PEHP in March!

Hopefully an early spring is on the way, since Coach Cowan and Doc Rachel are loving having more of our PEHP classes OUTSIDE.  We get to emphasize movement and health while getting fresh air and a little sunshine! 

Please remember the importance of having a healthy breakfast every morning.  Encourage your children to try the “3 out of 5 rule” and choose 1)  a grain, 2)  a fruit or vegetable, and 3)  a milk product or protein to give you the proper energy to get your day started right!

In Coach Cowan’s classes in March, he will focus on neurological activities to help with coordination.  Students will be doing exercises that specifically target using their brains in conjunction with hands and feet.  This is a difficult skill to master for most of the students and will be a good test for them. 

In March Doc Rachel will be focusing on developing core strength and lower body strength.  We will discuss nutrition, healthy dentition, and the importance of plenty of sleep.  We are introducing new games this month, so the kids should have a lot of fun becoming experts at new challenges. 

Let’s hope our March luck holds out for more great weather!