriptions of jobs to the correct career.

This week and next week, K-5 students will be taking their second round of Map testing for Reading and Math. On Tuesday, January 7th, they will using the time during technology to take the Reading Map test. On Tuesday, January 14th, they will be using the time during technology to take the Math Map test. As we discussed during conferences, these tests look over what they will be learning and have already learned throughout the year. This gives us the chance to see how much growth they have made and which specific areas may need extra attention. Ms. Priester, our technology teacher, and myself will be with the students during this time to help throughout the process of using the computers and tablets. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

Have a wonderful and blessed week, 

Miss Rovelli 

January 7 – 13, 2020

Sight Words:

Eat, Must, Play, Under, Please

Social Studies:

Community Helpers


Living and Non-Living 


Ordinal Numbers and Sequencing Events 

Language and Literacy:

Sight words, ending CVC sounds, and reading together

Important Dates to Remember: 

Monday, January 13th, @ 2:00 p.m. – Early Dismissal (ASP available)

Miss Rovelli

January 6-10, 2020

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A Note from Mrs. Ronald

Welcome back and Happy New Year! I sincerely hope that you all had a wonderful break and are ready to start back for an amazing second half of the year. I’m so excited to see everyone again! Fourth Grade has some big responsibilities coming up this semester. First,  Fourth Grade will start participating in Honor Guard this quarter! The schedule for this quarter will be sent home in this Tuesday’s folders. The schedule may also be downloaded from Mrs. Grant’s classroom webpage: https://stpeterscatholicschool.org/newsletter/sixth-grade/

 Also, all Catholic fourth graders will receive training from Father Linsky on how to be an altar server! With the advent of their training, fourth grade will also start leading the School Masses. All students will be eligible to read and participate in the Mass during this time. Please check here for the latest updates on our busy schedule!

Speaking of busy schedules, we have one this week! 4th Grade has MAP testing this Thursday starting at 8:30am, and we will also be testing on Friday starting at 9:30am. Please make sure that your child is well rested and has a good breakfast on these days so they will be ready to show their best work on these assessments!

This Week in Class


This week we will wrap up our study of Advent and Christmas seasons with a celebration of Epiphany. Students will discuss the significance of the arrival of the three kings and how this day continues to be celebrated around the world. We will also begin our new unit on the Beatitudes. Students will learn what each of these means and how we work to be stronger in faith using them.  


This week we will continue our study of the novel The Castle in the Attic. I have a class set of these books, so you do not need to buy your child a copy unless you would like to have one for use at home. Students will finish reading and responding to questions about chapters 3-4 in our text. We will also take a look at the armor of a knight and how it would protect the wearer. Students will also do some creative writing about life in medieval times.


As this is the last full week of the quarter, this week students must complete their final drafts of their Saint reports. I have been quite impressed with the research and in-depth information included by your children in their reports, and I am looking forward to reading the final copies of each. Students will be typing and formatting their final drafts this week. 


Due to the completion of our drafts, we will not begin our new Vocabulary Unit until Thursday of this week. As usual, we will begin with writing each word three times in cursive, and assigning the definitions and test dates for the vocabulary. The definitions will be due on Thursday, January 23, 2020, and we will also take our Spelling test that day. The vocabulary test will be taken on Friday, January 24, 2020. 


This week in math we will start by reviewing Lessons 25-30 in preparation for a Cumulative Test. There will also be a Power Up Test on subtraction for this unit. Students will bring home study guides to complete on Monday, review on Tuesday, and take the tests on Wednesday, January 8, 2020. If time allows, we will begin the next unit with fractions of dollars. Our Math MAP test is on Friday, January 10, 2020. 

For extra practice with place value, please check out the following links!



For extra practice with multiplication, please check out the following websites!




Social Studies

This week we will complete our studies of the early colonies in North America. Students will explore the makeup of these colonies, how they were governed, and compare each colony to ones previously studied. We will be ready to take the final test for this unit on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. 

To explore more about these colonies, take a look at the following links!




This week we will continue our study of magnets and magnetism by learning about magnetic fields and how they are formed. Students will take notes and draw diagrams for the magnetic fields of different types of magnets. The quiz for this unit will be on Friday, January 10, 2020.

