Feed Your Mind Library Reading Program

Reading is fundamental to all learning. St. Peter’s encourages all students to become fluent, enthusiastic readers.  Feed Your Mind is our school library program that encourages and rewards  the love of reading.  Students are given two options to gain “points” for reading.

The first option is the Accelerated Reading Program, by Renaissance Learning.  The school library has a selection of books that are marked “Accelerated Reader.”  These books have a computerized test students may take after reading the book.  Depending on the reading level of the book and the number of correct answers, students earn points.

To encourage more interest and make available a larger selection of books, the second option is the “Non-Accelerated Reader” books. This means students can read anything of interest: fiction, nonfiction, periodicals, reference, newspapers, novels, even cookbooks. To gain points for these books, students are given book report options.  Some ideas may be creating a new book cover, dressing up as a character in the book, or giving an oral presentation.  The possibilities are endless!  It’s up to each student to use his or her creativity.  The more students put into it, the more points earned.

At the end of each quarter, we will open the “Feed Your Mind Cafe.”  The children can choose a delicious treat and prizes from our treat table at the cafe.  We  keep a record of their points earned on authentic cafe order tickets.   If a child misses the Feed Your Mind Cafe the first quarter, he or she can participate the next quarter by following either option above.  This gives all students an opportunity to  reserve their seat at  the next quarterly Feed Your Mind Cafe opening.   Now that is food for thought !!  Bon Appétit !


Feed Your Mind Cafe Details

Accelerated Reading tests may be taken during the following times: 1)time permitted during scheduled library class or 2)time granted by homeroom teacher.

  • Prior to a student starting a project, Mrs. Fennessy, School Librarian, must approve the reading project.
  • Completed projects are accepted by Mrs. Fennessy and Mrs. El-Khabbaz, Librarian’s Assistant,  Tuesday through Friday.
  • Feed Your Mind Cafe  is open once every quarter.  This is when your child will enjoy the reward of hard work!
  • The following is the Accelerated Reading point guideline for each grade.  Students in each grade have a specific goal to reach in order to participate in the quarterly Feed Your Mind Cafe opening.  The more points earned, the more points students will have to spend in the cafe.
  • First grade*, 1 point; Second grade, 2 points; Third grade, 3 points; Fourth grade, 5 points; Fifth grade, 6 points; Sixth grade, 7 points

*First grade students begin the program when the teacher decides they are ready.