School Bulletin News: Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

By: Ms. Allison Gurn, 5th Grade Teacher

“For our heart to be open to supreme reality we require the simplicity of a child to sit still in the presence of God and to remain open.”- John Main OSB

The back to school buzz can be a hectic time for both students and teachers.  The buzzing pencil sharpeners, the ringing bells, and the excitement of a new beginning can create an atmosphere of stress. Often times, we forget God’s presence amidst the stress. How did the St. Peter’s faculty become more aware of the Holy Spirit in our building? How did they prepare for Christ to enter our school building and our hearts?

On August 17, the teachers attended a professional development session on Christian meditation sponsored by Mrs. Patricia Moore Pastides, the first lady of the University of South Carolina. Dr. Gene Bebeau and Ms. Minchew, a third grade teacher at Holy Spirit Catholic School, led the workshop. They shared their knowledge and expertise from the World Community for Christian Meditation.

Christian meditation is a form of simple, still, and silent contemplative prayer. Meditation calmed and focused the faculty. It allowed them to spend some quality time with God. One teacher shared, “I wish I would have been taught this type of prayer in elementary school. I would have felt more connected to Christ and given me a better appreciation for the Mass.”

The teachers have since implemented Christian meditation into their daily schedules for their students and have found positive effects in the classroom.

Christian meditation strengthens the spirit of St. Peter’s. Thank you Mrs. Pastides, Dr. Bebeau and Ms. Minchew for giving us the gift of peace in our school. For more information about Christian meditation, visit