June Newsletter

Friends and Family of St. Peter’s Catholic School,

As I write my final newsletter for the 2018-2019 academic school year, please join me in welcoming our newest member of the St. Peter’s Catholic School faculty:

Mrs. Anna Scott Seals, first grade

Mrs. Seals joins us with a B.S. in Elementary Education from Auburn University and most recently with experience working as a third-grade teacher in Brookhaven, GA.  She has taught first, second, and third grade and has experience in dual language, inclusive, and gifted and talented education. We cannot wait to kick off a new school year with her on our team!

God has blessed our school with many opportunities this year. As we continue to seek out God’s path for our lives, we recognize that there will be challenges. St. Peter’s Catholic School is a great place to learn and we will work diligently together to make it even better.  

I ask for your prayers that more families will make the commitment to Catholic education as you have and enroll their children in St. Peter’s Catholic School for the 2019-2020 academic year.

As always, I ask for your prayers to give me the guidance and wisdom needed to serve as principal of St. Peter’s Catholic School.

May God Bless you!

Mrs. Aubrey Wall

Week of June 3rd

A Word from Miss Boron

With the school year ended, it is time to wish all of you a happy summer that is filled with relaxation, fun activities, and lots of sunscreen!

I would like to share with you my summer reading assignment  and supply list. 

Classroom News

Dear first grade students and families,

Congratulations on completing first grade! It has been such a wonderful year working and learning with you. Thank you for your time, effort, and support in making this year successful; I feel so fortunately to have shared this academic school year with you. I hope you all have a wonderful summer with family and friends. Please continue to read, read, read!

All the best,


Summer 2019 Reading Assignment and Sixth Grade Supply List

Dear Parents,

Congratulations to your son or daughter for successfully completing 5th grade. I am certain that each of them will be successful next year as well.

The summer reading list is enclosed with your child’s report card. I have chosen four possible novels for the students. They are to choose two of them to read this summer. All students are required to read at least two novels this summer. Attached is a list of the novels from which they may make their selections. In addition to the choice of books, students have a choice of activities for follow up. They are listed with the summaries of each book. The completed project will be due by the end of the first FULL week of school. These activities will be graded and averaged into the first quarter reading grade. Please remember to remind your child to complete their summer reading neatly. They may use the computer to type up their project or write it with their best cursive handwriting. I look forward to seeing their project in August.

I have also posted this letter on my school blog for you to access all summer long if needed. Feel free to email me at rgrant@stpeterscatholicschool.org, if you have questions. I will be checking my email over the summer months from time to time. Have a great summer and happy reading!


Mrs. Grant

Summer Reading for Rising Sixth Graders

Read TWO of these books and do ONE of the listed activities for ONE book. Work is due the first full week of school.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

The story begins in Berlin 1942. When Bruno returns home from school one day, he discovers that his belongings are being packed in crates. His father has received a promotion and the family must move from their home to a new house far away, where there is no one to play with and nothing to do. A tall fence stretches alongside as far as the eye can see and cuts him off from the strange people he can see in the distance. But Bruno longs to be an explorer and decides he must explore his new home. While exploring, he meets another boy whose life and circumstances are very different than his own, and their meeting results in a friendship that has devastating consequences.

The Clone Codes by The McKissacks

In the year 2170 an underground abolitionist movement fights for the freedom of cyborgs and clones, who are treated no better than slaves. The Cyborg Wars are over and Earth has peacefully prospered for more than one hundred years. Yet sometimes history must repeat itself until humanity learns from its mistakes. Thirteen-year-old Leanna’s entire life is thrown into chaos when The World Federation of Nations discovers her mom is part of the radical Liberty Bell Movement.

Confetti Girl by Diana Lopez

Apolonia “Lina” Flores is a sock enthusiast, a volleyball player, a science lover, and a girl who’s just looking for answers. Even though her house is crammed full of books, she’s having trouble figuring out some very big questions, like why her dad seems to care about books more than her, why her best friend’s divorced mom is obsessed with making cascarones (hollowed eggshells filled with colorful confetti), and, most of all, why her mom died last year. Like colors in cascarones, Lina’s life is a rainbow of people, interests, and unexpected changes.