For more information, please watch the following video:


 Important Dates

January 6, 2020 School resumes after Christmas Break

January 9, 2020 MAP Reading test for 5th and 6th grade

January 10, 2020 MAP Math test for 5th and 6th grade

January 13, 2020 2pm dismissal

January 20, 2020 No School

January 21, 2020 2nd quarter Report Cards are sent home in the Tuesday Folder

January 26, 2020 Catholic Schools Week celebration Mass at 9am in the Basilica

January 29, 2020 Catholic Schools Week awards ceremony after 8:30am Mass

January 6th – 10th

Image result for lego three wise men"

A Note From Mrs. Phillips

Welcome back!! I truly hope you all enjoyed your time with your family to celebrate this holiday season. Jesus was such a gift to us just as your children are to the world.

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, the class will discuss the Epiphany, which falls on Monday, January 6th. All day Monday, we will have lessons on this important feast day!

Reading: The students will focus on smaller short story comprehension skills this week and next as we prepare for both MAP testing (next week) and reading fluency and comprehension testing with F & P.

Language Arts: The class will continue nouns this week, specifically more irregular and possessive nouns. There will not be any spelling this week.

Math:  This week in math, we will begin multiplication! Yay! I recommend purchasing a set of flash cards to keep in backpacks and to study each night. The Dollar Tree has perfectly acceptable ones.

Science: We will continue our weather unit! We will continue to learn about weather hazards and how we can prevent damage from them.

Social Studies:  The class will continue our South Carolina regions this week! Each student will be creating a study guide for the regions as we go along.


Monday, January 6th- First day back!  Feast of the Epiphany

Monday, January 13th- 2:00 dismissal

Monday, January 20th- NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther Kind Day

Tuesday, January 21st- Report Cards Issued

Sunday, January 26th- Catholic Schools’ Week kicks off!  Mass at 9am- wear your uniforms!

Sunday, January 26th- Friday, January 31st- Catholic Schools’ Week!

Fifth Grade News for the week of December 16th-20th

Dear Parents,

…..and now the hustle-bustle begins…

Please note the extra activities that will occur this week.

l.  Monday, December 16th.  In the morning, the students will have a dress rehearsal for their performance in the afternoon.  Their presentation to parents and guests will be at 1:00.

2.  Thursday, December 17th.  The children will spend most of this day practicing for the Music Christmas Program.  The performance will be that same evening at 7:00 in the Basilica.

3.  Though not considered an extra activity, but an integral part of our school day on Wednesday, a reminder that our children’s school Mass will be at 8:30. 

Tuesday and Wednesday should be regular days in our classrooms.  So…below are a list of activities I hope to accomplish on those two days.

Fifth Grade Lessons

Religion.  We will be opening our week having a classroom prayer service that honors St. Joseph.  It is in the form of a script that was written by a retired teacher; it is so tender, and I chose it because Jesus’ foster father does not get enough attention, does he?  Also, we have been learning about The Jesse Tree in Religion class.  My students will do some research on the roles of four special people in Jesus’ life, and we will create our own version of a mini-Jesse Tree.

Reading.  Unfortunately, my class did not get a chance to do this week’s planned lessons on “Reading for Details”.  Therefore, on Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be doing that packet.  Also, I have a pre-reading activity set and ready to go for our January novel study of Shiloh.  Hopefully, we will get to that, too.

English.  By Tuesday, we should be finished with the first half of our unit on verbs.  If that ends up being so, the children will have an assessment on lessons 4.1-4.5 of that unit on Friday morning.  If we do not complete all the lessons sufficiently,  our evaluation will have to wait until we return from Christmas vacation.

Social Studies.  The children will have an assessment of Lessons One and Two from the unit on the Civil War.  They only need to study from their Civil War activity packet.  Everything that will be on the test is in their packet and has been reviewed many times.

Sixth Grade Lessons

Reading.  Both days will contain lessons on basic reading skills.  This week, some of the work done indicated a need to review using context clues to define unknown words.  Also, choosing details from an article that correctly answer questions is requiring additional work.  I have lessons planned for both.

English.  I had planned this lesson for today (Thursday), but we did not get to it.  So, next week we will differentiate between adverb clauses (which are actually dependent clauses in sentences) and adverb phrases (those simply describe verbs).

I love this quote from Mother Teresa about Christmas that I would like to share with you…

        At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart?  Mark

       the season of Advent by loving and serving others with God’s own love

       and concern.

May we all be spending these weeks making our hearts as warm as possible for the Divine Infant of Bethlehem…Miss L. Boron

Some News from the Fifth Grade For the week of January 6th-10th

Hello, Parents,

I decided to get this written before our Christmas holiday vacation so that I might feel ahead going into the new year.  I will make it a more abbreviated version this time.  Hmmm…I feel a New Year’s resolution on the horizon.

Fifth Grade.

