March 30-April 3, 2020

Dear Parents, 

Good evening! This week we will begin using Google Classroom. Please make sure to login using your child’s Google Account and sign into each class. If you have any questions, please let me know. I hope you and your families have a blessed week. 


Mrs. Grant

Fifth Grade Digital Learning Lessons Plans for March 30-April 3

Sixth Grade Digital Learning Lessons Plans for March 30-April 3

Work for Sixth Grade, April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents of Sixth Grade Students,

It was nice getting to speak with some of you yesterday, and to those who were not available when I called, I left you a voice message just to let you know that I am keeping you and your children close in thought.

The work that I am sending this week, the week before Easter vacation, is a combination of Reading and English skills.  All of the skills I chose correlate with two sixth grade standards:  Foundational Reading and Vocabulary Building.  

The first activity is related to Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry.  It can be completed with or without the text.  The characters in this novel are so well developed and vivid, thus this assignment.

Think of a favorite character in our novel.  Yes, there probably are many…I have shared my “faves” with you.  If there is a character that has earned the medal of being one your favorites, it may be because of very simple qualities.  For example:

l)  You can relate to what seems important to them.  Stacey demonstrates his protective care for his siblings; Big Ma is a source of strength to her family; Mama is a gentle teacher to her own children; Pa has a strong work ethic, showing the value of working hard to provide for his family.  What character could you imagine playing in a school play–which one could you easily place yourself in their shoes? 

In a well-written paragraph, share with me the character you feel the closest to.  Tell me why you can relate to that person by giving examples from chapters we read. 

In a second paragraph, choose an event from the story that you may have handled differently than your character did.  By the way, share how your character behaved in that situation, and then, how you would imagine you would have acted.

Vocabulary Building

Day One

l.  Using a dictionary.  Find five new words that you do not know the meaning of and think that your classmates might not know.  Follow these directions on notebook paper:

      a)  write the word, its pronunciation, and its meaning.

      b)  create YOUR OWN sentence for each word

2.  On five separate index cards (one word on each card), write the word on one side with its pronunciation.  Leave the definition off of the card; the back of your card will be blank.  It is like you are making flashcards.

Day Two.

l.  Using Exact Words.  Remember…these are words that help your reader visualize in a vivid way.  Replace each italicized word with a “fresher”, more interesting word choice. 

     a)  a pretty painting

      b) an interesting dream

      c)  a bad storm

      d)  a noisy neighbor

      e)  a sad movie

You may use a thesaurus, but make certain to stay with the meaning of the phrase.  

Then, put your phrase into a sixth-grade, well developed sentence.  You have become sooooo good at that.

Day Three.

l.  Writing sentences more vividly.  This page will be completed on notebook paper.  You will find it on page 231, Activity H.

Day Four.

l.  Using a thesaurus.  I indicated in day one’s activity that you can use a thesaurus as a reference.  This gives you more practice with this resource.  

     a)  Read pages 304 and 305 in your textbook.  You do not have to take notes.  But, please read the pages before you do your written work.

     b)  Complete page 305, Activity A.

Day Five.

l.  Diagramming practice.  You did not want me to forget about this skill, right?  So…please do Maintenance exercises 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3.  Also, do what we do in class.  After you complete the diagram, do the four questions above each.

Remember…use your textbook (especially the handbook in the back) for help if you forget a skill we covered that is being asked about (for example…complete subject, verb phrase, complex sentences, possessive pronouns, etc.)


The first assignment given on your favorite character should have a sloppy copy.  On that, you can make changes and edit for errors.  Then, write your final (good) copy from that on notebook paper.

I miss you and the oh-so-many ways you make me smile.  I know that when the time is right, we will be back in our classrooms preparing for your graduation to seventh grade.  Until then, keep your Lenten journey strong, Jesus close, and listen to your parents…

Miss Boron




Work for April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents,

My fifth grade students will be receiving a packet of work that I am sending out to each of them in the old-fashioned way–the mail!  If I planned this correctly, they should receive it by the middle of next week; if they do not receive it by April 4th, please e-mail me at  I intended for this work to be done prior to Easter vacation, so that you can enjoy that time in a more leisurely way.  If, however, you choose for your child to remain occupied with a little work during the break, by all means do what pleases you.

With the exception of the top sheet “Independent Questions for Independent Reading”, each day has different assignments planned.  The planning sheets are labeled “Day 1”, “Day 2”, “Day 3”, “Day 4”, and “Day 5”.  If I have crossed out an activity on the planning pages, please do not have your child do it.  I did not include those pages in the packet (I think I got them all).  Also, at the end, there are some fun Geography papers.  They may do those, however, they and the place value paper are “extras”. 

Also, I am sending an English paper that I had ready to give the children in preparation for their next test.  It includes this skill:  Apostrophes in Contractions.  I have also included, also on blue paper, an activity that works on alphabetical order.  Oh…I had an English study guide prepared for your child to use while studying.  It is on pink paper.  I hope that is useful to them while they keep their skills strong. 

It was so nice getting to talk to some of you yesterday on the phone.  I did leave voice mails to those parents that I did not get to speak with.  Please know how much I appreciate your helping us during this very challenging time.  As I shared with you on the phone, and as I put on your child’s letter from me, please do not worry about an assignment/assignments that your child may have been unable to do.  Father Linsky reminded us that this time should also be used as one of meaningful time spent with each other doing enjoyable things that we may not usually “have the time” to do.  I am rereading a favorite book from my teenage years…The Diary of Anne Frank.  Amidst all of the beautiful words that this 13-year old girl wrote, her strength, courage, resilience, and ability to find beauty in her isolation have helped me want to do the same in my life.  Anyway, enough about me…

I look forward to seeing my students and their sweet smiles when God gives us the “go ahead”.  Until then, please receive my thoughts of you.


Miss Boron   

PEHP At-Home Curriculum

Keep up your PEHP!

  • Just dance!  This is my favorite, of course, as any of the kids will tell you.  There are apps you can use to turn your favorite music into a Freeze Dance game for an added twist. 
  • Get outside! Stay at home doesn’t necessarily mean stay inside.  Use that sidewalk chalk or set up an obstacle course.  Explore your yard or neighborhood (just stay 6 feet away from others)—maybe make it a scavenger hunt.

  • Rainy day?  Bring that scavenger hunt or your obstacle course inside!
  • Foot race. Inside or outside, see who can get from point A to point B the fastest!  Set a timer and see if you can get better.  Great for going up and down stairs (carefully), if you have them!
  • Charades. Create your own game of charades by writing out favorite books, movies, TV shows, songs, etc., on slips of paper.
  • Hula hoop. See who can keep the hula hoop going the longest.  Don’t have a hoop?  Try imaginary hula hooping and see who has the best “tricks”!
  • Balloon volleyball. Blow up a balloon and play a game of volleyball! You can do this inside without the risk of breaking something.
  • Yoga. This is not only great for our bodies, but for our minds and souls as well.  My favorite is Yoga with Adriene (she has a special YouTube video for kids yoga,, but there are many kids yoga videos out there.
  • Jump rope. A great way for kids to have fun and stay active. If you have multiple kids at home get them all involved in a large group jump rope or Double Dutch!
  • The classics.  Now is the time for good ol’ fashioned backyard soccer, catch, basketball, tag, kickball, hide and seek…you name it!

March 23rd – 27th

Image result for lego lent

A Note From Mrs. Phillips

Wow!  Who would have thought as we begun this school year, we would be ending like this?  I want to say a huge thank you to all of our parents.  You have been wonderful during this time of uncertainty and craziness.  Thank you for being patient with me as I figure out the best way to instruct our students and when I goof from time to time.  My autocorrect has a mind of its own it seems!  

I want you to know we are in this TOGETHER.  No matter what, I am here for you and your child.  We will rise above this just as Jesus rose above his tomb.  Pray for an Easter miracle of healing!

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, the class will put both the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy into action.   I would like to see the students living out these Works of Mercy while we are at home.  Be sure to keep a journal of these acts or post to our GroupMe chat the wonderful things you have been doing!

Reading: The students finish with our “Little House on the Prairie” novel this week.  I am sad we will not finish this journey together, but I know the students have been working hard on their reading and questions.  Please continue to read silently or aloud to a family member or pet each day as well.

Language Arts: The class will complete a Grammar Garden activity this week reviewing the four main parts of speech.  We will continue with our same spelling words until next week.  I will let you know how the test will be administered soon.

Math:  This week in math, we will continue division practice!  I will also be setting up individual Zoom meetings to test for their multiplication facts.  I will set up a virtual “success board” for our fact mastery like the one in our classroom.  So, keep practicing those facts!!!

Here is the link to our Kahoot! multiplication game:

Science: In science this week, we will continue to learn about the life cycle of plants.  I love the plant pictures you all have been sending in!  Keep them coming!

Social Studies:  The class will continue with SC explorers this week.  All explorer reports will be due next Wednesday, April 1st.  Instructions on how to turn them in will be coming.  We will fill in our study guides together on a Zoom to be announced. 

Here is the link to the Kahoot! Explorer game.  Use this as a study guide.


March 23rd – 27th


Distance Learning is FUN!

Religion: In religion this week, we are continuing to learn about Lent. Students are also working at home to solidify knowledge of special Bible Verses, while connecting those verses to their everyday lives. We have been using a new online resource called “Formed” to extend our prior knowledge of the Bible. We continue to reinforce the process of praying the Rosary.

Reading:  In Reading we will be working on reading comprehension skills and using text evidence to answer questions. We are working on “dipthong” aw, au, ore, oar, and or sounds in phonics. We are working with listening comprehension through the use of the website Epic.

Language Arts: (Grammar and Writing):   This week in ELA we will be working to edit sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization in our “at home” writing prompts. In writing we are still working to “restate the question” as well as begin to compare and contrast two topics. This week we are able to compare and contrast different planets.

Math:  This week in math we will be continuing to practice and solidify our skills in two-digit subtraction. We also are working on graphing and data analysis.

Science: This week in science we will be working on The Planets and the Phases of the Moon.

 Social Studies:  This week in social studies we will be studying the Three Branches of Government and how they work together in the local, state, and national levels.


-Please continue to utilize ANY, SOME, or ALL of the digital resources I have sent to all of you via email. I STRONGLY encourage using Epic, Discovery Education, BrainpopJr, and Formed to help support topics being presented “in class”.

-*I hope that you all have a structured system in place for each day, and that you remember that some of the time should be devoted to school work… not all of the time. This is the perfect opportunity to engage in family chores or projects, family games, and family faith formation.

-Student Zoom meeting today, March 24th, at 4pm

-Parent Zoom meeting tomorrow, March 25th, at 4pm

-May God BLESS you during this difficult time. I know that we are all adjusting to our new normal, let us extend grace to both one another and to ourselves as we figure all of this out. We are in this together!

COVID-19 School Closure Update

Dear Parents of St. Peter’s Catholic School:

Based on recommendations from public health, state, and local leadership that support the safety of individuals in our communities, the Catholic Schools Office has decided to extend the suspension of in-person classes at our school and all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Charleston through April 30. We will, however, observe Spring Break as was planned in our school calendar.  This will give both you and your child(ren) a break from the demands of online learning and allow you some family time free from lessons and homework.

Our teachers and staff have worked tirelessly to partner with you in ensuring the learning and growth of every child, and this effort will continue as we all work together in providing an excellent Catholic education to our students. Please know the Diocese of Charleston Catholic Schools Office continues to support us and remains fully committed to strengthening our school communities and upholding the enduring mission of the formation of the whole child. If you have any questions or need assistance with our distance learning model, feel free to email me or your child’s teacher.

In light of the temporary suspension of public activities, our Mass schedule at the Basilica of St. Peter is also pivoting.  For your participation, we will live stream school Mass each Wednesday at 10 AM on the Basilica of St. Peter’s Facebook Page.

We recognize the significant impact this extended closure will have on our entire community. It is not ideal, but, as a community of faith, we must continue to come together and help one another to communicate, share resources, and offer support.

We remain faithful to the mission of St. Peter’s Catholic School, especially in these uncertain times. We strive to instruct and support all students. We will continue to provide high quality learning opportunities and instruction for everyone in our St. Peter’s family.

We, the faculty and staff, have been blessed to partner with you and look forward to continuing the progress that we have already made this year. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

God Bless,

Mrs. Aubrey Wall

March 23 – 27th, 2020

Kindergarten 5 Newsletter

St. Peter’s Catholic School

1035 Hampton Street Columbia, SC 29201

(803) 252-8285

Dear Parents,

We are entering into our second week of home-learning. Firstly, I would like to say how much I have missed being able to see each of my students. I find peace in knowing that everyone is safe at home and with their loved ones during this time.

I wanted to mention a few key points of information to know:

  1. My home-office hours are 8:00am – 3:00pm. This is the time to email me, set up/have conferences, or to have me work or read one-on-one with your child.
  2. Due to the likelihood of this continuing longer, I will have students turn in their weekly completed assignments through Google Classroom at the end of each school week. I will be sending an invite and information regarding Google Classroom in a separate email.
  3. If you would like me to work or read one-on-one with your child, I am more than happy to! Please email me and we can set up a time and date to do so using Zoom.
  4. I will be beginning to post video lessons for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Religion.
  5. I will continue to send videos of me and my special guest (my dog, Ellie) reading a story to K-5
  6. Report cards are being sent home on Tuesday (March 24th). If you would like to set up a conference over Zoom to discuss your child’s progress and report card, please email and I will happily set up a time to do so.

If you have any questions or concerns during this time, I am more than happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact me over email! I hope that everyone continues to stay healthy and safe.

Have a wonderful and blessed week,

Miss Rovelli

March 23 – 27th, 2020

Social Studies:

National Holidays


Shape, texture, weight, size


Full, empty, half-full/shapes/dimes

Language and Literacy:


Distance Learning Assignments for March 23-27, 2020

My Dear Families,

Here are the class assignments for the week of March 23-27. As requested by several families, I am also including a suggested schedule for these assignments.

You may, of course, complete the assignments according to the needs of your children and personal schedule. Assignments are not due until our scheduled return on April 1. However, please do not wait until the last moment to complete these, as I will be posting new assignments for Monday, March 31. Also, don’t forget about the assignments from your enrichment teachers!


Should you have any questions for me during this time, I will be available via email:, and through the class dojo app from 9:00 am-11:00 am daily. 


Additionally, In the possible event of a longer distance learning period, I am setting up Google Classroom. If you are interested in learning more, please watch the following video.

I will send out further information once I receive it from the school.



Please continue with the Lenten alphabet booklet. Please complete the following pages. 

E is for Easter

F is for Fasting

(please skip G and H for now)

I is for Innocent

J is for Jerusalem

K is for King



In order to keep up with fluency, please have your child read for a minimum of 20 minutes per day. This is in line with your library assignment, so please take some time to read and ask/answer questions about what your child has read. 


Also, please work on the following figures of speech: hyperbole, personification, alliteration, allusion, and onomatopoeia. Please read the definitions carefully and underline or highlight any examples of each you see in the attached song lyrics. Also, please write your own example for hyperbole, personification, alliteration, allusion, and onomatopoeia and draw a picture to accompany each. This may be done in your reading notebook or on a separate ½ sheet of paper.  Links to the necessary notes are below.


Hyperbole through Onomatopoeia Notes and activities –




This week I would like students to do lessons 7.2 (p.162-163), 2.3 and 2.4 in their Voyages textbook. The notes for this are attached as links. Students may print out the notes or simply copy them into their notebooks. There are exercises assigned with each set of notes. Students should be prepared to take a quiz on common and proper nouns, capitalization, and singular and plural nouns

Lesson 7.2 –

Lesson 2.3 –

Lesson 2.4 –




This week we will cover the following lessons in Math. Links to any videos will be posted and, if additional notes are required, I will include the necessary links. **In preparation for a possibly longer distance learning period, please make sure you have Volume 2 of the Saxon Math textbook. If you do not, please contact me. I have two Volume 2 textbooks at the school.**


Lesson 59 Estimating Arithmetic Answers p. 411-414


Please begin with the Lesson 59 Power Up.


Students should have their books open to p. 411. Students should take 3 minutes to do as many of the problems listed at the top of the page as possible. Please use a stopwatch and record the time it takes. Once the 3 minutes are up, please have them do the counting activity out loud, and then give about 15 minutes to complete the rest of the page. I will post the answer keys to check work.


Please read p. 412-414 and complete the notes provided (see link)


**I could not find one video to cover all of the notes for Lesson 59. Please reference the following links to help with explanations.**


Estimating Sums & Differences

Estimating Products

Estimating Quotients (The first 3 videos listed under this link will  cover the 3 above topics)


Use the methods demonstrated in these videos to complete Lesson Practice (a-h) on p. 413-414. 


Written Practice p. 414-416

(3-11, 16, 18, 20, 22, 28)


Lesson 60 Rate Problems with a given total p. 417- 419


Please begin with the Lesson 60 Power Up.


Students should have their books open to p. 417. Students should take 3 minutes to do as many of the problems listed at the top of the page as possible. Please use a stopwatch and record the time it takes. Once the 3 minutes are up, please have them do the counting activity out loud, and then give about 15 minutes to complete the rest of the page. I will post the answer keys to check work.


Please read p. 417-419 and complete the notes provided (see link)


Complete Lesson Practice (a-c) on p. 419. 


Written Practice p. 420-422

(3-11, 13, 16-18, 28)


Investigation #6: Displaying Data Using Graphs


Please read p. 423-426 in the Saxon Math Textbook and complete the notes provided. (see link)


Use Lesson Activities 27 and 28 to complete the activity on p. 427-429


Social Studies

For Social Studies, please reread chapter 7.3 and focus especially on the section about the Boston Massacre. Then read “Facts of the Case” from theYou Be the Jury! worksheet.

Since we cannot hold the jury trial planned, please pretend to be one of the lawyers from the trial. In your notebook, write up your arguments for declaring the soldiers guilty or not guilty depending on your point of view in the case. Your argument must be at least 5-8 sentences in length and use evidence from the case notes to support your answer. For extra information about this event, please watch the following video.


Also, using the “Facts of the Case” from theYou Be the Jury!, take a close look at Paul Revere’s famous engraving Bloody Massacre on page 241 in your textbook. In your notebook,  make a list of 5 or more items from Revere’s engraving that differ from the historical record. 


Complete the Chapter 7 Study guide in preparation for the Chapter 7 Test.


You may write your answers on the next page in your notebook or type up your answers. 




This week we will continue with simple machines.  For this week, use the LINKtivity to complete lever (and fulcrum), inclined plane, wheel and axle, and wedge. 

For a little fun with these simple machines. Check out the game from the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. *You need to have Adobe Flash player to be able to access this content!


Have a wonderful week! Please let me know if you have any questions.


God Bless!


Mrs. Shannon Ronald


March 23-27, 2020

Dear Parents, 
Good Afternoon! I am attaching my plans for the student work they will complete during this second week of the closure. I have detailed when I will be diligently checking my email each day in case there are questions. I do not expect the work to be completed and emailed back to me. The students can turn it all in when we return on April 1st. However, I would suggest not waiting until the last minute as I will be sending work for next week on Sunday, March 29 or Monday, March 30. If your child would like to turn in any of the work early, I am more than happy to look at it and provide feedback. Also please check the school website as the specials teachers will also be providing material for the students during this time. So please check their newsletters on the school website. Thank you for your support and understanding. Please stay safe and healthy! 
Mrs. Grant