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

In the Pacific there is an island that looks like a big fish sunning itself in the sea. Around it, blue dolphins swim, otters play, and sea elephants and sea birds abound. Once, Indians also lived on the island. And when they left and sailed to the east, one young girl was left behind. This is the story of Karana, the Indian girl who lived alone for years on the Island of the Blue Dolphins. Year after year, she watched one season pass into another and waited for a ship to take her away. But while she waited, she kept herself alive by building shelter, making weapons, finding food, and fighting her enemies, the wild dogs. It is not only an unusual adventure of survival, but also a tale of natural beauty and personal discovery.

Projects (Chose ONE for ONE book you read)

  • Book Timeline: Use complete sentences and pictures to illustrate 10 important events from the novel. Each event should include a paragraph, with correct spelling and grammar, describing what happened and how it affected the characters in the story. Dates should be written, if known. Remember to include the title and author on the top of your timeline.
  • Book as a Movie Project: Write a 3-5 page script as if you were producing the movie for the book. Include all characters and who you would use to play each character. Use complete sentences and at least 15 important events from the book. Accompanying your script, you must have an illustrated (must be drawn and not a copy of the cover of the book) movie poster that promotes your movie.
  • Letter Exchange Project: Write a series letters between you and a character from the story, or between two characters of the story. You will need to write six letters altogether: three from you to the character in your book and three from the character back to you. Include a cover page with the title, author and an illustration. Each letter should be about a page long. In your letters, ask the character questions that have to do with the character’s life and the story. Have the character answer the questions in his or her letters back to you. Write about things that you find interesting, things that you and the character have in common, or events from the novel.
  • Graphic Novel Project: Write a graphic novel (comic strip style) of the book by using 10 important events. The front cover should include the title of the book, name of the author (your name), and a large picture of an important scene. The pages should tell the story in frames with pictures (which are drawn and colored), captions and thought and speech bubbles. Use correct spelling and grammar.

Student Supply List for Rising Sixth Graders 2019-2020

  • Loose leaf paper (on going necessity)
  • 1 ream of copy paper
  • 4 very large “stretchable” book covers
  • 6 spiral or composition notebooks for Math, Reading, Religion, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies
  • A 1-inch binder for Spanish
  • 1 pencil pouch (preferably the soft kind)
  • 1 foot-long ruler with inches on one side and centimeters on the other
  • #2 pencils (on going necessity)
  • eraser tops (on going necessity)
  • blue pens and red pens
  • 1 box of crayons or colored pencils (16 or 24)
  • 2 yellow highlighters (one for homeroom and one for your travel bag)
  • 2 boxes of tissues (we may need more depending on cold/flu season and allergies)
  • 1 Clorox or Lysol wet wipe dispenser
  • 1 pack of EXPO markers (these can be different colors)
  • 1 sturdy cloth bag to carry books in from class to class
  • 7 folders for Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading, Religion, and Guidance.

Please label all your child’s belongings

May 28-30

K5 Families,

This week we will celebrate an important milestone: Kindergarten Graduation! Your child has grown so much over the past few months, and we can’t thank you enough for letting us be a part of their learning experience.

Please look for the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Benchmark Test update in your child’s Tuesday folder. Please sign and return by Wednesday, May 29. 

On Friday, K5 celebrated the relationship of Q and U with a wedding ceremony. They had so much fun! I have attached the “vows” to the printed newsletter.

Also, at the end of the week I will be emailing a summer packet that can be downloaded and a list of recommended books. Please take the time to work with your child daily to avoid the summer slide.

Graduation Day Reminders:

  • Graduation is on Thursday, May 30 at 10:00am in Neglia Hall.
  • Children need to be at school at the regular time!
  • They need to wear their “Sunday Best” dress clothes:
    • Girls: a nice dress and shoes
    • Boys: khakis or a nice pair of slacks, a polo shirt or button down
  • Cake and refreshments will be served after the ceremony.
  • *All of your child’s items will be sent home with them on Wednesday.
  • Children will dismiss for summer break following graduation. 

Important Reminders:

  • Wednesday, May 29 — Last School Mass (Mass uniform)
  • Thursday, May 30 — K5 Graduation at 10:00am/Dismissal following
  • Friday, May 31 – Last Day of School for Gr. 1-6, 11:30 dismissal

Have a wonderful week! 

Your K5 Team: Mrs. Creech and Ms. Moore 

Classroom News May 20th- 24th

Please don’t forget about the Birthright Fundraiser.  St. Peter’s is collecting baby and maternity items to assist in Birthright’s Mission to support women and their new born babies. All items are due by Friday, May 24th  when the Director will be coming around the classrooms collecting items. Thank you for your assistance.