Religion.  We will study about the Epiphany, or the Visitation of the Magi to the Divine Infant.

Reading.  With our novel study of Shiloh about to begin, we will do some prereading exercises our first week back.  Also, I will be using a book excerpt about The Underground Railroad that appears in our Social Studies book to have my students become book cover illustrators.

***One additional note about Reading…Our school is beginning our winter MAP testing; the Reading portion for 5th and 6th grade students will be on Tuesday, January 7th.

English.  We will be reviewing and concluding our initial work on verbs.  There will be an assessment given on Thursday (I believe).  It will test the students on Lessons 4.l-4.5.

Social Studies.  We begin Lesson Three of our Civil War unit.  In this chapter, the students learn about the three compromises that Congress passed to try and relieve tensions between the North and the South.  Also, we will examine the impact of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the anti-slavery movement.

***I have just concluded grading the test your children took on Lessons One and Two of the Civil War Unit.  Would you believe I had students that received grades of 110% and 115%.  There answers were so thorough that bonus points just had to be given.  Isn’t that wonderful?

Spelling.  Your children will receive a mini-packet of work that accompanies their new list of words.  The spelling skill will be on singular and plural possessives.

Sixth Grade

Reading.  As you know (because you have ordered a copy for your child’s use—and thank-you for that), we are beginning our novel study of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.  We have begun some preliminary work this week in class, and I hope that my students will find this award-winning book among their favorites.

English.  Like the 5th grade class, we will be preparing for an assessment on January 9th.  Your child has already indicated this in their agenda.  They know that it will be on Lessons 5.1-5.6 (varying lessons on adverbs, adverb clauses, and adverb phrases). 

Well…I am not altogether certain if this qualifies for a more condensed version of my former newsletters.  However, as the old saying goes “Practice Makes Perfect”.

Please receive my wishes for your Christmas to be one of blessings.  At the conclusion of our spelling test last Friday, I asked my children to write down one thing they would love to receive for Christmas.  Their answers were not the typical ones that I have heard in the past.  Among them were violin lessons, a book about cats, and how about this sweet one—“Time to be with my family.”  See, I told you I have a wonderful class…Anyway, again,

            May the Divine Infant of Bethlehem take birth in your hearts.

Fondly, Miss L. Boron

January 6-10, 2020

A Note from Mrs. Grant

I hope all families had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! It’s 2020! I am excited to be back and see all the wonderful students smiling faces once again.

This week we will have MAP testing on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday, we will have the Reading MAP test beginning at 8:30am. On Wednesday, we will have the Math MAP test beginning at 9:30am. Please make sure each student is well rested and has a good breakfast on that day so they will be ready to show us their best work!

Please remember to check the list for your child’s week to be our Snack Shack managers. Snack Shack is back for 2020! This week I am the manager so I will bring in the snacks and choose two students to sell them at lunch. Please remember to check the schedule I sent home in December. Thank you for your support!         

Below is a list of the students who are on Honor Guard this week. If your student is participating, they must stay until the end. Please do not pick them up during car line unless I have been given a note. Thank you for your support!

This Week in Class

5th Grade

Math: We will discuss division and word problems about comparing and elapsed time. The test will be given Friday, January 10th.  Students can use the review games and math videos below to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

Math Practice Games

Science: We will discuss food webs and food chains.   

6th Grade

Math: We will discuss multiplying decimal numbers and analyzing circle graphs. The test will be given Friday, January 10th.

Science: We will begin our animal research paper. Please look over the rubrics, directions, and due dates with your student. Time will be given to complete this in class. If the student needs extra time, they will be asked to finish for homework.    

Social Studies: We will be discussing the Silk Road. Then, we will review all about ancient China. The Ancient China test will be given on Thursday, January 9th.

Religion: We will discuss the importance of the Ten Commandments and how by following the Ten Commandments we show our love for God and each other.  

Spelling and Vocabulary: The words for our next unit are listed below. The test will be given on Friday, January 17th.

Reminders & Important Dates

January 6, 2020            School resumes after Christmas Break

January 7, 2020          MAP Reading test for 5th and 6th grade

January 8, 2020         MAP Math test for 5th and 6th grade

January 13, 2020        2pm dismissal

January 20, 2020       No School

January 21, 2020       2nd quarter Report Cards are sent home in the Tuesday Folder

January 26, 2020     Catholic Schools Week celebration Mass at 9am in the Basilica

January 29, 2020     Catholic Schools Week awards ceremony after 8:30am Mass

Please share the videos below with your student.

Fifth Grade: