PEHP At-Home Curriculum

Keep up your PEHP!

  • Just dance!  This is my favorite, of course, as any of the kids will tell you.  There are apps you can use to turn your favorite music into a Freeze Dance game for an added twist. 
  • Get outside! Stay at home doesn’t necessarily mean stay inside.  Use that sidewalk chalk or set up an obstacle course.  Explore your yard or neighborhood (just stay 6 feet away from others)—maybe make it a scavenger hunt.

  • Rainy day?  Bring that scavenger hunt or your obstacle course inside!
  • Foot race. Inside or outside, see who can get from point A to point B the fastest!  Set a timer and see if you can get better.  Great for going up and down stairs (carefully), if you have them!
  • Charades. Create your own game of charades by writing out favorite books, movies, TV shows, songs, etc., on slips of paper.
  • Hula hoop. See who can keep the hula hoop going the longest.  Don’t have a hoop?  Try imaginary hula hooping and see who has the best “tricks”!
  • Balloon volleyball. Blow up a balloon and play a game of volleyball! You can do this inside without the risk of breaking something.
  • Yoga. This is not only great for our bodies, but for our minds and souls as well.  My favorite is Yoga with Adriene (she has a special YouTube video for kids yoga,, but there are many kids yoga videos out there.
  • Jump rope. A great way for kids to have fun and stay active. If you have multiple kids at home get them all involved in a large group jump rope or Double Dutch!
  • The classics.  Now is the time for good ol’ fashioned backyard soccer, catch, basketball, tag, kickball, hide and seek…you name it!