Students will be completing their final F&P testing for the school year!

Math: All year review (emphasis will be placed on coins and their values).

Reading/writing: Students will search for story details to answer questions about fiction and non fiction stories. Students will continue to work on writing neatly on lined paper.

Science: Students will be planting May flowers; we will review the needs of living things.

Social Studies: Students will discuss wants and needs in our lives.

Religion: Students will discuss the importance of celebrating Jesus (review the Last Supper).

5/20/19 – 5/24/19

Note from Mrs.Russell:

Please don’t forget about the Birthright Fundraiser. St. Peter’s is collecting baby and maternity items to assist in Birthright’s Mission to support women and their new born babies. We are collecting these items in our classroom. What a wonderful opportunity for your child to participate in a worthy service activity! Possibly, you could have your child do some chores around the house to earn money and assist in shopping for this project. All items are due by Friday, May 24th when the Director will be coming around the classrooms collecting items. Thank you for your assistance.

May Procession: May 20th: Please remember that if your child received their First Holy Communion, they may wear their special clothing to the May Procession. Please be prepared to change them out of their clothes following the procession. All children should bring a potted flowering plant. We will plant the flowers on the school grounds.

Please look for the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Benchmark Test update in your Tuesday folder and sign and return. You may keep the extra copy to inform you of your child’s Independent and Instructional Reading Levels.


Ascension Thursday, Pentecost Sunday (Holy Spirit), Parables

Mass Celebrated around the World

Honoring Mary and the Devotion of the Rosary: May Procession: Planting Flowers in Honor of Mary.

SPELLING: Since all of our Second Graders have worked so hard on Spelling this year, we are having a Second Grade Spelling Bee in our classroom. Please review the file folder of Spelling words sent home with your child last Tuesday. Also included was the Scripps National Spelling Bee list. You can easily Google this list, as well. I will be first testing on random words from this year’s tests, and then I will be giving the words in order from the Scripps Spelling Bee List. This will be an oral contest in the format of a Spelling Bee. In the Scripps List, the first 50 words are challenging 2nd Grade Words; the second 50 words are challenging 3rd Grade Words. This Spelling Bee will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd and then extend into Thursday, May 23rd if we need more time. This gives your child plenty of time to study. It should be a lot of fun!


In School Reading Projects: Ask your child about them.

Review of Phonics and Reading Comprehension


Writing with Exact Details and Evidence

Voice in Writing

Writing Similes

Writing interesting Narratives

Writing Conferences: Peer and teacher



Math Centers

All Year Math Review


Junior Achievement Class: Leadership and Goals: Final class this week!


Folktales and Traditional Literature


Planting the May Flowers

Individually Chosen Group Science Projects: Integrated with Reading


Go over Tuesday folder work with your child. Practice and Review the Spelling Words and Math that comes home.

Work on “Telling Time,” “Measuring” and “Using Money in Real Life Situations”

Read with your child daily and discuss books nightly! This really makes a difference!

Math Flashcards every night for
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division!

Reminders & Important Dates:

8:30 PM Wednesday Mass: Best Uniform

PEHP Thursday: PE Uniform

8:30 AM: Monday, May 20th: May Procession & Rosary

ALL DAY: Friday, May 24th: Field Day

May 20th – 24th

Image result for lego running

A Note From Mrs. Phillips

Monday we will have a beautiful ceremony honoring Mary. I encourage you to come if you can. The procession will begin at 8:30 at the school. Please send POTTED flowers with your child this year. We will plant them with our classes around the school yard in the afternoon.

Friday is FIELD DAY!!! Yay! I am excited for another fun filled day. It will be super hot, but I have taken this into consideration when planning the events and there will be plenty of water and cool pop breaks. Be sure to send extra quarters with our child so they can buy those cool pops! (Their first one is free.)

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, the class will continue learning about the month of Mary. We will focus on her life and what an amazing woman she was. What prayers and names do we call Mary? What songs have been written about her? We will recite and sing many of these on Monday at the Rosary.

Reading: The class will work on writing our very own poems! The class will learn about various poems such as limericks, a haiku, and diamante poems.

Language Arts:   The students will continue our grammar review with diagramming sentences. Each week we add something else to our diagramming. NO spelling this week!

Math:  We will begin fractions this week! The class will look at graphic representations on fractional parts.

Science: We will begin an extensive unit on living things.  This unit will continue throughout the rest of the year and we will look at life cycles, inherited and environmental traits, survival adaptations, habitats, and fossils.  We will look more closely at food chains and webs this week.

Social Studies:  The class will continue the colonization of South Carolina and look at our Hugenots, English Jews, Germans, and Scots-Irish settlers. Each student will fill out a study guide just like the explorers one.


Monday, May 20th- Rosary and May Procession- 8:30am

Friday, May 24th- Field Day!

Monday, May 27th- NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

Friday, May 31st- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Awards at 10:30am in the Basilica

Week of May 20th-May 25th

A Note From Miss Boron

I know, I know…I am repeating myself again, but I can hardly believe that I am writing to you about our second-to-last week of school. To say that our year has flown by would be an understatement. I can see the end-of-the-year anticipation in the students, which can make classroom work more challenging. However, I told the students that we are not done until our last day of school, so…yes, there are new lessons to be taught, and others to be concluded.

In the fifth grade class, we are focusing on ways we pray, styles of prayer that we use, and types of prayer. We started this lesson this week, but I took a few detours along the way, so we did not finish. Today, Friday, we practiced a type of meditative prayer to the Blessed Mother, and it was quite beautiful to see my students relaxed and spending time with Jesus in their heart rooms, meditating about His giving of His mother, Mary, to all of us.

We continue our reading of Bud, Not Buddy. I am happy that our recently read chapters see Buddy’s life traveling a happier road with Lefty Lewis and his family.

I did not want the end of the year to pass without our giving some attention to poetry, more particularly, sensory language in poetry. After spending some time identifying those senses that are touched by a poet’s words, we are going to use our creativity by writing and illustrating poems.

My sixth grade students are engaged in talking about solidarity in Religion class. Are we doing a good job of sharing the world(or planet) with others? The good God gave us dominion over the animal kingdom–are we using that control in a way pleasing to God? Closer to home, we are sharing our feelings and observations about how we treat others in our school community, our church community, and our neighborhoods.

We are nearing the conclusion of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Surprisingly, this book has evoked more smiles from these students than I anticipated. Being that it is an old, old classic, I must admit I was concerned about the reception that it may receive. However, it has been terrific.

Finally, we are doing a hodge-podge of things in English to get them prepared for moving on to other schools next year. There is a focus on some mechanics and grammar (and those are umbrellas for many skills), along with reviewing figurative language that makes writing more interesting and enjoyable.

Tonight is the family picnic and there are 500 hot dog buns in the office to prove it! I wish you a most wonderful weekend, and if you like hot weather, you are going to be very happy. Did I hear 90 degree temperatures? Yikes!

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

Week of May 20-24, 2019

A Note from Mrs. Grant

            I can’t believe this is our last full week of school?! This week we will have the May Crowning and Rosary on Monday at 8:30am in the church. Then, on Friday, we will have field day.

            We are done with Snack Shack. Thank you for all your support for Snack Shack this year! I know the students loved managing Snack Shack.

            Below is a list of the students who are on Honor Guard this week. If your student is participating, they must stay until the end. Please do not pick them up during car line unless I have been given a note. Thank you for your support!

This Week in Class

Fifth Grade:

Math: We will continue discussing metric and customary units of measure. We will also be reviewing all the skills we have learned this year. Students can use the review games and math videos below to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

Math Practice Games

Science: We will continue discussing the relationship between Earth, the moon, and the sun. Students can use the videos below to help them study.

Social Studies: We will continue talking about WWII and the leaders during that time.  

Sixth Grade:

Math: We will review equations and inequalities. The students will also be reviewing all the skills they have learned this year. Students can use the review games and math videos below to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

Math Practice Games

Science: We will continue discussing climate and the different biomes on Earth. Students can use the videos below to study.

Social Studies: We will be discussing the culture of Ancient Greece.       

Reminders & Important Dates

May 13          2pm dismissal

May 20           May Procession and Rosary at 8:30am in the church

May 22             School Mass (Mass Uniform)

May 24           Field Day

May 27           No School

May 29            6th grade Graduation at 8:30am

Please share the videos below with your student.

Sixth Grade:


Fifth Grade: